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#02 & #01 - Lonely, Cruel & Gorgeous Angel!! #Voila! The Anime Rate!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by berserkboi, Feb 3, 2020.

  1. Wait at everybody suddenly wearing the same dress.
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    While SC! is my favorite anime, Princess Tutu is, objectively speaking, the best anime I've seen. Not a single flaw about it (other than maybe the ending being a bit underwhelming). It's a must watch. And Satojun is my favorite director, he is a god for (mahou) shoujo fans. Not only he directed Tutu, but also Ojomajo Doremi, Kaleido Star, Aria, the best season of Precure! in years and even took part of the team of several Sailor Moon seasons. I love him.

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  3. Ooof! I didn’t know if dropped so far down because of Dani. I’ll be having words with her when she wakes up dddd

    A perfect song!
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  4. The final and ultimate betrayal of that trio of classics falling....

    Rose Of Versailles - Bara Wa Utsukushiku

    (The Rose Scatters Beautifully)
    Vocalist: Hiroko Suzuki
    Composer: Koji Makaino
    Lyricist: Michio Yamagami

    Highest Score:
    @berserkboi 10
    @Ana Raquel 10
    @Maki 10
    @Ironheade 9
    @ohnostalgia 9
    @soratami 9
    @Music Is Life 9

    Lowest Score:
    @If You Go 5
    @evilsin 5
    @ohaimanabu 6
    @Gintoki 6.5

    Average Score: 7.880

    Well, if you were wondering why it was taking me so long to post the next cut - it is only because we were due to cut my ‘absolute favourite or the runner up for the title’ Franchise ever. From a purely character driven and emotional resonance perspective - Rose Of Versailles wins out, though for other reasons REDACTED would be the one overall. The last of those three horrible cuts I mentioned I was due to suffer could not have ended on a painful title if they tried. Fittingly, it has been raining non-stop in Melbourne today, matching my tears!

    Rose Of Versailles came into my life as Lady Oscar back when I was a young teenager in Mauritius. I was first drawn in due to the time period covered being that of the French Revolution, and the character design being right up my alley in its Saint Seiya beauty (they share the same character designer Shingo Araki) - there was absolutely no chance I was passing it up. What connected with me on a deeper level was Oscar’s story - raised as a boy (as no choice of her own) even though she was born a girl - there were many layers of relatability I could find with having to hide our true self with my own homosexuality growing up. The character growth Oscar goes through as the story shifts to her as opposed to Marie-Antoinette in the second part of the series was at first jarring but so emotionally satisfying when you get to the end.

    Rose Of Versailles is a masterpiece from beginning to end!
    What was also fascinating about Rose Of Versailles is its refusal to shy away from societal norms of the timeframe represented. I remember the side-story of Charlotte well, it involved her mother who wanted the family to ascend promising the hand of her 13 year old daughter in marriage to a man in his late 40s. The fallout from this was horrid, but the fact this was even depicted, and handled so powerfully is testament to how well written Rose Of Versailles.
    @Rei Ayanami - 7 - I really like the disco influences with a dash of funk.

    @Ana Raquel - 10 - Dalida sounds great here

    @Music Is Life - 9 – Love the violins, makes this capture your attention quickly, and the subtle guitar and drums work really well.

    @Maki - 10 - Gorgeous. I may have bumped its score up to a 10, but there's something nostalgic and timeless about it that makes me drown in its charm.

    @Gintoki - 6.5 - This is so much better after two glasses of wine.

    @savilizabeths - 7.5 - “The vocals here are really pretty and I love the use of strings.”

    @If You Go – 5 – Kind of catchy.

    @Dani - (8) I love the music of this. The lyrics, the actual singing, is whatever, but I am here for the violins. It’s so pretty.

    @iheartpoptarts - 8 - We need more disco fairytales.

    @ohaimanabu - 6 (Serviceable, and those strings are great.)

    Ah Ana - as usual you know the words to my heart! All of you who haven’t seen Rose Of Versailles - please check it out, though you may find yourself on the verge of tears on more than one occasion. I should also point out that the French dub of this is excellent - and unlike with most titles, adds an element of authenticity to the story. This might be the only anime I prefer to watch in a language other than Japanese!

    A huge classic of animation would of course have lots of amazing music to go with it!

    The ending theme, another beautiful ballad!

    An instrumental of the beautiful melodies found in the series:

    Italian Opening:

    My childhood's classic!
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  5. More links for you all!

