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  1. ohaimanabu

    George Clanton - Ooh Rap I Ya

    he don't miss, but it's gonna be a herculean task to top Slide! Looking forward to being amazed.
  2. ohaimanabu

    Random Thoughts

    the girls that get it get it and the ones that don't just ain't got it
  3. ohaimanabu

    Vanderpump Rules

    I can fix Tom Schwartz and his dreadful self!!!!!!
  4. ohaimanabu

    Vanderpump Rules

    Ariana's comment about parallels wasn't in the TV edit i think but the staying up all night after bartending/mushrooms part cracked me up like these dudes are so desperate to stay young it's INSANE
  5. ohaimanabu

    Vanderpump Rules

    it's a must. I will pay peacock top dollar to have all future housewives/bravo reunions in this format.
  6. ohaimanabu

    Vanderpump Rules

    That was so good it flew right on by
  7. ohaimanabu

    Vanderpump Rules

    I’m glad Andy said they’re all hypocrites but I do really feel like the gravity is different when it’s your best friend or someone as deeply ingrained into your social and personal life like Rachel was to Ariana.
  8. ohaimanabu

    Vanderpump Rules

    LVP needs to be checked from time to time but Lala better not lose her job lol
  9. ohaimanabu

    Dating & Relationships

    That is very random and also relatable....there have been guys I could not even manage to let in even with lubricant but then others have gone in with no lube and not cause me harm!!!!!
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    Random Thoughts

  11. ohaimanabu

    Video Games

    Anyone play the SF6 beta? I think it's really fun and I Love the new modern control scheme. Jamie is a blast. I can't seem to find the lab though, I could only do solo training/lab while waiting for someone else to play with and that's admittedly not fun when you get interrupted from...
  12. ohaimanabu

    MORTAL KOMBAT (1 - Sep 19)

    Like I want to be excited but I need my run button back.
  13. ohaimanabu

    The Workplace & Job Hunting

    Just quit my job because this company is run by fucking disney adults who are so full of shit, inconsistent and inadequate but then want to shift responsibility to us managers without even consulting us or bothering to listen to what we think about the stores WE run. I knew when I took the...
  14. ohaimanabu

    Rants and annoyances

    Secret shoppers are a scourge on customer service and “Disney adults” have no fucking business running companies.
  15. ohaimanabu

    Random Thoughts

    story of my god damned life
  16. ohaimanabu

    The Real Housewives of New York

    I saved that soundclip immediately.
  17. ohaimanabu

    Girls Aloud

    Swinging London Town dismissal/indifference/hatred does not sit well in my soul!!!!!!!! It's Magic is pretty solid for a Nicola solo that also fits the 'b-side upgraded to album track' description. I slot Singapore on my tracklisting just because.
  18. ohaimanabu

    Girls Aloud

    Honestly! They could have kept that on the Christmas disc. Nadine's great on it at least.
  19. ohaimanabu

    Róisín Murphy - "The Universe" + Hit Parade (Sep 8)

    Ro putting her own take on a 'vibes' album is going to be so much fun. I adored Coocool, and The Universe is soulful, breezy but still all her own.
  20. ohaimanabu

    Shoegaze (revival of sorts)

    You're welcome! It's a bright debut, Tangerine and Life of Misery being my two highlights. I'm more partial to the second album, but I chalk it to emotional attachment especially after catching them live in Seattle back in March. They're such a talented group that just get it.