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#02 & #01 - Lonely, Cruel & Gorgeous Angel!! #Voila! The Anime Rate!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by berserkboi, Feb 3, 2020.

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  2. The amount of ruminating this post entails!

    Also, bop.
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  3. What goes next, you all ask?


    Attack On Titan - Guren No Yumiya

    Vocalist: Linked Horizon
    Composer: Linked Horizon
    Lyricist: Linked Horizon

    Highest Score:
    @Ana Raquel 10
    @ohnostalgia 10
    @savilizabeths 10
    @Dani 10
    @soratami 10
    @Music Is Life 10

    Lowest Score:
    @fatyoshi FKA The Hot Rock 5
    @Rei Ayanami 6
    @iheartpoptarts 6
    @Jawshxx 6

    Average Score: 8.290

    And so we lose our most recent huuuuuuuuuuuge franchise at #9! I am kinda stanning us all working towards a Top 8 that isn’t completely recency biased! Iconic voters turning this into a PJRetro & PJ00s eligible battle! In saying that though - Guren No Yumiya is not my lowest score left (I gave it an 8.6) and I am quite fond of the drama Linked Horizon deliver! Now, obviously it is not quite as epic as Susumu’s Forces #stillVERYbitter but it certainly sets the scene perfectly!
    I have to say, this controversy aspect made me look a little further than I would have - so here is some more stuff for you to digest!
    @Rei Ayanami - 6 - This is weird. I feel like this should be a bop, but it’s just loud.

    @If You Go - 8.25 – This was another anime my cousins were obsessed with for a hot minute and forced my sister to watch the first episode and it gave her nightmares. Pretty epic opening though.

    @Gintoki - 8.5 - Definition of epic. I find a shorter version much better than full one(which is rare) because you really can hear the best elements in those 1:30.

    @Maki - 8,75 - Epic rockier song - no wonder I love it. Those operatic vocals add to the experience.

    @soratami - 10 - A close 11 contender

    @Joli Chat - 7 – I’ll admit I was addicted to this song back in the day, still loving the verses but the rest, especially after the first chorus up until the bridge, is just a mess

    @savilizabeths - 10 - “I haven’t even watched Attack On Titan yet and this song is still a classic to me. What an epic opening! The beginning is just “chefs kiss” and it’s just so powerful and passionate. It makes me want to head bang somehow?”

    @Dani - (10) MIKASAAAAAA!!!!!! Bops the fucking hardest. Best fucking bop around. I listen to this all the time, I have an anime playlist of my fave opening songs and the full version is in it. 100/10 tbh. Attack on Titan is just great. Volume yeets all the way to an 11.

    @ohaimanabu - 8.5 - (It's kind of classic, but overshadowed by later OPs and EDs in the series for me.)

    I don’t know anything about how good this one is so I will leave it to all you fans to tell us why it is so revered by the fandom! I could not find any chart impact for Sound Horizon/Linked Horizon for this one but in 2013 Guren No Yumiya won a Newtype Anime Award for Best Theme Song!

    Opening 2 is also epic!

    As is Opening 3

    Opening 4 seems a little more subdued, and is quite gorgeous actually...

    More epic with Opening 5!
  4. Yaas cut all the shounen out. Gay rights
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  5. Paradise Kiss
    Sailor Moon

    Top 5 would be ultimate gay rights. I’m speaking this into existence.
  6. I’m really sad about this one!
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  7. I don't love that one.
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  8. We bid Adieu to the last song of its kind.....

    Serial Experiment Lain - Lain’s Theme (Duvet)

    Vocalist: Bôa
    Composer: Bôa/Neil Walsh/Darren Allison
    Lyricist: Bôa

    Highest Score:
    @Ironheade 10
    @ohaimanabu 10
    @fatyoshi FKA The Hot Rock 10
    @soratami 10
    @Macsun 10
    @Gintoki 10
    @Jawshxx 10
    @Maki 9.5
    @ohnostalgia 9.5

    Lowest Score:
    @Dani 2
    @savilizabeths 5
    @iheartpoptarts 5

    Average Score: 8.352

    And well into the Top 10, we cut our last fully English song (I think?). The next closest was You Won’t See Me Coming at #31 if I’ve got my facts right so very strong showing by Duvet there for sure! By this sort of Song List - this makes English a Foreign Language “outlier” like other languages generally are in a Song Contest - so I am not surprised about very split performances across the leaderboard at all, as I see it three times a month on Song Contests Dddddd

    Never a song to do poorly on the Leaderboard, Duvet always hovered just inside or outside the Top 10, with #8 being its peak, so this is definitely a great finish for it! My 8.4 to Duvet is one of my regrets of the rate, as I would rate it close to a 9.5-10 if we redid the rate. At first, it passed me by compared with the bangers on the list but over a few listens there is something absolutely gorgeous and heartfelt in Jasmine Rodgers’ delivery that really touches me now.
    I have never actually watched Lain despite being considered a classic, and a title I had heard mentioned many many times over by the fandom. That synopsis above makes it sound like I might really enjoy it so once libraries are open again - I shall check the DVD Boxset out.
    I have to say, Lain sounds like it was really ahead of its time with the themes explored and its grasp of how technology would impact our everyday life. A lost classic for me indeed, so I will prioritise checking it out!