    As a metal track:

    By Lareine:

    Nana Kitade's take:

    Quite a gorgeous live performance:

    Do @Filippa and @DominoDancing know this German one?
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  6. Haha I have never seen the anime - like most in this rate - so I can't say I do. A lot of these theme songs don't come across great in their translated for.
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  7. I’ve always found that so fascinating too. Even in French the songs’ lyrics generally are all about the story of the series but the Japanese originals are mostly just a gorgeous song with lyrics that have a vague reference of the Anime they are from but have other layers as well. I wonder why we make them so literal outside Japan when we adapt...
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  8. guys??????? i can't believe you've done mourir sur scene's sister so dirty????
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  9. Apologies about the lack of updates on this one but I have been busy with both my VETOing duties on PJ00s and completing rates, as well as work being very hectic! Eliminations will resume in the next day or two though! In the meantime, here is your:

    Top 25

    Sailor Moon - Moonlight Densetsu
    Revolutionary Girl Utena - Rinbu Revolution
    Berserk - Forces
    Naruto - Blue Bird
    Inuyasha - Fukai Mori
    Paradise Kiss - Lonely In Gorgeous
    Neon Genesis Evangelion - Cruel Angel Thesis
    FullMetal Alchemist - Again

    Cowboy Bebop - Tank
    Code Geass - Colors
    Wedding Peach - Wedding Wars
    Vampire Knight - Still Doll
    Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica - Magia
    Attack On Titan - Guren no Yumiya
    Nana - Rose
    Ouran High School Host Club - Sakura Kiss
    Steins;Gate - Hacking to the gate
    Persona 3 Spring Of Birth Opening
    Re: Cutie Honey
    Your Lie in April - Shigatsu Wa Kimi No Uso 1
    Fruits Basket - For Fruits Basket
    Gilgamesh - Crazy 4 U
    Serial Experiment Lain - Lain’s Theme
    TeXhnoLyze - Guardian Angel
    The Promised Neverland - Uverland Touch Off
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  10. Alrighty, let's cut into that Top 25 then!

    Gilgamesh - Crazy 4 U

    Vocalist: Koda Kumi
    Composer: Miki Watanabe
    Lyricist: Miki Watanabe

    Highest Score:
    @evilsin 10
    @Rei Ayanami 10
    @vague 10
    @Joli Chat 10
    @ohnostalgia 9.5
    @Music Is Life 9.5

    Lowest Score:
    @savilizabeths 4
    @Dani 4
    @If You Go 6.5

    Average Score: 7.947
    We say goodbye to the final track under an 8 average and at the same time cross paths with a forum icon in Miss Koda Kumi. An absolute star with an impressive back catalog - it was with great pleasure I obliged when legend @evilsin recommended including something by her on our Song List. Unbeknownst to him (and potentially myself since I am very uneducated) until I opened the thread - we ended up having two songs by this goddess! You can check out his beautiful post on Crazy 4 U in his rate!

    Similar to Susumu for me, Koda is a huge favourite of @evilsin (who has run a few discography rates for her, and has another in the pipeline next month #ratepromo - so check those out as soon as you can).

    We’ll cover the parent anime for the track, Gilgamesh - which I sadly am not very familiar with, though the name used to be thrown around a fair bit back in the day.
    This premise sounds interesting enough so I would definitely be up for some thoughts by people who have seen the show!

    @Rei Ayanami - 10 - Koda Kumi serving bops like she usually does. This makes me think of Real Emotion from Final Fantasy 10-2, which she also sang and so it’s also amazing.

    @Joli Chat - 10 – I had no idea this song served as an anime opening lmao.

    @Dani - 4 - what the whaty what what? I mean, okay. You’re not necessarily bad, but you’re not good.

    @Gintoki - 7 - Another one from Koda, it's fine, her regular deliver, but I'm very interested in watching this anime.

    @Jawshxx - 8 - I’ve never heard this one before, but judging by the Kumi-ness of it that the good sis EvilSin requested and will cut me if I don’t rate it well.

    @savilizabeths - 4 - “Not really my vibe.”

    @Maki - 7 - ~Great chorus and disco influences. The rest is a bit meh...

    @ohaimanabu - 9 - (Okay actually one of my favorite Kuu singles)

    I also gave Crazy 4 U a 9 and I stand by it having an amazing vibe and doing interesting things with its take of modern disco. On top of which, I could easily see it fit into the soundscape of Cat’s Eye the Anime with the visuals in the Music Video and atmosphere - which means I stan even harder! Being a Kumi Koda virgin, one thing I really appreciated across the two tracks here was how beautiful her tone is. Full of attitude, power, conviction and personality - maybe I need to check out that upcoming Part Quatre of her rate… Crazy 4 U reached #12 on the Oricon Chart - so we are looking at a hit here too!

    Looking at the broader Gilgamesh experience - it looks like a lot of classical music is also used so expect some of these below!

    Music Video

    Short version used on Gilgamesh

    Gorgeous work by Beethoven

    More gorgeousness!

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  11. Y'all don't exist to me.

    This is one of the finest JPop songs ever and Pop songs in general. Shame on everyone, who didn't realize its greatness. At least in her own rate this got 8+ average.

    Anyway, thank you for an early promo, @berserkboi !♥
  12. Also his last name is Watanabe, dddd.
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  13. Thanks! Wikipedia lied to me! Dddddd

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  14. Looks like someone wasn't checking his sources, when editing that page.
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  15. What a bop, that song.
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  16. Goodbye to the @johnny_tsunami would be 11, sadly!

