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  1. twoletters

    Perrie - "Tears" + Debut Album

    This is incredibly boring and goes nowhere... What's going on.
  2. twoletters

    Florrie - The Lost Ones

    So happy she's finally been able to release this album. It's generally a cute little selection of songs - but I would lie if I said I did not miss the special spark and experimental vibes from the early days. It's all fairly straightforward pop with little that can stand out - it's a lot of the...
  3. twoletters

    Loreen - "Forever" + General Discussion

    it's gonna be her on that chair for 3 minutes isn't it?
  4. twoletters

    Eurovision 2024

    I don't agree with the Ukraine's pity vote... their song was wonderful and the performance was touching. Their result is deserved.
  5. twoletters

    Charli XCX - Brat

    Nothing is clicking for me this era I fear. I feel like I've heard 360 many many times from her before. It doesn't feel fresh or new.
  6. twoletters

    Loreen - "Forever" + General Discussion

    This is very good.
  7. twoletters

    Olly Alexander / Years & Years - "Dizzy"

    I should probably have specified "winning performances tonight". Australia was horrendous and did not qualify. Germany was horrendous and should not quality but oh well... Poland was just very forgettable... so they did not qualify. I would not say Ireland had bad vocals though... It's just...
  8. twoletters

    Olly Alexander / Years & Years - "Dizzy"

    One of my biggest complain about Eurovision staging is when they make it look like a music video and not a live performance in front of an audience. This is exactly what happens here. It looks cool and all, but there is no emotion, no beating heart. I still think this song is not suited for...
  9. twoletters

    Eurovision 2024

    This was a great semi-final. Lots of very strong contenders. I was surprised Cyprus or Slovenia made the cut. And I'm sad Moldova didn't make it. The less is said about UK... the better.
  10. twoletters

    Loreen - "Forever" + General Discussion

    I can confirm this. She said "lot of music releases this year, album coming out next year". After all, she's Loreen. What do we expect...
  11. twoletters

    Mette - METTENARRATIVE (EP) + "Bet"

    BET is perfect. Can't stop playing it.
  12. twoletters

    Dua Lipa - Radical Optimism

    No surprise. It's a great album. I LOVE These Walls.
  13. twoletters

    Ava Max - "My Oh My" + 3rd Album

    My Oh My is such a step back for her. And to consider this as first single for Album 3... I hope it gets better from here...
  14. twoletters

    Ava Max - "My Oh My" + 3rd Album

  15. twoletters

    Molly Sandén

    She just delivers. Love her. And this.
  16. twoletters

    Ava Max - "My Oh My" + 3rd Album

    This sounds dreadful.
  17. twoletters

    Allie X - Girl with No Face

    This is incredible. Finally someone in 2024 that understands what an extended mix should be. Not just repeating instrumental sections, but actually reworking the song for a longer format. I expected no less from Allie X.
  18. twoletters

    Melodifestivalen 2024

    You're right. They aren't there yet :(
  19. twoletters

    Melodifestivalen 2024

    What a bummer for Froken Snusk. Even though she probably had little chances to win this year's contest and go to Malmo, she really deserved to go to the final. Let's pray for a Jacqline win. (or a Maria Sur but I very much doubt it...)