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    Andy Scott-Lee - Unforgettable released 11th February

    I hope he's let his sister do BV's.
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    Kylie News (2008 Tour Announced!)

    I''d love to see her to another "Intimate&Live" style tour, if not just a plain acoustic one. With lashings of DeConstruction tracks!
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    eurovision DVD

    I haven''t watched that Kettlewitch''s performance on either disc!
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    eurovision DVD

    Mine came today, but I have yet to explore its greatness.
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    eurovision DVD

    HMV sent mine a week ago, and it''s still not here. The extras tend to be crap. There''s no real reason why we couldn''t have the promo videos really.
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    Spice Girls

    Re: Spice Girls recording with Stannard again !!! Groove Armada are interviewed on Solo or bits for a group track? Or maybe polishing the mixing desks?
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    Doctor Who

    Gravitical nomiliser. I felt a little leakage in a sad way. Fabbo stuff!
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    Melanie C - This Time

    Melanie doesn't help herself by taking cheap swipes at her fellow bandmates. "I've made the best music" is such a dumb claim to make. The people who buy solo Spice music are about 95% former Spice Girls fans - it makes no sense therefore to slag off your target audience's other likes. Apart from...
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    Samantha Mumba

    Mumba was not pleasant.
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    Kym Marsh.

    Miss Marsh is indeed the proud owner of some wonky eyes, but nowhere near as wonkeramous as those of Leanne in the same programme.
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    Scooch - Flying The Flag (For You)

    I'm glad Scooch kept their dignity when replying. I suspect The Church knows not how to even spell the word. Nor should she be able to, having seen her wretched horse turd of a TV programme.
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    Making Your Mind Up

    You must have missed Robin Hood. I thought it was the best MYMU show we've had from the BBC. Though I was a bit miffed that Bucks Fizz were there and pretty much ignored!
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    Making Your Mind Up

    The whole thing proved, as it is ever the case with the contest itself, that everything comes down to the song's performance. Liz had a great song on CD, but it was lifeless in performance. Similarly Hawkins&Brown really lacked any sort of chemisty. And the BBC have been foiled for the third...
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    Scooch - Flying The Flag (For You)

    If nothing else, I think once the champagne has flowed with Scooch on 19th, everyone will be feeling the love. Except miserable fooks!
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    Scooch - Flying The Flag (For You)

    I'm sick of people slating it already! I mean c'mon folks, people actually phone voted to pick it! It was right to come down to Cyndi and Scooch, and I think it's a good fun choice. And popcorn.
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    Making Your Mind Up

    Cyndi or Scooch to win!!!
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    UK Eurovision 2007 entries confirmed...

    I just don't know anymore. I JUST DON'T KNOW!
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    The Draw

    19th is a good slot for the UK. I have an inkling that Belarus will finish top five this year.
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    Erasure feat Cyndi Lauper - Early Bird

    My panties smell like tuna nicoise at this revelation. Make the bitch tour this nation!
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    Eurovision 2007: Weak?

    I think there are some great songs, but nothing too outstanding. The Greek song sound mightily like Dame Helena Paparizou's Gigolo.