    Revolutionary Girl Utena - Rinbu Revolution/Rondo-Revolution

    Vocalist: Masami Okui
    Composer: Toshiro Yabuki
    Lyricist: Masami Okui

    Highest Score:
    @Ana Raquel 10
    @vague 10
    @evilsin 10
    @Joli Chat 10
    @berserkboi 9.8

    Lowest Score:
    @Dani 3
    @savilizabeths 5
    @DominoDancing 5

    Average Score: 8.002

    And we lose my Favourite Anime only 2 spots ahead of my runner-up for the title! Life sucks etc. You’re all probably wondering how I didn’t even give a 10 to my favourite anime, and the simple answer is that Utena has so much classic and amazing music in its soundtrack - Rinbu Revolution may not even be Top 10 of my favourite music from it! Except a huge song dump after this post then!

    As mentioned - Utena is such a favourite of mine that when I joined Facebook 15 or so years ago, there was no Utena “Page” yet and I created the first one of its kind - which is here!


    In the early days, I used to do status updates that discussed a lot of the twists, turns and general WTF moments that made the show so good - and we talked into the early hours. Nowadays - I mostly do fan art appreciation posts, as there is so much fantastic fan art for Utena out there. I guess we can never underestimate how powerful the message of a girl wanting to be a prince can be!
    This fun little premise got me interested in the show right away + I think the DVD Boxset of the first arc I saw had the label “from the same director as Sailor Moon”, which is the easiest way to get me on board! Despite the first arc being the lightest of the series - you could already see some darkness looming in the subtext of the story and some of the characters. This sort of thing obviously sucks me in big time, and I ended up spending pretty much all my money buying the rest of the show (they were very expensive by Uni Student with a waitering job standard), and it is still the expensive decision I regret the least! Once the show gets going and Ikuhara is free to go as bizarre as he sees fit - the show becomes the most gloriously and engrossingly surreal Mahou Shoujo in existence.

    Some Production and Themes notes worth checking out:
    My advice to you all to get the full explosion so to speak - is very much to see the Series and movie above the Manga. The Manga is a bit more linear and less surreal - robbing quite a few characters from the amazing development they go through on the show. My favourite arc: The Black Rose Saga is only a side story in the manga and it fleshes out the supporting cast beautifully in the TV show, giving you a real appreciation for them too!

    I will mention, considering how Rose Of Versailles evidently influenced Revolutionary Girl Utena with some of Sailor Moon’s sensibilities - it is no wonder this fits as my favourite Anime franchise overall! Let’s get to the audience reactions before I gush far more than anyone is willing to read!

    @Rei Ayanami - 7.5. - Nice song. A little bit hectic, but a grower for sure.

    @If You Go - 7 - Never ever heard of this, the opening is you're standard anime opening fair, nice enough.

    @Gintoki - 8.5 - I like it, it sounds like something Two mix would do.

    @Jawshxx - 9 - Knowing the creator of this also worked on Sailor Moon S really piqued my interested but I still have never gotten past the first episode. The song however is a melodramatic bop.

    @Music Is Life - 9 – Oooo another bop! This one is a lot of fun. I love the bass.

    @Ana Raquel - 10 - Work of art, just like the anime

    @savilizabeths - 5 - “It bops a little, but not enough.”

    @Joli Chat - 10 – It’s been ages since I saw Utena, I still have so many questions, firs of all, what the hell? anyways, lovely song, the bridge + last chorus makes me want to become a car.

    @Dani - (3) I hate so much that this sounds like the opening of a … different anime (hentai) I’ve seen. It’s, you know, it’s okay. Sounds like any anime opening, cute but also I don’t care.

    @iheartpoptarts - 8 - More flying horses than the actual Pegasus song?

    @savilizabeths - I know the opening did not grab you very much but if you get a chance, please check out the show - it does so much for LGBTIQ+ representation in Anime - you might end up stanning as much as I do! Rinbu Revolution or Rondo-Revolution made a little bit of chart impact, reaching #43 on the Oricon Chart when first released! On re-release with "Truth" (the ending song) - it managed a #26 peak!

    The record!

    A song from the Utena movie I once sent to PJ Retro and flopped!

    Truth (the first ending tune)

    The gorgeous instrumental - Sunlit Garden (for the Miki lovers!)

  17. Some of my favourite dueling music from the show:

    Time Machine
    (Kozue Appreciation, reclaiming the past once lost!)

    Last Evolution (Nanami Appreciation, becoming an adolescent!)

    Missing Link - Music to the final duel!

    Some videos about the importance of Utena

    Utena on a visceral level!
  18. @everyone pls stop eliminating my 10s, thx
  19. We go to the potential other songs I could have included to represent Utena!

    The iconic Zettai Unmei Mokushiroku (Absolute Destiny Apocalypse)

    The amazing Movie version!

    All you Pop Rockers out there - here's my favourite Pop Rock song!

    Admittedly, I like it better as Choral Duel Music!

    Here's the whole soundtrack for you!
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  20. ok what

    I mean seriously did you just eliminate this
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