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  1. happiestgirl

    Remi Wolf - Big Ideas

    Pitiful literally has me down bad crying at the gym right now.
  2. happiestgirl

    Oscars Race 2024-25

    Kinds of Kindness was uncomfortable to watch in a way that seemed pointless and unnecessary.
  3. happiestgirl

    PopJustice News Network (PJNN): U.S. Politics Channel

    Bernie truly remains That Bitch.
  4. happiestgirl


    I love this piece where he talks about their friendship.
  5. happiestgirl

    Charli XCX - Brat

    She did, and Matty introduced George to her.
  6. happiestgirl

    Tove Lo x SG Lewis - Heat (EP)

    I can't deal with this.
  7. happiestgirl

    Charli XCX - Brat

    Not to give a man too much credit, but she seems so happy, confident, and open with George Daniel. I'm sure there are many other factors at play (this album/campaign doing well, her longevity in the industry, having creative freedom and control, hitting her 30s, etc.) but I love seeing her...
  8. happiestgirl

    Charli XCX - Brat

    I love seeing all the Apple love, because it's my favorite from the album, but all the posts calling it fun breezy commercial music have me baffled, because I find it so devastating. Literally listened to it twice and had to call my parents crying.
  9. happiestgirl

    Charli XCX - Brat

    Her ability to easily switch between and blend her drug addict party girl persona with her depressed girl persona...that is something that can actually be so personal...
  10. happiestgirl

    Taylor Swift - The Eras Tour

    I’m honestly not a fan of the mashups, would rather hear the proper song in full.
  11. happiestgirl


    Sending mine in shortly!
  12. happiestgirl

    Drake - For All the Dogs + General Discussion

    Straight up calling him a pedophile and colonizer…it’s too good.
  13. happiestgirl

    Taylor Swift - The Tortured Poets Department

    I cry at the gym (and in various other public places) on like a daily basis.
  14. happiestgirl

    Billie Eilish - HIT ME HARD AND SOFT

  15. happiestgirl

    Brit Smith - "Karma" + EP (TBD)

    Nothing is stopping Miss Teddy Sinclair but Miss Teddy Sinclair herself.
  16. happiestgirl

    Taylor Swift - The Tortured Poets Department

    "I'll tell you something right now, I'd rather burn my whole life down than listen to one more second of all this bitching and moaning" is kind of sending me today.
  17. happiestgirl

    Taylor Swift - The Tortured Poets Department

    Matty has talked many times about being queer or "attracted to anyone" or whatever semi-committal phrasings he chooses to use, so I don't really think you can say Taylor outed him in any way.
  18. happiestgirl

    Taylor Swift - The Tortured Poets Department

    I love bopping to this song on repeat knowing full well when my college boyfriend broke up with me I cried so hard at my on campus library job that they put me on medical leave.
  19. happiestgirl

    Taylor Swift - The Tortured Poets Department

    Leave Aaron alone!!!!!!