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#02 & #01 - Lonely, Cruel & Gorgeous Angel!! #Voila! The Anime Rate!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by berserkboi, Feb 3, 2020.

  1. Let’s get started on the top half of the Rate’s leaderboard now we finished the Song Contest festivities! Well done again @Cutlery!!

    Shugo Chara! - Kokoro No Tamago (Heart Of The Egg)

    Vocalist: Buono!
    Composer: (?)
    Lyricist: (?)

    Highest Score:
    @Ana Raquel 10
    @iheartpoptarts 10
    @vague 10
    @If You Go 10
    @Music Is Life 9.25
    @soratami 9

    Lowest Score:
    @Ironheade 5
    @Dani 5
    @Jawshxx 5
    @Gintoki 5.5

    Average Score: 7.464

    What a perfect cut to start with, considering we just rated another song from Shugo Chara! @Ana Raquel knew what she was doing hey? I rated Kokoro No Tamago an 8 and listening to it again now, it is so infectious and cute - I could have upped my score a bit for it I think! As you can see - this barely got any low score so it was pretty liked all around!

    Shugo Chara is a series I have seen a couple of episodes of and I thought it was super cute! I was borrowing the manga of Sugar Sugar Rune from my local library around the same time and for some reason I used to get the two titles mixed up during this time! It only takes an “S” and a “U” to confuse this old man - you heard it here folks!
    The Anime section reveals quite a bit of intersectionality with the Idol Machine!

    More on Buono! Here!

    Who's in the mood for some Kinder chocolate?

    Reception for Shugo Chara! Was mostly positive - and scream @ a reference to Sugar Sugar Rune being made! Not just this old man who thinks of one when he thinks of the other!

    @Rei Ayanami - 8 - Great melody.

    @Dani - 5) For some reason, I thought this was going to start playing Electric Feel by MGMT in the first split second. Anyway, this is cute but still nothing special really. Wouldn’t skip it but might get bored of it eventually. The very end is cute though, extra point for that.

    @iheartpoptarts - 10 - The one other song I wrote down as a potential 11, apart from the one I picked in the end...

    @Joli Chat - 6 – I love Momoko, but I can’t stand the group’s obnoxiously high pitch.

    @savilizabeths - 6.5 - “Aww, this is pretty cute!”

    @If You Go - 10 – Pure sugar rush. My sister and I were quite invested in this anime when it was airing, and yes we shipped Amu and Ikuto.

    @ohaimanabu - 8.5 (This gets extra points because I know the choreography from the dance video, gay that I am!)

    @Ana Raquel - 10 - My favorite anime being sandwiched between Nana Mizuki and Samurai Champloo... it HURTS. When it comes to opening and endings, it is my least favorite of the first series (Doki openings are pretty meh other than omakase and party... kii). However, I love this so much. There is an obvious bias of being my favorite anime of all time, of course, but it makes me so happy and nostalgic. Buono! is possibly the only idol group I stan because of it. Love love love. Would have chosen Honto no Jibun instead. Or Nana Mizuki's songs.

    Kokoro No Tamago was released as the B-Side to single Honto No Jibun in Japan and made it all the way to #5 on the Oricon Charts! We’ll call this song a commercial darling too - me thinks! @Ana Raquel - as the Shugo Chara! MVP, please share many more of your faves with us! :D

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  2. calm down i'm gonna start a write up in a min but hey thank you for bringing this so far when i expected to be one of the first to be gone
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  3. Name a more iconic duo....I'll wait.
    Guys thanks for votes, I'm glad you liked my songs....I'm gonna be honest I kinda expected Edge of this world to do much better and Liona maybe to flop? but I guess most of you heard it for the first time so it didn't have time to grow. On the other hand, Macross frontier soundtrack is one of my favorite ever, from beginning to end, Yoko Kanno did that....oh and a fun fact, 4 songs in top 10 are done by her, the real talent.
    And here is one hidden gem from Macross F soundtrack...I can imagine Namie singing it.
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  4. I'm so glad Namie won, queen!

    I've only participated in two song contests and flopped in both ddddd so this was a pleasant surprise! thank you all!
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  5. I literally had no expectation about the result of my entries and just hoped they don't flop completely.
    Submitting songs that were released 50 years apart seems odd, but the reason is that they were pretty much the only two anime-related songs I was familiar with before taking part in this rate. Who knew a 60's song would do better than the 00's one? That's a pleasant surprise.
    And I still can't get over how @SophiaSophia gave 12 points to both of my entries... wow.

