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  1. eatyourself

    Dua Lipa - Radical Optimism

    I have convinced myself this is a case of her bringing the album to the label, the label rejecting it and asking for more palatable bops, her team putting the album through the BloodPop chromatifization process and we got what we got.
  2. eatyourself

    Charli XCX - Brat

    Lady Gaga taking a picture of a computer screen 'for texture' teas. It's conceptual!
  3. eatyourself

    Charli XCX - Brat

    @CharliXCX this one is a shoe in for the BRAT tour setlist. Mean Girls is begging for a mashup with it!!!
  4. eatyourself

    Katy Perry - "Woman’s World" (Jul 11) + 6th Album

    Working with an abuser is already dumb (or evil, depending on how you interpret Katy's moves), but imagine getting the producer of Say So and Kiss Me More on board for his alleged hitmaking abilities and deciding to go for Woman's World. I mean, we've had Espresso percolating the charts for...
  5. eatyourself

    Charli XCX - Brat

    I love it when a piece of art talks about the conflicting feelings you may experience when you start to get to know someone. I mentioned Elena Ferrante's My Brilliant Friend series of books in my previous post because that is one of the central themes of the novel, the way no friendship (or...
  6. eatyourself

    K-Pop (General Discussion)

    Kinda gagged at the downhill trajectory their visuals seem to be on. The special effects and styling are giving aespa.
  7. eatyourself

    Charli XCX - Brat

    I love planting seeds they call me botanist!! I did not expect to get literal shivers listening to this remix. Lorde's verse being this raw and real and then "cause I ride for you Charli" and then harmonizing on "they say we've got the same hair" ughhh no I'm not crying you are!! This is...
  8. eatyourself

    Charli XCX - Brat

    This campaign is so big and effective that I found out about the Lorde remix through a 13 year old student (and a diehard Swiftie) who interrupted my class to yell "CHARLI FT LORDE IS DROPPING" and I had to stop everything and open Twitter to confirm. This is the XCX World and we are just living...
  9. eatyourself

    Charli XCX - Brat

    She's strking this hot iron to the ground oh my god.
  10. eatyourself

    Lady Gaga - 7th Album (Aug 2024)

    The new Boys Noize. Too soon?
  11. eatyourself

    Katy Perry - "Woman’s World" (Jul 11) + 6th Album

    That's just PTSD from the last 10 years of their fave's career, especially when compared to their personal nemesis (Lady Googoo).
  12. eatyourself

    Sabrina Carpenter - "Please Please Please" + Short n’ Sweet (Aug 23)

    This explains how Chappell Roan seems to be a lot more known/popular among my friends who only listen to Spotify's daily mixes or whatever the algorithm throws at them instead of those who obsess over their own playlists.
  13. eatyourself

    Katy Perry - "Woman’s World" (Jul 11) + 6th Album

    Everything about this campaign so far feels so corny and tacky and played out. It's like she saw Daisy bopping to Rosalía and said 'heyyy mommy can do that too look!!' but the best she could do was Chromatica. This whole thing makes P!nk seem in touch with the zeitgeist by comparison.
  14. eatyourself

    Robyn - Baby drop + 9th Album

    Okayyyy drag queen music!!! What a slay!!!
  15. eatyourself

    Mahmood - Nei letti degli altri

    I desperately want to ride for him because he's so hot and talented and charismatic but whew if his music isn't bland, uninspired and with that touch of faux authenticity that drives me up the wall. I'm all for a great moment of Eurovision tackiness but when his whole shtick is just that I can't...
  16. eatyourself

    Charli XCX - Brat

    Sorry for the hashtag personal moment but this makes me so emotional. One of my best friends in the world who I met in college 10 years ago introduced me to this movie because we both like to get high quite often dd and it's become a tradition for us ever since to smoke and/or do shrooms...
  17. eatyourself

    Normani - DOPAMINE

    I'm obsessed with Candy Paint.
  18. eatyourself

    Charli XCX - Brat

    Charli XCX, the ESL teacher that you are. EDIT: I have to correct myself. This expression exists in both Portuguese and Spanish (a fruta não cai longe do pé / la manzana no cae lejos del árbol) with the exact same translation and meaning, you girls just had to connect the dots!
  19. eatyourself

    Charli XCX - Brat

    Ohhhhh bop.