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    Random Thoughts

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    Dating & Relationships

    Summer has begun and my misadventures continue... hopefully only increasing as the weather eventually gets warmer (then again, perhaps it's this nonstop LA gloom that's causing my ongoing chaotic era). It was Cinco de Mayo when I left off, and I celebrated by getting drunk with friends and...
  3. lushLuck

    Madonna - Collab era + 15th Album

    This just gives me a headache. I’m sure I’ll drunkenly grind to this at a gay bar, but I don’t see myself ever actively seeking it out. It just makes me want to listen to the Mortal Kombat theme instead.
  4. lushLuck

    The Weeknd - The Idol, Volume 1 (Jun 30)

    This is exactly the sort of Celeste follow-up I’ve been dreaming of. Bop.
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    Rosalía - "TUYA" + General Discussion

    This is exactly the summer bop I was hoping for, and the video makes me want to catch a flight to Japan ASAP.
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    Slayyyter - "Out of Time" + 3rd Album

    This is immense. As mentioned, the dark, foreboding 80s French house homage a certain frustrating pop star has been attempting for a few years, but done thoughtfully and impressively. A pulsating dream.
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    JoJo - trying not to think about it

    Cheat is a slinky, groovy delight.
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    Random Thoughts

    My brand is thriving chaotic ho & I like to think that's being conveyed across all media platforms.
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    Dating & Relationships

    This person does not seem worth this level of mental anguish. They clearly aren't able to provide you with the level of trust and comfort that you need, so I think it's smart to cut ties before they drag you further down a spiral. I think this all sounds good, and regardless of what anyone else...
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    Jessie Ware - That! Feels Good!

    Some of us were smart enough to see both. My 10th Tinashe show, and as iconic as ever.
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    Random Thoughts

  12. lushLuck

    Random Thoughts

  13. lushLuck

    Random Thoughts

    Is it really pride if Sneakernight isn't playing?
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    Madison Beer - "Home to Another One" + Silence Between Songs (Sep 15)

    Home To Another One is a Kevin Parker-cosplaying bop that I never saw coming. This is one of 2023's best releases.
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    Kelly Clarkson - "favorite kind of high" + Chemistry (Jun 23)

    These tracks just aren't doing it for me... I'm worried.
  16. lushLuck

    Nelly Furtado - "Eat Your Man" (with Dom Dolla) + 7th Album

    Try is one of the greatest songs of all time.
  17. lushLuck

    Jessie Ware - That! Feels Good!

    Not me wondering what she's doing and completely forgetting that I am also attending this.
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    Sex and the City

    This is so ridiculous in all the best ways. The way she singed up with the guarantee that she could have her own stylist, one scene, and not have to be near any of her former coworkers - all while securing a massive payday & using the original's stylist who also turned down this garbage reboot -...
  19. lushLuck

    Tove Lo - Dirt Femme + I Like U (New Single)

    Tove is really taking us raving with this iiO-adjacent megabop. Watch out @Vasilios