    I will write a proper background of my entries tomorrow, because both are very special to me in their own way.

    Oh, and maybe you can do a separate ranking based on each participant's average score in the song contest, @berserkboi? (if it's not too much to ask for)
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  6. I'm so honoured and amazed to have competed with the anime experts of this forum and totally not flopped. Long live boyband Gundam!

    (Okay, I'm aware Gundam Wing isn't a boyband, but it always looked like one to me.)

    Thank you @berserkboi, @Ana Raquel, @Ironheade, @If You Go, @Jawshxx, @Gintoki, @TéléDex, @Maki, @vague, @ohnostalgia, and especially @BeingNormal for the 12!

    Congrats @Cutlery! That song is fantastic and so PJ.

    Meanwhile, R.I.P. my almost 11, this is a surprise.
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  7. Ok I had to do a few edits on my post grad paper and didn't have time to make the write up ddd but here I am now - I'll try to make it short and sweet.

    I've first heard about Shugo Chara! around 2008 when my best friend at the time showed me. I remember season 1 was still airing when I started watching it and I quickly tried to catch up. It was around the time I started joining in forums - and of course, the Portuguese one made by the SC! fans was my first one (I also joined the Brazilian one, but got banned dddddddd).

    It is your typical mahou shoujo anime/manga. The highlight is probably how realistic the characters' personalities are. And considering it's a work made for kids, it really had an impact on me as a teen. Some details might not have aged so well but nothing really SCANDALOUS.

    Also since it has a lot of transformations you just got excited to see which one was gonna appear next and discuss with the others which one is the prettiest and dark jewel is the only possible answer.

    The biggest flaw on this is, for sure, the fillers. I suppose whoever watches it right now might not have patience for them. I'd recommend the manga this case. Shugo Chara is still fine when it comes to fillers, but starting from second season aka Doki, they decide to creat recurrent filler characters which ruined the experience for me. and party was a disaster thanks to capitalism who decided it was a good idea to extend an anime that didn't need an extension because it was popular. no wonder it was canceled. It's one of the anime I'd love the most to see a reboot to just... follow it manga style.

    One thing that also saddens me is the fact that in 2008-2010, this was a HIT, but when it ended everyone seems to have forgotten about it. Thankfully I'm using my privileged power on this rate to sneak it here!!!! I still own a backpack of the show I bought back in 2010 (I also had a clock but it broke).

    Song-wise, two things.

    There are lots of openings and endings, after all, we are talking about two seasons here. I'll leave a playlist with them all: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLUjbcW98D2fkrGQFa_w-FPMTeGiaE1yPw

    My favorite opening is the second one. It possibly has a bias from myself as it was the opening of the part i was when i started to follow it weekly

    As for the endings, my favorite is either the first or the seventh, but since the seventh was the one in the side contest, here comes the first

    And as I stated, I'm not a huge fan of idol groups, but Buono! is a massive exception. They rock it so much.

    The second thing is that Japanese legend Nana Mizuki plays the role of a singer here so she has some original songs she made for the show. My favorite is Meikyuu Butterfly (which is also my personal favorite of hers)

    The style of her songs changes quite a bit during the show due to character development. Not saying anything more due to spoilers.

    Some of the OST is pretty awesome. This piece is a gem

    And there are a lot of character CDs so much stuff to dig into.

    Anyway, even though it's not the best anime in the world, it's been my precious favorite for over 12 years now and I'm glad it could have gone this far. Thank you.
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  8. We lose another substantial franchise next!

    Bleach - *~Asterisk~ (*~アスタリスク~, *~Asutarisuku~)

    Vocalist: ORANGE RANGE
    Composer: ORANGE RANGE
    Lyricist: ORANGE RANGE

    Highest Score:
    @If You Go 10
    @Joli Chat 10
    @The Hot Rock 9
    @Ana Raquel 9

    Lowest Score:
    @Dani 2
    @savilizabeths 6
    @Macsun 6
    @berserkboi 6.5

    Average Score: 7.547

    Look at that! Your host kinda finds himself in the Lowest Scorer Section by a stretch! Tellingly, this track would probably be one of my bottom 10 scores in the rate - and I think it did amazingly well almost breaking into the Top 30! Asterisk only got its first 10 after we reached more than the halfway mark with ballots so it was looking at a very early exit (around #55 for a long while).

