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    Sonja - For Att Du Finns - English version?

    Sonja is actually planning to release an exclusive single with: Etymon Invincible Because You Love. Crosses fingers she will!
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    Pay-TV-new single "FASHION REPORT"-I LOVE IT! (Now LEGALLY available for free!)

    Re: Pay-TV-new single "FASHION REPORT"-I LOVE IT! This is the single cover: :D
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    hannah - european pop superstar?

    Never heard of her. Anywhere I can listen?
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    Return of The Agurbash

    I can see her entering a thousand songs, just like last year. lol
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    Return of The Agurbash

    Agurbash will be disqualified. She performed the song at the European Athletics Championships in August, 2006. It's on about 23 minutes into the broadcast.
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    Return of The Agurbash

    A key change? She's changing key throughout the whole song. She's a damn awful singer. Her voice makes me seasick. I'm not too keen on the song either. It feels rather flat and boring.. still, it would be okay with someone who actually can sing.
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    No Justice For Melodifestivalen 2007

    I am sorry to hear that, Troy. I hope everything will work out fine.
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    Queentastic for the UK

    Please? Are you all serious? Queentastic look and sound dreadful. Even After Dark have nicer voices, and better acts. Come back Jemini! All is forgiven!
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    Who will be the Wildcards for Sweden?

    I doubt BWO will even exist next year.
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    Ace of Base

    One year ago, Ulf Ekberg, 36, said, that the band is about to record new material, but there won’t be a new record release according to Jonas Berggren: - No, there are so many people who have an opinion about it in this process. That’s too much for me. But Ulf Ekberg is a little...
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    Ace of Base

    That's Malin.. she looks like Jenny but with blonde hair. :) And neither of them is mad.
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    Ace of Base

    Yeah, Malin is the blonde one and Jenny the brunette.
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    Ace of Base

    A German woman tried to hurt Jenny, yes. Not Malin.
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    Billie Ray Martin

    Billie Ray Martin? Didn't she sing the amazing "Your loving arms"? I would love to hear her new single.
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    Carola shows them how it's done

    You forgot to take your medicince again, honey.