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    Get Dannii To Number 1

    Hi all... A friend and me have started a Facebook page to get Dannii Minogue to Number 1 with her 1991 hit "Baby love" and wondered if you would help to support us? (RATM type of thing) The Facebook page is ( and i would be forever grateful for...
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    Peter Andre - Unconditional Love Songs

    totally agree, who has mugged himself right off with this campagne
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    Peter Andre - Unconditional Love Songs

    i hate him, his such a vile piece of shit....
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    Bananarama News - Exclusive London Gig on 12th Oct for competition winners

    Question : In the 'Viva' album booklet, the Bananarama fish logo appears next to WHICH song's lyrics? ANYBODY KNOW??? pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease
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    Whitney Houston

    Does Anyone Know When Whitney Houston's Coming 2The UK
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    Spice Girls Reunion/Musical [Rumours]

    Re: Spice Girls Reunion 2.0 [Rumours] There in talks of doing a stadium tour with a new album... I think the last single headlines, was mean't to be a weak single cos they a new album might be in the making, Remember Kylies weak single Please Stay, before CGYOOMH, might be the same kinda...
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    Beyonce - Broken Hearted Girl

    the video will probably be, her standing there dancing with a white background, we know you can dance beyonce, do something different, cos your really starting to fucking bore me now.... YAWNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNI_CANNOT_USE_REAL_WORDS_PROPERLY
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    Christmas Number One 2009

    oh come on...... its only just september, you need to get a LIFE
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    Big Brother Pop

    I've just seen Zuleyka - Through With Love for the first time ever when was this release?? he shud be shot for that lol...
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    Lily Allen - It's Not Me, It's You

    I've only just discovered lily's music really....not paid much attention to her.. her next single "not fair" and "fuck you" on the new album, are just soooooooooooo bloody amazing.... "fuck you"
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    Michelle Gayle - Looking Up 2009

    the video with her on TOTP loosing her earing is on youtube
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    Michelle Gayle - Looking Up 2009

    Exactly what i've heard mate..... all i can say......she had some wicked disco songs on her 2nd album before she was droopeed, looks like thete all together now..
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    Michelle Gayle - Looking Up 2009

    from what i've heard, thr 1st 2 albums have been bought into one album, god know;s whats this guuns do, but there was reallu really good disco tunes on the 2nd album...
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    Michelle Gayle - Looking Up 2009

    yea, it's true.... well, it says on her myspace.... well excited ;-)
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    Michelle Gayle - Looking Up 2009

    she's re-releasing looking up, her first ever single followed by an album this year, this is all I know, does anyone have anymore info??
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    Spirit - Leona Lewis, How Many Album Sales

    Yes, I thought she had sold more then 4 million...
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    Spirit - Leona Lewis, How Many Album Sales

    how many album sales has she archived with Spirit worldwide??
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    Eurovision - Your Decision (UK National Final 2008)

    what is wrong with the fcuking british public.... michelle should of got through...
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    New Spice Girls Album?

    Remember, Kylie released "Please Stay" a really weak single, before releasing can't get you out of my head, look how big Fever become, The first time I heard Headline's, Straight away, I thought they've something else up there sleeve!! They've much better singles which haven't been...
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    Spice Girls - Headlines / Voodoo

    I reckon were going to get a new single with the b side being W.O.M.A.N before xmas, I thought this even before this Disaster, Simon Fuller, is NOT a stupid man, Maybe they planned to release a weak single as there is much better to come and the hype would be alot stronger with a brilliant...