    My trouble with *~Asterisk~ would, I guess be that there isn’t much that appeals to me musically there. I do enjoy the melody of the chorus but most of the song is all sound effects and no oomph - the delivery is pleasant enough by the genre standard but it doesn’t “bang” or go berserk the way Big Shooter does thereby making me a fan despite my reservations. Add to this the fact I only saw an episode or two of Bleach and don’t have much nostalgia or emotional resonance attached to give the song a higher score, and this is where we ended up.

    Bleach was absolutely HUGE at one point (and still is to a degree) so I am sure a few people can point us to extra music from the show that would be good to hear. Fun fact - Bleach was also an anime that was represented in the Song Contest portion, by @BeingNormal!

    More on Bleach!
    The TV Series - and look at the last paragraph! More Bleach anime coming our way for all the fans out there!

    Reception, with comparisons to Naruto! I hadn’t thought these two were like a Noughties version of DBZ vs Saint Seiya battle within fandom but here we are!

    @Rei Ayanami - 7 - Really fun.

    @If You Go - 10 – Bleach might have had way too much filler, but you can never say it had bad openings. I might argue that Alones or After Dark are better, but the first opening is really special.

    @Gintoki - 8 - Ah nostalgia. Maybe this isn't the best representation but I think Bleach has absolutely the best openings and endings, they were constantly good, especially when you compare to other big animes such a One Piece and Naruto.

    @Dani - (2) It’s … a song. I guess.

    @Jawshxx - 8 - 2005 nostalgia is strong. The aesthetics in the OP are really nice and lift the song, tho it isn’t something I would normally listen to. Yui`s LIFE on the other hand..

    @Joli Chat - 10 – Isn’t this called asterisk or something? Anyways, cool song. Interesting Visuals, I hate bleach tho.

    @Music Is Life - 7.5 – This is fun. Kinda eh though.

    @Maki - 7 - I love how many comments on this song are 'This is very early 00's!', because it really is. Not a fantastic song, but god enough for a decent score. The guitar riff is the best thing about it.

    @Ana Raquel - 9 - My personal favorite opening is the third one, but definitely one of the best one.

    @savilizabeths - 6 - “Just thinking about Bleach gives me war flashbacks to the obnoxious group of male anime fans I went to high school with. Am I penalising the song for that? A little. Am I sorry? Yeah, a little. It’s nice.”

    @ohaimanabu - 8.5 - (Had a youthful Orange Range phase cause of this song lmao)

    It looks like our dear @ohaimanabu isn’t the only one! *~Asterisk~ is actually one of the bigger hits of this countdown when looking at its impact on the Oricon chart! It reached the #1 spot for two weeks in 2005, ending up as the 4th Best Selling Single of 2005 there. It is also one of Orange Range’s most successful singles and is certified Double Platinum!

    Opening 3, as per @Ana Raquel

    Opening 6, per @If You Go
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  9. ORANGE RANGE has been an act I wanted to check closer for years now. The songs I know are really good and "*~ASUTERIKUSU~" is no exception. Kinda surprised that it didn't go higher.
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  10. As I mentioned in my commentary this is my fav song from the Bleach franchise. Such a nice, breezy slice of J-pop. YUI always reminded me of a less angsty Avril Lavigne. What ever happened to her anyways..
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  11. Well, she got married, gave birth to twins, formed a band "FLOWER FLOWER", got divorced, ddd. The band's latest album was released this march, actually.
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  12. This was a beautiful ending from Bleach

    Almost entered it in the song contest, which by the way a big thank you to everyone who voted for my songs!
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  13. Ma revanche sera terrible!

    Gankutsuou - You Won’t See Me Coming

    Vocalist: Jean-Jacques Burnel
    Composer: Jean-Jacques Burnel
    Lyricist: Jean-Jacques Burnel

    Highest Score:
    @ohnostalgia 10
    @savilizabeths 10
    @berserkboi 9.5
    @Music Is Life 9.5
    @Ana Raquel 9
    @Ironheade 9
    @Dani 9
    @Macsun 9

    Lowest Score:
    @Jawshxx 3
    @evilsin 4
    @Gintoki 5

    Average Score: 7.654

    We lose both a song and I series that means a lot to me just shy of the Top 30! I am actually very happy with how far You Won’t See Me Coming made it into the countdown. I may have only given the song a 9.5 but don’t let that make you think the soundtrack of Gankutsuou isn’t great. My first choice for inclusion was the gorgeous ballad We Were Lovers (and would have been a huge contender for my 11 if included) but I could not bear to see it mistreated, and went for the ending song instead since it is a banger.

