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  1. verth

    Florrie It's coming little florresters!
  2. verth

    Taylor Swift - Midnights

    So we already have 4 different versions and none of them have all the tracks on it… waiting for the complete collection (sleepwalker edition)
  3. verth

    Miley Cyrus - Endless Summer Vacation

    Saying that you don't want to be big and famous accepting to be the subject of one of the biggest fashion magazines in the world is still funny
  4. verth

    Miley Cyrus - Endless Summer Vacation

    Oh, so suddenly she don't like going on tour anymore after getting all the money from Latin America fans (in Festivals!!!) like, does she remember she literally begged for Attention? Ddd. I also find it very comfortable to say that she don't like and don't want to be a big artist, giving...
  5. verth

    Kylie Minogue - "Padam Padam" + Tension (Sep 22)

    Yay! My square digibook version is available again! Waiting to be available outside of hmv…
  6. verth

    Kylie Minogue - "Padam Padam" + Tension (Sep 22)

    Every Padam teaser reminds of
  7. verth

    Jonas Brothers - The Album

    This is a terrible album. As a latin american, hearing this woman preaching "get up" in spanish in Walls made me cringe a lot ddd
  8. verth

    Kylie Minogue - "Padam Padam" + Tension (Sep 22)

    I'm sure there's a alternative artwork to use as album cover in the booklet somewhere… I never used a single official album artwork from her BMG era, cause they're always ugly, but always have a alternative artwork ddd
  9. verth

    iamamiwhoami - Be Here Soon + "don't wait for me" (OUT NOW)

    Share with the gays please
  10. verth

    Jennifer Lopez - This Is Me… Now (2023)

    “This will be me… eventually”
  11. verth

    Taylor Swift - The Eras Tour

    Hoping for Message In a Bottle live at são paulo ddd
  12. verth

    Vinyljustice 2.0

    With no free delivery? That is expensive
  13. verth

    Vinyljustice 2.0

    Okay but why put Ed Sheeran's name on that hypesticker, this is so homophobic
  14. verth

    Vinyljustice 2.0

    Ordered! But i wish i was buying Best of too!!
  15. verth

    Lana Del Rey - Did you know that there's a tunnel under Ocean Blvd

    It's giving me Holy Fvck clean on itunes
  16. verth

    AURORA - The Gods We Can Touch (3rd Album)

    These n4z1 allegations… well it's over
  17. verth

    Marina - 6th Album

    She loves the album but know her public preference (which is electra heart btw ddd). I missed love + fear songs in her lollapalooza set last year, To Be Human was beautiful to watch, everyone was with flashlights at that moment so it hits hard.
  18. verth

    Taylor Swift - Speak Now (Taylor's Version) [Jul 7] + Re-Recordings

    Why not putting them inside the albums instead as a japanese bonus track dd