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  1. robots need oil

    S Club 7 - RIP Paul Cattermole <3

    Rachel wearing the same tshirt Hannah is wearing on the Natural photoshoot (and 7 album shoot) - thrifty!
  2. robots need oil

    Jesy Nelson sorry I don’t know how to embed tiktoks but oh no…hope this isn’t actually real
  3. robots need oil

    Horror films

  4. robots need oil

    Random Thoughts 2.0

    I don't have anything to add other than I saw this and thought of you all.
  5. robots need oil

    Random Thoughts 2.0

  6. robots need oil


    I had covid a couple of weeks ago and went into work before any symptoms showed etc, I hung out with a family member when I started to feel ill (then tested positive that afternoon) and yet not one person I was in close contact with caught anything! I was hit kinda bad with it, but was mainly...
  7. robots need oil

    Annoying things they do in TV shows

    I don’t have curtains in my flat either! No one can see in so why bother.
  8. robots need oil

    Derry Girls

    That episode genuinely felt unnecessarily cruel. Tacking on a death at the end just to remind us that Derry Girls can also make you sad.
  9. robots need oil

    Rants & Annoyances

    ew to all of this
  10. robots need oil

    Harry Styles - Harry’s House

    Not the old penguin house at london zoo appearing in this video. That’s the only thing I like about it all so far.
  11. robots need oil

    The Wanted - Most Wanted: Greatest Hits

    I worked on one of the previous tours for The Wanted a few years ago and I must say, Tom was always an absolute pleasure, nice to everyone and fun to be around. This is so so sad.
  12. robots need oil

    Horror films

    Oh no not another terrible adaptation. King books just don't work as films!
  13. robots need oil


    BrickHeadz are so ugly nooooooo. Love Spice Girls but I can't have any of these in my house.
  14. robots need oil

    Years & Years - Night Call

    This album is ok but, sigh, Years & Years used to be so cool.
  15. robots need oil

    Rants & Annoyances

    Ditch the late one, another annoyance is people walking into the cinema like 5-10 minutes into the film starting.
  16. robots need oil

    Rants & Annoyances

    I learnt a long time ago to limit cinema trips to 3 people MAX, otherwise it's always unnecessary annoying chaos.
  17. robots need oil

    Rants & Annoyances

    When I first moved into my flat (2 years ago) it was beautifully and blissfully quiet. Now I have what sounds like a baby elephant toddler running and jumping in the flat above until way into the night, and suddenly a newborn next door who cries for the rest of the night when elephant baby has...
  18. robots need oil

    Malignant: A True Story That Actually Happened.

    This is the best film of all time.
  19. robots need oil

    Annoying things they do in TV shows

    I can hear when people are walking down the corridor to my flat door so will often do this to them to unnerve them. Like I was just standing waiting the whole time.