    Gankutsuou is an Anime adaptation of the Alexandre Dumas classic The Count Of Monte Cristo re-imagining it as a space opera set in the far future. By far my favourite take from the numerous ones we have had over the year - Gankutsuou is a series I would recommend everyone here 100% - it has great characters, amazing visuals, a rich, atmospheric and gorgeous soundtrack, a compelling story, believable and earned character development and arcs - it has IT all. To boot, it is also one of the most unique TV shows I have ever watched.


    The series bold visuals and their inspiration:

    How Jean-Jacques Burnel of The Stranglers came to be involved:


    The series received highly deserved acclaim:


    @Rei Ayanami - 8 - A jam.

    @iheartpoptarts - 8 - I love how we have random badass songs mixed in with all the sugarohmygodsugar ones.

    @Macsun - 9 - (Whoah! Where did this rock bop come from?! Vampire anime?! Must watch!)

    @Maki - 6 - This has almost all the elements for a song that I would love, yet it completely manages to leave me cold, especially melodically.

    @Dani - (9) - I just… what? When did I start listening to fucking KISS? I love this, it’s so weird and unexpected. It’s great, honestly. I want there to be more of it!

    @Joli Chat - 7 – I loooooove gankutsuou but idk about this song, the singer’s style is not of my liking, he’s trying a little too much. Btw, I have this theory that if Dumas where to be brought back from the dead and forced to watch every adaptation made of “the count of Montecristo”, beginning with Gankutsuou, first he’ll be like “wtf is this?” but by the end he’ll probably say something like “You know what? The one with the gay aliens wasn’t that bad”.

    @Music Is Life - 9.5 – Yessss at this rock production with some electronic elements. A total fucking jam. Love the guitar on this, and his vocals are kinda sexy.

    @savilizabeths - 10 - “Shit! This is actually incredible! It’s so rock infused with an incredible instrumental and STRINGS! It really grabs you immediately and doesn’t let go.”

    @ohaimanabu - 7.5 - (I always found this (and the opening sequence itself) corny as hell but it has its own charm.)

    @If You Go - – 8.5 - Very cool! I've wanted to watch this anime for ages since I loved The Count of Monte Cristo, think it might finally be time!

    All of you who have Gankutsuou on the backburner, take the plunge when you can - it truly is a work of art is all senses of the word! Below you will also find those other favourites I alluded to!

    That amazing ballad I didn't want to risk being tanked!

    More atmospheric goodness:
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  14. This sounds iconic.
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  15. Wow I'm sorry I'm not really checking the forum lately and the SC is already over dd. Congrats @Cutlery ! Thank you very much for the SC @berserkboi , hopefully the rate is going well.
    Thank you too for all of you who votes for Hanabi and Falco, the amazing tastes that you had !
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  16. I like gankutsou a lot, so it's sad to see it go even though i didn't gave it a high score lol
    It's soundtrack is absolutely amazing, like this one:

    The way it gets more and more frenetic as it goes, just like the series itself!
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  17. I will never stop stanning Gankutsuou! Almost any pick from it would have ended up with a 12 from me in the Song Contest portion (so I am sure @TéléDex is thankful no one sent anything from it there Dddd)

    Anyway - here is a

    Top 30 Recap

    Sailor Moon - Moonlight Densetsu
    Revolutionary Girl Utena - Rinbu Revolution
    Berserk - Forces
    Princess Tutu - Morning Grace
    Naruto - Blue Bird
    Inuyasha - Fukai Mori
    Rose Of Versailles - Bara Wa Utsukushiku
    Paradise Kiss - Lonely In Gorgeous
    Neon Genesis Evangelion - Cruel Angel Thesis
    FullMetal Alchemist - Again
    Cowboy Bebop - Tank
    Code Geass - Colors
    Vision Of Escaflowne - Yakusoku Wa Iranai
    Cardcaptor Sakura - Catch You Catch Me
    Wedding Peach - Wedding Wars
    Digimon - Butterfly
    Vampire Knight - Still Doll
    Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica - Magia
    Attack On Titan - Guren no Yumiya
    Nana - Rose
    Ouran High School Host Club - Sakura Kiss
    Steins;Gate - Hacking To The Gate
    Your Lie in April - Shigatsu Wa Kimi No Uso
    Persona 3 Spring Of Birth Opening
    Re: Cutie Honey
    Fruits Basket - For Fruits Basket
    Gilgamesh - Crazy 4 U
    Serial Experiment Lain - Lain’s Theme
    TeXhnoLyze - Guardian Angel
    The Promised Neverland - Uverland Touch Off​
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  18. I suddenly remembered there are 2 Kumi songs in this and I'm not ready to read y'all comments about them, since most of you didn't take part in her rate and I'm not in the correct mood to see anything negative said about one of my personal saviors.
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  19. Another day, another..........