    @Rei Ayanami - 8 - Really Pretty Song

    @savilizabeths - 5 - “It’s pretty but it’s also kinda forgettable for me.”

    @Gintoki - 10 - This song just radiates with melancholy and depression. Love the lyrics.

    @Dani - 2) I’m sorry, what? Was that… supposed to start like that? What the fuck is this? I’m so confused. You can have a two because the lyrics are good but also like what??

    @iheartpoptarts - 5 - Sounds like a random PJ00s entry I wouldn’t necessarily vote for but lots of other people would.

    @If You Go - 10 – My main experience with Lain is my sister showing me random creepy clips from it and the opening, which I adore!

    @Maki - 9,5 - Oh, this is so 90's. The verses are gorgeous. I hear a bit of Natalie Imbruglia , but mostly The Cranberries. That was a refreshing listen and a nice surprise.

    @ohaimanabu - 10 (What a song.)

    @Macsun - *10 (ANGST, ANGST, ANGST...if there is one anime I implore people to watch, it’s this one. That melancholic bridge and outro gives me shivers all the time)

    @Ana Raquel - 7 - I don't love it but I recognize it is iconic.

    With this cut, my sister Ana Raquel is left with a Top 7 of only 10s! I wonder if she is pulling for any of them in particular or if she is a winner any way this goes…. I cannot see any info about Duvet making any Single Chart anywhere in the world but one of the key producers the band worked with here as a resume that includes working with Shakespears Sister, Eurythmics, BBMak (Hello Poptarts!) and Right Said Fred - so I am not too surprised they were on to a winner!

    Apparently I can watch it all on YouTube!
  9. The blasphemy of it all! If people watched the anime, they’d be kicking themselves for giving the theme song such a low score.

    I’m just glad it made the top ten. The anime is modern classic.
  10. Hi!!!
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  11. More Aces Fall!


    <#4 with @Untouchable Ace scores>
    TeXhnoLyze - Guardian Angel
    Vocalist: Juno Reactor
    Composer: Juno Reactor (with Mike Maguire)
    Lyricist: Juno Reactor

    Highest Score:
    @ohaimanabu 11

    @berserkboi 10
    @Ana Raquel 10
    @ohnostalgia 10
    @Gintoki 10
    @Untouchable Ace 10

    Lowest Score:
    @DominoDancing 5.5
    @Dani 6
    @iheartpoptarts 6
    @Maki 7.5
    @savilizabeths 7.5

    Average Score: 8.428

    We get to the song I am very eager to report the performance of to you! The very diverse Top 3 I mentioned when we were first on this journey included Battlecry, a song we are yet to see, and Guardian Angel, so yes - a top 3 that included Hip Hop and Techno - something never before seen on a PJ Rate! We fell short on this extreme a diversity at the top but TeXhnoLyze really recovered from a massive tumble during the middle portion of voting. The lower scores started coming its way and at one point Guardian Angel was gonna miss the Top 25 altogether! Late voters could hear how special this little (or long if you went for the 7 minute version) track was, and back into the Top 10 it climbed!

    I gave this a perfect score, and I don’t regret it. Guardian Angel does this amazing duty of setting up an atmosphere, or a theme incredibly well - equal parts danceable and inaccessibly industrial - I stan without ever watching the Franchise!
    This is giving me a Gotham City Of The Future premise - so I’d love to hear from the fans if I have the right idea here!

    @Rei Ayanami - 9 - Its dark electronic sound makes me think of the Killer 7 game, which I never actually played but I must’ve listened to that soundtrack about a hundred times.

    @Gintoki -10 - wow I didn't expect a techno track at this rate. I love it.

    @Untouchable Ace -10 - It's Darude for the anime fans. It's slick and mysterious too.

    @iheartpoptarts - 6 - Lives up to its techno name.

    @ohaimanabu - 11 - (Gotta give my 11 to one of the rare times an anime used something so off the wall and non traditional to great effect. I miss the time anime themes didn't all sound the same!)

