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    The Big Reunion (series 1)

    Re: Atomic Kitten, 5ive, B*Witched, 911, Honeyz etc to reunite for ITV2 series Natasha's command of the English language is beautiful.
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    Hayden Panettiere - Telescope - Single Discussion

    Hayden's miming is endearingly terrible.
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    I absolutely love t.A.T.u; they're so underrated. Their marketing was absolutely fascinating. Like, you could tell it was pretty haphazard and being made up as they went along, but it was so right. The production on their songs is absolutely stellar as well - I think that's what raised them...
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    Girls Aloud - TEN (Greatest Hits)

    My HMV edition and box set edition were dispatched today. Colour me excited! The clips of the new songs sound very exciting in a familiar way.
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    Have you seen this fan-made English version of 'I Love You'? I stumbled across it on YouTube earlier; it's pretty impressive.
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    Iconography: The Great Madonna Retrospective

    That interview is incredible! I love her sticking up for the idea of music videos: "What's the difference from performing just because a camera's on you? You're acting right now." Brilliant. She was so cocky. She just knew she was going to be huge, she must have.
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    Was that not a remix of 'Perfume'? It had what sounded like, "they wanna get it" repeated and overlaid at the end.
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    Iconography: The Great Madonna Retrospective

    I love how different the charts were back then - Madonna didn't enter the UK top 20 until it was repackaged as The First Album over a year after its initial release, and after Like a Virgin had been released. Amazing. Much more exciting times.
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    Iconography: The Great Madonna Retrospective

    I was, and still am, obsessed with Madonna's image during the eponymous album era. To me, it's definitely more about the image than the music; I don't think the music got important until a bit later on in her career - I'm not saying it's not important now (I think every Madonna album has its...
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    Just so you're aware, Kirkland, I'm no longer Eryck Happiness on here. But yeah, looking forward to this as a long-time Madonna fan; should be really good fun and interesting to boot.
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    "Finding tatu" movie feat. Mischa Barton

    Re: \"Finding tatu\" movie feat. Mischa Barton Isn\'t it the most bizarre chain of events ever? Like, it\'s all pretty gritty (with a really fucking tenuous link to t.A.T.u throughout), and then t.A.T.u appear and it goes all fluffy and feel-good and she\'s out of prison and it\'s THAT simple...
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    This is all very beautiful. I really like the design and the layout and yadda yadda yadda. Well done all concerned. Obviously it\'s all in the developing stages so there are bound to be some teething problems, but the main bugbear I have is that some sections of the forum aren\'t in date order -...
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    BFF - New Girlgroup

    This album's surprisingly good. 'Outta My Head' isn't very representative of it at all. I love how 'Stop Out' borrows quite liberally from Lady Gaga's 'Judas' too.
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    Britney Spears

    It might be useful to know that it's from a photoshoot by Steven Klein. This fan site has a couple of versions of the original shot used for the album, but nothing HQ:
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    The Saturdays - On Your Radar

    Re: The Saturdays - On Your Radar (4th Album - November 21st) Very surprised that the HMV exclusive 'slipcases' aren't actually slipcases at all; each individual girl is the cover of the booklet. I think the postman hates me - I just had all five individual covers and the deluxe edition...
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    Darren Hayes

    Regarding the merch, there was also a tote bag and I'm sure a set of badges or something. The t-shirts were £15 and the bag £8 if I remember rightly.
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    Darren Hayes

    Yeah, sorry! I always get the two mixed up even though I love them both. It was totally rammed, wasn't it!? Me and my friends showed up at about 8:30 cuz one of them was stuck in work, so I'd said I wasn't bothered about getting to the front but we were right at the back. I wasn't arsed cuz I...
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    Darren Hayes

    'Break Me Shake Me' was mashed up with 'Billie Jean' which worked remarkably well. It was a really good show, if a little self indulgent at times ('Hot Tub Blues' was ridiculous!), but it was really a show for the sake of a show masquerading as new album premiering so I kind of expected it...
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    Re: Steps Reunion Autumn 2011 (Documentary / Ultimate Collection / Tour) Got six tickets for Newcastle - had to whack them on my credit card, totally wasn't prepared for them being on sale so soon and nearly had a heart attack confirming the sale. But still, Block C, Row C with five of my...
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    Re: Steps Reunion Autumn 2011 (Documentary / Ultimate Collection / Tour) We didn't have Sky Living in our Virgin Media package and I was convinced we should have, so I rang Virgin and it turned out I had to upgrade the package but I'm actually saving a fiver a month by doing it - so Steps have...