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  1. Dynamo

    Random Thoughts

    > "Little Mix releases new version of Between Us" > It's all just sped up versions Me <3
  2. Dynamo

    May 2023 Charts - Extra Gay Edition

    Don't worry, I've already sent in my ballot!
  3. Dynamo

    Songs that are the opposite of each other

    I Want It That Way - Backstreet Boys I Don’t Want It All - Kim Petras
  4. Dynamo

    PJ00s+ 56: Hit Me With Your Long Shots! ~ Medals Awarded!

    If it makes you feel any better, I actually really enjoyed "Bump". I thought the beat was pretty out there and unique, it kinda reminded me a little of "Nike" by Shygirl to the point where I definitely need to make a mashup with it. I can see why most of the other voters didn't catch onto it but...
  5. Dynamo

    PopJustice Song Contest 126 REVEaLiNG

    I think normally the voting closes the day before reveals, so yeah it's on the 25th I think.
  6. Dynamo

    PJ00s+ 56: Hit Me With Your Long Shots! ~ Medals Awarded!

    Well well well, looks like this is now my most successful PJ00s+ entry! Can't be arsed to tag you all cus I got a bit of a headache but like, thanks and shit.
  7. Dynamo

    Max Martin

    Currently binge-listening my way through Max Martin's productions discography and... This might be the hardest song he's ever made.
  8. Dynamo

    Rants and annoyances

    On one hand, you’re kinda right actually. But also, you can find it in the official forum rules. The fact that they say you have to write in “fully formed” English (plus the fact that trying to write a certain 3 letter acronym results in “I cannot use real words properly”) feels… I dunno… kinda...
  9. Dynamo

    Rants and annoyances

    Honestly, the fact that I can’t just end my sentence with “lol” or “tbh” and leave it without a period is kinda pissing me off to be honest. I understand why Overlord Peter chose to do it but at the same it just kinda disappoints me internally. Honestly, I think he’s an out-of-touch grammar...
  10. Dynamo

    Random Thoughts

    Motherfucker looks like Justin Bieber in 2010.
  11. Dynamo

    ♦★♦ bops, basically ★♦★ | #14a: "Easy breezy happy pop" & #14b: "Mm Ms Lipa's fingerprints are all over this"

    This is why I need to listen to songs more than once. Currently listening to "Rooftop" again and I feel like I would've definitely given it a 7.
  12. Dynamo

    Music Unavailable on Digital (and Getting It There!)

    UPDATE: Apparently Adam F has been re-recording a few tracks from the album possibly for an upcoming re-release. Can't wait for "Circles (Adam's Version)" then.
  13. Dynamo

    MORE Random Pop Thoughts

    Beep beep. Who got the keys to my Jeep? VRROOOMMMM!
  14. Dynamo

    BTS - Proof + Solo Music

    Jimin's gonna be on a song for the upcoming Fast and Furious movie with probably the most random list of collaborators ever this year. (Praying for a K*dak-free version...)
  15. Dynamo

    ♦★♦ bops, basically ★♦★ | #14a: "Easy breezy happy pop" & #14b: "Mm Ms Lipa's fingerprints are all over this"

    I should’ve probably scored Tick Tock a lot higher too teebz. I’ve only just seen the music video and I think it would’ve added like 2 more pints to my score.
  16. Dynamo

    Spice Girls

    Maybe they were planning on adding some DJ scratches to the final versions?
  17. Dynamo

    PopJustice Song Contest 126 REVEaLiNG

    Here's the Spotify playlist if anybody wants it!
  18. Dynamo

    PopJustice Song Contest 126 REVEaLiNG

    Very surprised to see Po-uta (the Porter Robinson Vocaloid) here, I honestly thought he wouldn't pass veto considering Porter has three threads here.
  19. Dynamo

    FKA Twigs - Caprisongs

    I’ve been on a Caprisongs kick these past few weeks and it really bugs me why the Dua Lipa collab wasn’t included. I felt like it was supposed to be after Pamplemousse in the tracklist, considering there’s a sample of some guy asking for the Dua collab. Was Twigs’ label not able to clear the Dua...
  20. Dynamo

    Do unreleased 11/10s by major artists exist?

    Here’s one from The Weeknd circa 2009 back when was known as just Abel: