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  1. OlliMaus

    Feud - Capote vs. The Swans

    My main gripe with this is that it's constantly moving back and forth around the same event. Easily feels like there's really not much there. I guess they needed to have this fallout in the premiere, but I do think this might have worked better told chronologically? That said - I do love this...
  2. OlliMaus

    The Idol (HBO)

    Everybody, watch Paper Dolls instead and stream their HIT single Monster.
  3. OlliMaus

    The Workplace & Job Hunting

    In spite of my posting about getting through to a second round being my 666th post on here... I. Got. The. Job I am sooo excited! I didn't want to jinx it until I signed my contract - but I did and will start right away. Whew!
  4. OlliMaus

    The Workplace & Job Hunting

    Oh, that feeling is justified for sure. I'm so anxious about stuff like that - fearing e-mails bounce back or references I link are not to be accessed. That said I think for you to respond right away and it clearly being some technical difficulty that's out of your hands, I don't think it...
  5. OlliMaus

    The Workplace & Job Hunting

    Wishing all the job hunters & those transitioning into new positions the best of luck. I have my finger's crossed for you @MusicLover1994 and @lmknth! I actually got through to a second round in my job hunt which is GREAT, however I was internally screaming in panic that there even is a second...
  6. OlliMaus

    Best & Worst Christmas Movies

    I want to update my personal list of best and worst christmas movies, but I'll have to reserve my judgement after I've given certain entries a second chance. Will be watching throughout december. What I will say is that I'm somewhat pressed about the recent trend of "Christmas movies" being...
  7. OlliMaus

    The Workplace & Job Hunting

    I'm having a job Interview and I'm so nervous. I'm trying to not stress about it too much, because... the reality is that it's not my dream job, a job that's too good to be true or 'everything that I want in life'. It's more that I really want this job because I think it could be exciting, I...
  8. OlliMaus

    The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

    Garcelle saying My jaw dropped. OH MY GAWD!
  9. OlliMaus

    Troye Sivan - Something to Give Each Other

    Not these postings back to back... Yes.
  10. OlliMaus

    Oscar Bait 2023-2024

    Oh! I'm rather excited to see this.
  11. OlliMaus

    The Real Housewives of Orange County

    Tamra's crying really felt like the worst acting we've endured this year on Housewives. Dreadful. Also...
  12. OlliMaus


    Where Will You Go is among my favourite B*Witched songs.
  13. OlliMaus

    Sugababes - "When the Rain Comes" + 9th Album

    I had the "wiiill yooou beee theere"-hook stuck in my brain all day after just one listen. This is a triumph - to me anyways! Their voices sound amazing, the harmonies are as heavenly as ever and the production sounds great. I can't wait for tomorrow!
  14. OlliMaus

    Drag Race Germany

    I was dreading the Queen of Drags-show, but I'm excited to give this a shot. I'm at a place in Vienna where they will screen the first episode starting in a couple of minutes and hosted by Metamorkid and Pandora Noxx. Let's see! Is there anything resembling hype online for this? I have been...
  15. OlliMaus


    Thanks for your reply @Laurence! Yes, some railway routes really give me a headache as well! So do some of the local train companies. That said, I think Interrail has no age restrictions and what I looked up on their website, I think two First Class Ticket for 15 consecutive days would cost €...
  16. OlliMaus


    I have been kind of judgy towards people that list travel as one of their hobbies (an instant left swipe on Tinder), but lately I have been obsessing over train rides – so much so, that hubby joked that I suddenly turned 70, when he caught me watching some tv programs on beautiful train routes...
  17. OlliMaus

    Sex and the City

    OK, but it's still her who will be living there with her cats instead, so we won't have to feel too bad for her, me thinks.
  18. OlliMaus

    Sex and the City

    Whatever they plan to do with this brand, nothing will ever be as bad as Sex and the City 2 and I have 100% blocked that abomination out of my memory.
  19. OlliMaus

    RHONY: Legacy

    That was exhausting and delightful at the same time. Bethenny calling Jill manic though? Hmmm...
  20. OlliMaus

    The Idol (HBO)

    This show really peaked with the music video shoot in episode 2, huh? The cast (minus The Weeknd) deserved so much better! Can't wait to forget all of it. Horrendeous!