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  1. sesita

    Random Thoughts 3.0

    You’ve been fantasizing bout a Porsche? You should get that dough-ough-ough!
  2. sesita

    Charli XCX - Brat

    Wait, I’ve never noticed that? At around which minute?
  3. sesita

    JADE - "Angel of My Dreams" + Debut Album

    That was crazy in the best possible way.
  4. sesita

    Girls Aloud - What Will the Neighbours Say? + Album Re-issues

    Are you sure you're a Music Lover from 1994, beloved?
  5. sesita

    Ariana Grande - eternal sunshine

    What if the Deluxe Version kind of becomes a body of work by itself, say The Fame Monster or The Paradise Edition, to be released right after the Wicked promo to work as a follow-up to Eternal Sunshine and she calls it Spotless Mind (sorry Jhené).
  6. sesita

    JADE - "Angel of My Dreams" + Debut Album

    Congratyoolayshuns Joyd!
  7. sesita

    JADE - "Angel of My Dreams" + Debut Album

    This one with the three dancers made me smile. We love a self reference! Her Marry The Night.
  8. sesita

    Katy Perry - "Woman’s World" + 143 (Sep 20)

    Disney World is fun!
  9. sesita

    JADE - "Angel of My Dreams" + Debut Album

    This is bonkers in the best possible way. What a statement, Miss Jed.
  10. sesita

    Tinashe - "Getting No Sleep" + Quantum Baby (Aug 16)

    Where the fuck is my girl who is so shy.
  11. sesita

    Beyoncé - act ii COWBOY CARTER

    Her ability to craft an album that feels fresh and brand new, yet a classic that's always existed is truly fascinating. Of course it's because of the references on its DNA, but it truly excels in co-existing both in the past and in the present.
  12. sesita

    Katy Perry - "Woman’s World" + 143 (Sep 20)

    Now that we're reminiscing and profoundly dissecting Katy Perry's career... why did she say "my vision's twanny-twanny" like that?
  13. sesita

    Sex and the City

    I'm curious about Kim's relationship with Cynthia and Kristin. Would she be up to filming with them? We know that Carrie's the core, but there's room to explore their relationships as well, I believe.
  14. sesita

    Random Thoughts 3.0

    Well yes!
  15. sesita

    Selena Gomez - "Love On" + General Existence

    Not EGOTlena!
  16. sesita

    The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City

  17. sesita

    Charli XCX - Brat

    I hope they go the Club Future Nostalgia route and give it a proper identity and a proper push. It's just meant to be.
  18. sesita

    Katy Perry - "Woman’s World" + 143 (Sep 20)

    Going back to this, Katy stanning Annie's Anniemal granted her her last remaining goodwill.
  19. sesita

    Normani - DOPAMINE

    Oh no... Once again, Normani's team being a mess.