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  1. Bslg17

    Video Games

    I really loved Odyssey but Valhalla has completedy put me off the series again. I can't remember the last time I was that bored when trying to finish a game.
  2. Bslg17

    Kesha - "Joyride" + 6th Album

    Delusional is giving career high when it's finally released.
  3. Bslg17

    Normani - DOPAMINE

    Yas at 4 more Starrah cowrites.
  4. Bslg17

    Video Games

    Ugh, Legend is so iconic. I really need the next Tomb Raider game to go back to that kind of format.
  5. Bslg17

    Heidi Montag - "Wet Hot Summer" + 2nd Album

    Gym bros using slowed down/reverbed versions of I'll Do It on their TikToks never fails to send me. The mass appeal.
  6. Bslg17

    Normani - DOPAMINE

    Wild Side was released nearly 3 years ago now, I can’t believe it passed you by!
  7. Bslg17

    Dua Lipa - Radical Optimism

    This is a great stat for ha. We need Houdini to be the sixth song though.
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  9. Bslg17

    Tinashe - "Getting No Sleep" + Quantum Baby (Aug 16)

    Oh we're clearing 1 million daily streams within the next couple of weeks surely girls.
  10. Bslg17

    Zara Larsson - VENUS

    You Love Who You Love really deserved better teebs. That chorus is such an earworm.
  11. Bslg17

    Girls Aloud - The Girls Aloud Show

    Bought tickets for tonight on a whim at the weekend and had an absolute blast. The setlist was just hit after hit after hit and the girls were all on top form. The tributes to Sarah were all done perfectly as well. Aside from the obvious singles I really felt like On the Metro properly went off...
  12. Bslg17

    Zayn - Room Under the Stairs

    This was such a slog to get through whew. I couldn’t wait for it to be over. What I Am and False Starts were cute but I’ll happily never listen to the rest of it ever again. A massive disappointment after adoring his first two albums and some of the third one.
  13. Bslg17

    Spanish Pop - General Genre Discussion

    I'm hearing something.
  14. Bslg17

    Charli XCX - Brat

    Not 360 gently smashing like this. Her streaming presence has improved so much over the past couple of eras.
  15. Bslg17

    Normani - DOPAMINE

    Can't stop listening to this. That chorus is just gorge.
  16. Bslg17

    Sabrina Carpenter - "Please Please Please" + Short n’ Sweet (Aug 23)

    Hitting 900k daily streams in the UK is massive. So pleased for ha.
  17. Bslg17

    Square Enix - FFXIV: Dawntrail

    Going back to FF16 again to play the new DLC after being snatched bald by Rebirth.
  18. Bslg17

    Chlöe Bailey - "Boy Bye" + Trouble in Paradise (TBD)

    I really love FYS now. The last minute in particular is great.