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    i hope they really not workin with jc he is a nobody he is a consistant flop in the u.s i dont know if there trying to get fame wit him out here but it aint gonna work, dallas needs to hook da babes up wit a well known rapper, this might not work.
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    Robyn UK album news

    Re: Robyn News! Album! I Have been a big fan of robyn since 1997, if she plans on releasing again in the u.s she has to release BE MINE, or maybe a new song, i think WITH EVERY HEARTBEAT could be a good dance hit, but BE MINE would be the SINCE U BEEN GONE 2007 , Possibly Bigger!
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    Robyn WILL release the album in Oct/Nov(juicy details inside)

    ok, bad choice KB, "BE MINE" Is the perfect choice, KB doesnt really have much to say but this is my record label name, and bla bla.. im spoofing gwens hirijuki girls, i think BE MINE, will go #1 worldwide.
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    Geri Halliwell "New York"

    omg wow, i heard the full song on the myspace and the brigdge has vocals so feminem i dont know if he is a drag unless he has protools sounds like victoria beckham moaning.
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    Geri Halliwell "New York"

    fooled me, i thought that was geri for a minute... thank god i have a doubt geri would make a song about new york when she is from the u.k
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    Geri Halliwell "New York"

    who is that, can you give me her site i googled all i found was youtube and sayhey pages wit that name.
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    Geri Halliwell "New York"

    i found this clip on limewire as i searched geri halliwell does anyone know if its a b-side of a new single clip, it said from album "greatest hits" i just uploaded the clip its only 15 seconds,,, is this geri?
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    Britney Spears

    she was seen living a recording studio in miami, it said to be the recording studio home of scott storch, but its just a rumor... britney is also rumored to be working with marlyn manson on a song called lust me down
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    Mutya Buena

    it has a nice beat, but its too plain if she shuld come out wit the choice of demos, id pick "love story" "suffer for love" or "2 the limit" those songs are ace... i belive "suffer for love" is gonna be a single. it never leaked full.
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    Alesha Dixon - Fired Up

    she isnt all the known just the one that raps from mis-teeq, this song isnt good at all, horrible she shuld have worked with misteeqs old producers,,, this style doesnt fit her. the remix of lipstick the ignorants remix wuld have done beta.
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    EliZe ...album news

    where are clips avaible? p.m me please.
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    Christina Milian - Why was she dropped?

    what i see is the milian;s album was tooooo hip hop and hardcare she tried to go for the urban crowd too much, she is suppose to be the new age paula abdul, so dat aint work. i can be that woman, a bonus track on "its about time" has anyone heard this track was def. ace could have been a good...
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    Cassie - Cassie

    what do you want is ace, i belive it should have been a paris hilton track. i love the u.s every summer they throw us a new girl. ashanti, ciara, rihanna and now cassie.
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    Christina Milian - Why was she dropped? interviwed by Miss Jones at HOT 97 NY. they ask christina did she deny "S.O.S" by Rhianna - and she didnt want to answer! lol
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    Holly Valance this comes out in the U.S September 6th.
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    Cassie - Cassie

    she is horrible live. there is a petition to get her off bad boy records.
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    Jojo - Too little, too late

    the raw version of too little too late, with no pro tools on her vocals leaked and her voice is HORRIBLE.
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    Bertine Zetlitz - 500

    if you hear all her albums on itunes, change the country to w/e she is from lol.. and you can put together 13 tracks from all her albums of the best work of pop music, "broken" her ballad is ace, she really blue me away with the crazy "naughty girl" beyonce flute ripp off on "back where i...
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    Jojo - Too Little Too Late

    jojo has a strong voice, her first album was amazing she had solid tracks "never gonna say goodbye" , "the happy song" and the unreleased track 'secret love" could have been hits... she just had too much of a urban sound for some ... 'not that kind of girl" was a mistake.... that ruined alot for...
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    Liberty x - X

    where did this chart at??????????