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    Tove Lo - Dirt Femme

    Very random but seems to be some alternate lyrics in the Apple Music lyrics bit for Pineapple Slice (Stripped). Final line on the above!
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    Kesha - Gag Order

    This feels like a potential parallel to the sharp left turn Halsey took with If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power. I am perched to hear more.
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    Paramore - This Is Why

    Liar is spectacular. Those Radiohead-esque melodies…
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    Rebecca Black - Let Her Burn

    Or this!
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    Caroline Polachek - Desire, I Want to Turn Into You

    Strongest opening and closing tracks on an album in 2023. Bookmark me.
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    Kimbra - A Reckoning

    Why is no one talking about THIS!?
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    Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Cool It Down

    Oh this album is SUCH a home run. All killer, no filler.
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    Björk - Fossora

    Ancestress is up on Apple Music now. Hello melodies!
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    OH MY GOD.
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    Tinashe - Summer Tour 2023 + 6th Album

    Standard: Deluxe: Seriously, album covers when…
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    M.I.A. - MATA

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    Kelis - Dirt (7th Album)

    This is such a warm and unexpected release. Really hope she’s doing okay.
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    RAYE - My 21st Century Blues

    Oh this is IT.
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    New Music Friday Finds

    Get to know Grace! Perfectly wonky pop.
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    Sevdaliza - Shabrang

    Everything Is Everything is a qualified BOP! Love some of these new sonic directions she's taken on this EP.
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    Alice Glass

    Dropped out of nowhere!
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    New Music Friday Finds

    Majestic, soulful brilliance.
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    Röyksopp - Profound Mysteries

    Is it just me or does this sound like Alison Goldfrapp AND ionnalee?
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    Sevdaliza - Shabrang

    This is so good!