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    The Voice - U.S.

    Re: The Voice I don't think he'll even do that.
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    X Factor 2011

    If johnny were to come back, is it fair that Louis gets to gain an act back while Gary loses one?
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    Will Young - Echoes

    he needs to release Silent Valentine! Hopefully that'll be the 3rd single for the xmas market maybe?
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    Will Young - Echoes

    are those sales good?
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    Will Young - Echoes

    Re: Will Young - Echoes (New Album, Produced by Richard X) August 22nd I love it so much, It's just what he needed to come back with, not the ballads! Argh love iiiiit! He really deserves to get the praise, people overlook him too often!
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    Your Personal Beauty Tips/Regime

    I have to wash my every day cause its short and i put product in it, so i wake up every morning with it looking horrific. i just make sure my makeup is off before i go to bed, and try and moisturise, get my hair done every 4-5 weeks! I do go sunbeds occasionally, but thats more to make my skin...
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    Clare Maguire - Light After Dark (Album)

    i love her! I saw her at the glee club in birmingham a couple of weeks ago, amazing! Bullets my favourite off the album, and she's from where I am so gotta root for her.
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    Things that terrify you

    I have the usual spider fear, but also the thought of seeing someones face at my window at night, especially opening my curtains and seeing the face there - so I don't open my curtains :( just so I don't have the panic that there will be a grinning face there. I thin it came from my friends mom...
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    Weird little things that you enjoy

    Looking through my facebook profile as if i'm someone else looking at it for the first time and trying to work out what opinion they'd have. The look of the sauce in a Ragu jar. Coming home and realising I've got pages and pages to read of people on here hilariously slating an artist I don't like.
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    Tesco Mary: General Discussion thread.

    oh yeah! Was that the girls whose mom died?
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    Do you want to have kids?

    I've never wanted children. A bit of it is the physical but, the thought of a baby growing in my stomach actually makes me want to be sick. Also I'd HATE the routine of it, having to get up at 7 am to make sure their lunch is ready, taking them to some class every week. I'm quite selfish in I...
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    Joe McElderry - Wide Awake

    I love those two, too! I actually look forward to putting this album on to listen to.
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    Re: Clothes Jeans are so horrific to buy. You have to put a side a whole day dedicated to jeans shopping and 9 times out of 10 you come home wanting to rip your legs off with anger.
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    Tesco Mary: General Discussion thread.

    i work at Tesco :( and there's a picture of her in the staff room
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    Joe McElderry - Ambitions

    i cannot get over how much i adore this song, and i may have already tried to learn the dance moves
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    Your school memories

    Our drama teacher got so angry that we were all shite actors that he pick a chair up and lobbed it at the wall. It was SO close to my head n all. Made such a hole in the shitty little plaster board wall. We weren't even a drama class, we were just sent there for something in english. I fancied...
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    Olly Murs - Olly Murs

    Poor Will Young being compared to him! It does sound a lot like a Tyler James b side. I never understood the love for Olly, every performance I found cringeworthy.
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    Your quirks/idiosyncrasies

    That's like me. Someone asked me for their opinion on what pudding to buy at work, and i listed all the great ones and he goes and buys a bloody mince pie! i WAS SO ANGRY!
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    Did you ever get insulted by a record store employee for your taste?

    wasn't it you who when you bought Wills album they asked if it was for your mom, and you said 'no' and there was silence?
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    Last Night I....

    last night i saw Agnes at the Nightingale in Brum