    Digimon - Butter-Fly

    Vocalist: Koji Wada
    Composer: Ikō Chiwata
    Lyricist: Hidenori Chiwata

    Highest Score:
    @Ana Raquel 10
    @ohaimanabu 10
    @Joli Chat 10
    @Gintoki 10
    @Jawshxx 10
    @Music Is Life 9.5
    @Dani 9
    @soratami 9

    Lowest Score:
    @ohnostalgia 4
    @evilsin 4
    @Rei Ayanami 5
    @DominoDancing 5.5
    @berserkboi 5.5

    Average Score: 7.702

    Another big franchise falls today, and we finally get rid of my lowest score in the rate. Butterfly isn’t really a song I dislike all that much or anything but it really is the limpest part of the Digimon experience for me. Even that annoying earworm of an English theme song would have gotten a slightly higher score from me for being a little more of the memorable side.

    Despite being a little older than the target market when Digimon came out (I was finishing high school when this started playing on Cheez TV in Australia while the target was older primary school kids from what I gathered and had to hide my stanning a bit dddd), I did actually really enjoy waking up earlier than needed to watch it before school. I was always eager to see what the evolution of each Digimon would be for the first season! I somehow lost track of it after about 50 episodes in and never got around to finishing it all.
    Some data on the Anime series I watched:

    Sounds like I pretty much stopped watching religiously at the end of the first season!

    Some information about Butter-Fly and its impact (which was more substantial than I realised)

    @Rei Ayanami - 5 - I don’t really care for this. It’s just ok, kinda generic.

    @iheartpoptarts - 7 - Mimi was the best one, just saying.

    @Gintoki - 10 - Fun fact, in my country we first got Digimons and all kids got crazy over them....only a few years later we got Pokemons, so yeah Digimons at first were much much bigger here. I guess that's why I love them much more than Pokemons, but this song is such a flashback to my early school days and waking up early to watch them.

    @Jawshxx -10 - Oh my god. Why are all the Digimon OPs and EDs 10/10 bops though?! Iconic.

    @If You Go - 8.5 - If we'd been rating the English opening it would have been a contender for my 11, even so the Japanese opening is still pretty great. My sister and I couldn't bring ourselves to finish Digimon after Pico Devimon got killed.

    @Music Is Life - 9.5 – Whew another rock-bop. Jamming as I type.

    @Dani - (9) oh man, I haven’t heard the Digimon theme in a hot minute. It goes off, fam. As does the anime.

    @savilizabeths - 8.5 - “This is really fun! I don’t have the Digimon attachment that I do to Pokemon but I like this opening a lot better than the Pokemon one here. The electric guitars are kinda awesome!”

    @Ana Raquel - 10 - Rip Koji. It's a song I started liking even more after his death.

    @ohaimanabu - 10 (One of my karaoke jams. Also just got an [email protected] cover in the game as part of a Digimon collab!)

    Butter-Fly wasn’t faring too well on the rate towards the beginning of voting, having both Rei and myself as low scorers and being the first two voters, it lingered in the #55-#60 mark until a lot of Digital Monsters fans came and saved it! I agree with pop Tarts about Mimi! Gintoki has some fascinating history for us too I see! My sister Ana Raquel has a good point that this is a great legacy for Koji to leave behind. I hadn’t realised we had so many of our Rate Alumni no longer with us! How sad!

    Digimon is a massive commercial franchise despite my initial thoughts that it may not be all that big against the likes of Pokemon. It is estimated to be worth $6.36 billion through the below:

    Wow indeed!

    Tri version

    English Version

    OMG! The French Version uses the same backing as the English version and tries to make it operatic in parts! Dddddd
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  20. Are ya'll okay? this is a CLASSIC!!
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