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#02 & #01 - Lonely, Cruel & Gorgeous Angel!! #Voila! The Anime Rate!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by berserkboi, Feb 3, 2020.

  1. The second opening was a bop too:

    My sister watched Vampire Knight so I'd see bits and parts of it. I was never interested in watching it in full though, it definitely seemed like something that got popular due to Twilight.
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  2. Let's see what we are chipping away at this time......

    Big guns again!!!!

    Another 11 goes…. Whose is it you all ask?

    What did this Big Gun have in common with Forces?

    A big difference if someone had voted!


    <#5 with @Untouchable Ace ballot>
    The Promised Neverland - Touch Off
    Vocalist: Uverworld
    Composer: Satoru Hirade
    Lyricist: Takuya∞

    Highest Score:
    @Untouchable Ace 11
    @Rei Ayanami 10
    @vague 10
    @savilizabeths 10
    @Music Is Life 10
    @Joli Chat 10
    @If You Go 9.25

    Lowest Score:
    @Jawshxx 6
    @iheartpoptarts 6
    @Ana Raquel 6

    Average Score: 8.209

    As we know the estimated ranking with the Ace Scores are best case scenarios but I can pretty much guarantee (considering how tight the scores are til we get to the Top 2) that his votes would have likely gotten both Forces and Touch Off into the Top 10. Very sad for Susumu and Forces (which was at #3 for a good portion of the voting period) but the good news with Touch Off is that it kept rising with late voters so despite not getting that 11, it was reaching its highest peaks on the Leaderboard regardless.

    Now, I do not know anything about this franchise, and I am technically not far off being a low scorer for the track myself so I’ll go to Wikipedia for a description of its overall appeal.
    Okay - I have to say, this idyllic to creepy storyline has potential to be The Village style interesting - let’s have the fans tell us if worth our investment!

    Well, the critics certainly seem to like it!

    @Rei Ayanami - 10 - Really cool!

    @Macsun - *9 - (wow this came out of nowhere. Love it!)

    @Maki - 7,75 - I got BTS vibes from this and I never listen to that band, haha! (only heard their songs because of my obsessed cousin). Must be the 'na, na, na...' parts. It's good,

    @Gintoki - 7.5 - Generally I like Uverworld's music and this is no different, but I find the arrangement too messy, is the saxophone really needed?

    @savilizabeths - 10 - “I think this is next on my shows to watch. I’ll tell you all how I like it once I start. But if it’s half as good as it’s opening, I know I’m in for a fantastic show!”

    @Dani - 9) heyyy, it’s another anime I still need a watch. And would you look at that? Another bop. And it just gets better with each listen tbh.

    @Untouchable Ace - 11 - So glitchy l love it. It's almost Tron like sometimes.

    Not a lot of commentary this time! Sorry about you losing your 11 before the Top 10 Ace but know this is actually one of the more commercially successful songs of recent time from our list here! It reached #3 on the Oricon Charts just last year. Uverworld have released 36 Singles since their inception in 2005 and only one of them has missed the Top 10 in Japan! I think we found ourselves the Japanese Coldplay! Check them out for sure, and I look forward to hearing what else they have to offer on some upcoming rounds of PJ00s!

    Their work for Bleach

    Their work on Blood+

    Their work on Toward The Terra

    (All these songs are certified GOLD in Japan, by the way!)
  3. Yet another act I always wanted to check out more, but didn't have a chance to. "D-Techno Life" is that bop.
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  4. Well damn.
    You could have at least awarded the song a 10 hostie.
    It couldn't get top 10.

    Tell us this though, did I vote for the winning song?
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  5. You voted for 2 songs in the Top 5 - and you will find out soon how your votes may have affected their position... ;)
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  6. OK I completely missed Forces leaving! I was very confused when I was reading Touch Off’s write up. That’s two good songs gone!
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  7. I am keeping the bit about massive hit due to certification yet this one did not really chart - you'll understand soon!

    Looks like someone listened to a song they were told not to.......

