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  1. IAmRockstar

    UK Politics: General Despondency + General Election 2024

    Not that it'll help the Tories in the GE at all, but it annoys me that they try and create this false equivalence that lower inflation rates equals lower prices. Especially when prices have skyrocketed since 2021. This chart says it all really... It's so infuriating
  2. IAmRockstar

    Eartha Kitt

    Random bump but every now and again I go down a rabbit hole of watching Eartha Kitt interviews and get reminded what an iconic person she was. So eloquent and wise, but also so theatric with her delivery and presence. You can tell she was made to be Hollywood icon. I genuinely think this is one...
  3. IAmRockstar

    Bridgerton + Queen Charlotte

    I was thinking Cressida potentially. I hate how obsessed I am with this show! S3 was another great series, I love a friendship to romance story. Can't wait for part 2.
  4. IAmRockstar


    How have I only just come across METTE?! BET played on Spotify auto play after Shygirl's mr useless and wow, what a BOP and talented queen.
  5. IAmRockstar

    UK Politics: General Despondency + General Election 2024

    Judi Love is a queen for this. Absolutely owning Rishi Sunak. Politicians always make the mistake of thinking they'll have it easy on shows like Loose Women. But in fact it shows the lack of scrutiny they usually face from news journalists, who themselves have never faced the hardships that...
  6. IAmRockstar

    Leigh-Anne - "Forbidden Fruit" + No Hard Feelings (EP) [May 31]

    Exactly, I think she has done well so far and I'm getting the impression that this EP is her releasing some music in the interim before perhaps a bit of a re-launch later in the year. You can tell that she's passionate - I think a few collaborations with some big British artists will be good for...
  7. IAmRockstar

    Griff - "Miss Me Too" + Vertigo (Jul 19)

    The piano version of Miss Me Too is simply stunning. Her live vocals sound even better than they do on record. I just said it in the Eurovision thread, but she would be such a good pick to represent the UK in 2025. She has an incredible voice, is a great performer, unique enough that she would...
  8. IAmRockstar

    UK Eurovision Entry 2024

    Griff would actually be such a great choice for Eurovision. Great vocalist and performer, and would have the likeability factor too. Miss Me Too would also have worked
  9. IAmRockstar

    Rachel Chinouriri - What A Devastating Turn of Events

    She made the top 20 this week! The album charted at #17. I really hoped she'd get a top 10 debut but I'm so happy for her either way. I absolutely love the album, as expected. Her songwriting is seriously impressive, and there is a good mix of fun uptempo bops and slower, emotional moments...
  10. IAmRockstar

    Ella Eyre

    Her voice sounds better than ever!
  11. IAmRockstar

    Kehlani - "After Hours" + CRASH (Jun 21)

    So good! I really hope this will become a hit for her. She should be much bigger than she is and I can't help but notice how her level of success started to drop once she started being more vocal about certain political issues.....
  12. IAmRockstar

    Amber Mark - "Comin’ Around Again"

    She is such an incredible talent. I hope this is a real song that she will be releasing because it sounds AMAZING! Grant Amber the interpolation sample pls Kylie.
  13. IAmRockstar

    UK Politics: General Despondency + General Election 2024

    Gosh a bit of faith has been restored in me re: the British public. Looks like the vast majority of people support green/environmental initiatives AND stand against racism, bigotry and division. Hopefully this shows the Labour Party of Westminster that there is a public mandate for increased...
  14. IAmRockstar

    Rachel Chinouriri - What A Devastating Turn of Events

    So happy the album is finally out! I will come back with a more in depth review, but for now I'm hooked on Dumb Bitch Juice. Such an instantly amazing song!
  15. IAmRockstar

    CMAT - Crazymad, For Me + “Aw, Shoot!”

    Glad she's quickly releasing new music, feel like it's a matter of time before she has some mainstream success. Stay For Something was the global smash that never was unfortunately.
  16. IAmRockstar

    Baby Reindeer (Netflix)

    Despite this being such a dark, challenging and intense show, I somehow binge watched it all in one go. I've never seen the topic of stalking discussed with so much complexity, and avoiding the usual straightforward villain and victim narrative. They need to win all the awards! It's a shame...
  17. IAmRockstar

    Cat Burns

    I wasn't a huge fan of alone but the new single is sounding great! Her voice is just so beautiful.
  18. IAmRockstar

    Mabel - "Look at My Body Pt. II" (feat. Shygirl) + 3rd Album

    Yep this is Mabel back on form for me! Such a smooth bop and perfect for her gorgeous voice.
  19. IAmRockstar

    Race Across The World (BBC1)

    This has made me want to go back to Japan and South Korea so badly!! Isabel and Eugenie's lack of budgeting is stressing me out but I love them! Stephen is lucky that they don't have access to the internet because Viv definitely would have been Googling divorce lawyers dd
  20. IAmRockstar

    UK Politics: General Despondency + General Election 2024

    It's ridiculous because the only reason they're saying this is to avoid the backlash of "THEY ARE GIVING POWER TO THE EU BLA BLA" rubbish. The reality is we have 18-30 working holiday visa deals in place with Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, Taiwan & South Korea...