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✦ 00s Indie Pop ✦ & ✖ 00s Indie Rock ✖ Rates | ✦#24✦: Like, how did we get here?

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by soratami, Aug 23, 2021.

  1. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Yesterday's listen was Arcade Fire's Funeral - they're a band I've always been meaning to get into more, Rebellion is the clear highlight here however. Ready To Start and Everything Now are great moments in their catalogue too.
  2. Two weeks left to vote! How are everyone's ballots coming along? I won't bother tagging people (or asking a mod to) right now, though any potential voters can expect a PM #soon dd

    I haven't really posted much here this last week, but I still have a few "artists/songs we could have rated" posts lined up, and of course, others are free to do the same as well, I know at least a couple of people said they were planning on it.
  3. I'm about halfway done.
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  4. The way I said I wanted to avoid repeat singers, which is the reason why there isn't a solo Imogen Heap song in the rate, only to realise Anthems for a Seventeen Year-Old Girl is actually sung by the Metric lead singer. And the way I said I only wanted singles, only to realise Anthems for a Seventeen Year-Old Girl actually wasn't one

  5. Feist is also a member dd. The band is basically one giant Canadian supergroup.
  6. Yeah, I knew that, but I figured Feist being part of the band was fine since she's not the vocalist on that song (and she's also featured in the Wilco song, but that's just a feat. so it's also fine), but I totally missed that Emily Haines was the Metric lead singer, as they're not a band I'm really familiar with, and Help I'm Alive was a late addition to the rate too. It's actually not that bad, since Anthems is in the indie pop rate and Help I'm Alive in the indie rock one. This actually makes Emily Haines the only artist to appear in both.
  7. My Indie Rock ballot is in.

    Complete average is 7.90

    I gave out nine 10's, of those five were brand new songs to me.

    My four lowest scores were a 3.5, a 4, and two 4.5's.
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  8. So I've been asked about another watch2gether, and I think I might go ahead and do one more next weekend, probably the two song lists back to back, which would also be a good way for me to finish my own ballot. Would anyone else be up for joining? And if so, what would be a good time for you? I can do it either Saturday or Sunday, and I don't really mind what time, as long as it's not too early or too late BST.
  9. Not Sunday for me with football going, but I might be game for the Pop half on Saturday.
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  10. Oh, that's sad! As Saturday is the one day this week I won't have any time for anything but the birthday party of my sister ... Sunday I guess I would be here for it!
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  11. You don't need to plan around me, as I've starting listening to the Pop list today anyway.
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  12. Another rate has a Watch2Gether session on Saturday, so I think Sunday should work the best.
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  13. I swear if I see anything below a 10 for this is song there's gonna be a lot of trouble.

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  14. That's a very good point. I guess Sunday it is then, sorry @DJHazey! I think something like 4PM BST would be a good time, but I can do it earlier or a bit later if that doesn't work for anyone.
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  15. ✦ Artists we could have rated


    #5: My Brightest Diamond

    The project of American musician Shara Nova, My Brightest Diamond are a bit of a Florence + the Machine situation, as technically it's a band, but in reality it's all about the frontwoman. I've always associated St. Vincent and My Brightest Diamond, as both debuted around the same time, and their early music shared some elements, and while unfortunately My Brightest Diamond didn't really reach the same level of popularity and success as St. Vincent did, they continue to have a prolific career, with their fifth and most recent album having been released in 2018. As to why they weren't included in the rate, I felt the music was just a bit too somber/heavy for the indie pop rate, which is actually a bit ironic as their most recent output has actually been a lot more upbeat and poppy, with Shara even paying homage to PJ flop fave Eva Simmons.

    Golden Star, taken from the debut album Bring Me The Workhorse (2006) was the song I thought of including in the rate:


    Also from the debut, beautiful ballad Gone Away:


    Inside A Boy, the lead single from sophomore album A Thousand Shark's Teeth (2008):

  16. Final watch2gether: Sunday 4PM BST

    Both song lists will be played, so if anyone's only interested in the indie rock one, that one should start around 6:15.​
  17. I've started this now.
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  18. Three things:

    1. Since a few people mentioned they could use an extension, the new voting deadline is October 3 23:59 BST. That's two weeks from now, which should be plenty of time to go over the fairly short song lists.

    2. The final watch2gether session will start at 4PM BST (so, a little less than two hours from now) here.

    3. I will post some leaderboard tea once I get one more ballot. All I'm going to say for now is the results are currently an absolute mess right and some people might end up hating each other by the time the rate is over.
  19. I've started on this but my vibe wasn't fitting the female shoegazey playlist and even my 11 wasn't doing it for me yesterday, so I took a break as I was in danger of being veryvery'arsh
  20. The way I know your scores are going to turn the leaderboard into an even a bigger mess than it already is

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