    Re: Cutie Honey - Cutie Honey

    Vocalist: Koda Kumi
    Composer: Takeo Watanabe
    Lyricist: Claude Q

    Highest Score:
    @Ana Raquel 10
    @Rei Ayanami 10
    @vague 10
    @evilsin 10
    @Music Is Life 10
    @Joli Chat 10
    @Jawshxx 10
    @berserkboi 9.2

    Lowest Score:
    @savilizabeths 5
    @Maki 7
    @Gintoki 7
    @Dani 7
    @DominoDancing 7
    @iheartpoptarts 7
    @fatyoshi FKA The Hot Rock 7
    @ohaimanabu 7

    Average Score: 8.223

    Kinda iconic I had to tag almost everybody who voted for this one ddddd My favourite of the two Koda Kumi songs we had here, I am very happy Cutie Honey made it almost into the Top 10, and performed the best of her two selections here. I am a little disappointed she misses the Top 10 by a hair, as there are still 5 songs I scored below the 9.2 I am losing here. Miss Koda Kumi does her usual blend of pop with bite here and with her honeyed and strong tone sells Cutie Honey to perfection.
    A gender-breaking hit! We stan a queen who managed the start off aimed at boys and yet pave the way for the girls! The track Cutie Honey is from the 2004 adaptation of the manga, so here’s a little description for you also:

    I must remind myself to add the closing theme to the elimination also!

    @Rei Ayanami - 10 - I just love the tone of Koda Kumi’s voice so much. She has a song called Butterfly that’s sort of like this, but this is way better.

    @Dani - 7) wait, the fuck? This is a lot. Kinda a fan, though. Yep, I like this. (that was a journey)

    @Gintoki - 7 - Koda Kumi is the perfect choice for this anime, the song is fun and I find verse much better than chorus in this case.

    @Jawshxx - 10 - What a fucking bop. The anime is kinda sexist and gross tho.

    @Joli Chat - 10 – Koda Kumi being the queen she is!

    @Maki - 7 - No way this was directed towards children!? I had to laugh at this opening and the lyrics, but the song is good and nothing more.

    @savilizabeths - 5 - “Nothing that really sticks out to me.”

    @Ana Raquel - 10 - This is considering the music only. The ecchi scenes on the opening... mess.

    We’ve hit a part of the eliminations where not many are leaving deep thoughts so hopefully we can have some discussion below as we head into the Top 10! Looking at the chart impact of Cutie Honey, it looks to have only been released as a promotional single thus not having any Oricon Chart impact of its own. However, the song is certified 3x PLATINUM on ringtone sale! Oh gosh - do you all remember when that used to be a thing?? Queen of History Lessons!

    Our star doing her thing!

    Closing theme "Into Your Heart"

    I LOVE this! Could fit into City Hunter somehow!

    Here's the original series Theme Song - also very pretty!

    Cutie Honey Universe Opening!

    This franchise is bop galore, hey?

  8. Top 10

    Attack On Titan - Guren no Yumiya
    Cowboy Bebop - Tank
    FullMetal Alchemist - Again
    Nana - Rose
    Neon Genesis Evangelion - Cruel Angel Thesis
    Naruto - Blue Bird
    Paradise Kiss - Lonely In Gorgeous
    Sailor Moon - Moonlight Densetsu
    Serial Experiment Lain - Lain’s Theme
    TeXhnoLyze - Guardian Angel

    Finally we get into the last portion!
    @Cutlery found out about 5 of the songs that make it a while ago as his prize for winning the Song Contest Portion, and has a favourite - is it the same as yours?!
    (might he also like to organise another Anime Song Contest with me helping if needed? Tell us my darling!)
    Is an obvious winner emerging for you all or do you think there are still many potential winners on this list!
    What do you think of this Top 10?
    Share with us!​
  9. There are three songs on there I'd be more than happy to see win, even if they weren't my 11. There's also three songs which should have left a while ago...
    Seriously, TeXhnoLyze - Guardian Angel is still in? What is this, Loveparade 1995?
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  10. First of all, y'all are wrong for not letting Kumi get into Top10. At least the scores were on the higher end of spectrum and I thank you for that. In her own rate "Cutie Honey" got to #2, just so you know.
    What does this even mean? It was released on "LOVE & HONEY" single, peaked at #4 on Oricon and sold 150,000+ copies.

    And looking at that Top10 I have still in:

    7 x 1
    8 x 3
    10 x 5
    11 x 1

  11. Ah ha! That makes sense! I only found some of those certifications I posted when looking under the Cutie Honey title, not the Love & Honey EP/Album!
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  12. Touch Off is excellent.
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  13. almost all of my suggestions out of the top 10 dddd ouch
  14. First cut into the Top 10 and it is one of our last remaining mammoths....

    Naruto - Blue Bird

    Vocalist: Ikimono-gakari
    Composer: Yoshiki Mizuno
    Lyricist: Yoshiki Mizuno

    Highest Score:
    @Ana Raquel 10
    @vague 10
    @If You Go 10
    @Music Is Life 10
    @Gintoki 10
    @Rei Ayanami 9.5
    @Maki 9.25

    Lowest Score:
    @DominoDancing 6.5
    @Jawshxx 7
    @soratami 7
    @Dani 7
    @evilsin 7
    @iheartpoptarts 7
    @ohaimanabu 7
    @berserkboi 7

    Average Score: 8.273

    Not these scores being so close again we are almost outing everyone’s votes above! LOL. Blue Bird had a bit of a spike up the leaderboard towards the end of voting as most of its fans sent me ballots in the final days, shocking me in actually crawling into the Top 10! I thought I would find it in there in the first place with Naruto being so huge and its appeal so widespread but with us being fairly whelmed during voting, I started expecting the franchise to fall short of the Top 20 til I closed and looked at things properly. I guess the advantage of it being popular and having support also becomes a disadvantage due to having so much music to choose from, this selection not necessarily being everyone’s favourite…
    Yeah, an absolute mammoth leaves us with this franchise and since Naruto is the 4th Best Selling Manga - the Top 3 for your pleasure are One Piece at #1, Dragon Ball at #2 and Golgo 13 at #3. Surprisingly I am not familiar with Golgo 13 and never thought to include it in our little rate! Does anyone know any wonderful music from it to share too?

    Naruto the show, I have watched about 5-6 episodes of it, and I was not a huge fan I must admit. The tropes were a little too obvious for a Berserky who grew up watching DBZ, Saint Seiya, Ranma ½ etc to really fully get into it without thinking I’ve seen this done a tad better elsewhere. Lots of fans though, and a fantastic gateway into Anime for many - so we stan its influence!

    @Rei Ayanami - 9.5 - I love this. Such a big sound during the chorus

    @Macsun - *8.5 (I have to admit I’ve never watched Naruto, but good god once that pure tone of the vocalist started I was hooked. Great instrumental.)

    @If You Go - 10 – Naruto did not have a ton of great openings, but this was one of them.

    @Gintoki - 10 - This is such a beautiful song, I pretty much love everything from Ikimonogakari but I think this song is their peak. It just makes you feel nostalgic, happy and sad at the same time.

    @savilizabeths - 9 - “Oh shit! This is great. I love the melody and her voice is really nice too. More interesting to me than the actual show, for sure!”

    @Maki - 9,25 - This is much better than I remember on first listen. I wish the verses were on par with the chorus, but it's undoubtedly an excellent song.

    @Joli Chat - 9 – I’m team Toumei Datta Sekai, but this one’s cute.

    @Music Is Life - 10 – Oooo look a classic! This one I know because I stan Naruto, because I am basic and mainstream as fuck. But yes, this is a bop. I love the production, especially the drums and the guitars in the chorus.

    @Dani - (7) yeah okay, Naruto also has a pretty solid song. And, as well as DBZ, it sparks a little nostalgia from when it used to be on tv and I wouldn’t watch it but I would catch the music occasionally before flipping channels.

    @Ana Raquel - 10 - I haven't even watched this part of shippuden (I dropped right when Sai appeared), but I can get ~the feels of this just by listening to it.

    @ohaimanabu - 7 (It's no haruka kanata or wind, but it's aight.)

    As suspected - some other favourites are highlighted by fans of the show so watch me link them below for your viewing pleasure! :D I suppose Blue Bird making the Top 10 says it was a good choice to represent the franchise regardless :) Blue Bird was a hit and made it all the way to #3 on the Oricon Charts!

    Blue Bird

    Haruka Kanata


    Toumei Datta Sekai

    Hotaru No Hikari
  15. I think I might've listened to the wrong song for that one. It's still nice, but my commentary doesn't match it.
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  16. Ooh, nice, my lowest remaining song out.
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  17. Always lovely the end up the lowest voter on something one didn't really hate or anything...whoops!
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  18. hmmm...
    @berserkboi, would @evilsin's 11 have been enough to take 'Cutie Honey' to the top 10?
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  19. I will check, but I wouldn’t want his actual 11 to have dropped in any way ddd
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  20. I don't want to hear any of these insinuations!
    Does that mean... it didn't win?
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