    @Ana Raquel - 10 - Out of the animes I haven't watched, this has my favorite opening. Love some good old trance.

    @Maki - 7,5 - Oh, there's a techno anime opening, too? Not something I would listen on purpose, but it gets bonus points for originality.

    @Dani - 6) I liked this right off the bat. Weird, but good weird.

    @Joli Chat - 8 – Sounds like something Dj Tiesto would’ve put on his Olympic games album.

    @savilizabeths - 7.5 - “I’m definitely immediately gripped by the spoken opening. This is pretty damn cool actually. I’m into it!”

    Poor Savilizabeths finding herself in the Low Scorer section despite giving this one a fairly high score - we really are getting into the creme of the crop now! PS: @DominoDancing, funny you mention this as Loveparade 1995 before as the track is actually from the 1995 (Ha!) Parent Album Beyond the Infinite.

    Here's the ending theme (a ballad) by GACKT called Tsuki No Uta

    I love his tone, it's gorgeous!
    (This song actually charted at #3 on the Oricon Charts and is certified GOLD
    but I don't imagine PopJustice would have taken it as far as Guardian Angel)

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  12. I know of Juno Reactor because of my brother, who is a fan, but I never knew they provided an opening theme for an anime.
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  13. Another 11 goes!

    Nana - Rose

    Vocalist: ANNA inspi’ NANA(BLACK STONES)
    [This has got to be the most random Band Name ever! Unless of course it is tagged wrong on YouTube]
    Composer: Ayumi Miyazaki
    Lyricist: ANNA

    Highest Score:
    @fatyoshi FKA The Hot Rock 11

    @Ana Raquel 10
    @evilsin 10
    @Gintoki 10
    @Jawshxx 10

    Lowest Score:
    @Rei Ayanami 6
    @ohaimanabu 6
    @Macsun 7
    @iheartpoptarts 7

    Average Score: 8.450

    We say goodbye to the last song that was a discovery for me in the rate! Not an unpleasant discovery per se - I am still glad Rose leaves us with the Top 5 we have as it was my lowest score left at 7.2. In retrospect that score may have been a little harsh as it is a banging tune for sure! I fear it is possible having so much Pop Rock of the song list in the end undid the chances of a lot of tracks of the genre to resonate with me, as so many were giving me explosive guitars and combative deliveries and those all started to meld into each other.
    I have never seen Nana and the concept seems interesting enough to warrant a look so into my Potential Pile it goes! I remember the manga being quite the rage for a while before the Anime adaptation came out and considering it sold 43 million copies - I am not surprised that was the case.
    OMG - my nemesis Skye Sweetnam worked on this!! Dddddd Calling @DJHazey as the forum biggest Sweetnam fan though! LOL
    @Rei Ayanami - 6 - The very beginning and the very end are most interesting moments for me.

    @Gintoki - 10 - Complete soundtrack of Nana(anime and movies) is one big huge 10.

    @Ana Raquel - 10 - At first, I'd give it a 9.5 but ended up changing to 10. While I prefer Wish, I loved listening to this when I was younger (and I hadn't even watched Nana!)

    @Dani - (9) - okay yeah, I can fuck with this. Got that Evanescence feel to it. Over much too fast, though.

    @Maki - 9 - Angsty pop-rock banger. 'I need your loveee...' bits are fantastic.

    @fatyoshi FKA The Hot Rock - 11 - My rating for this is colored a bit by how much I love the series perhaps.

    @savilizabeths - 8 - “I really need to get around to watching Nana. I love the vibes of this but I wish I liked the song a little more than I do. Maybe I need more time with it because I feel like I SHOULD love this.”

    @Jawshxx - 10 - Nana was such a good anime. Anna Tsuchiya is a goddess. The song is fantastic and really something else though, still. The intensity/drama of it all, the vocals, the instrumentation. A serve.

    Right - many fans here so there you go. Looking at some of the soundtrack contributors, it might be a Pop Rock lover’s wet dream, so someone tag Sprockrooster and DjHazey again! Also - “rose” is Anna Tsuchiya (who released this under the pseudonym credited at the top) is her highest ranking song in the Oricon Chart at a #6 peak!

    The B-Side Lovin' You which was used of Silent Hill

    Opening 2 - Wish

    Share more classics with us, fans!

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  14. Top 5

    Cowboy Bebop - Tank
    FullMetal Alchemist - Again
    Neon Genesis Evangelion - Cruel Angel Thesis
    Paradise Kiss - Lonely In Gorgeous
    Sailor Moon - Moonlight Densetsu

    It was inevitable we would have some of these songs in the Top 5 - and I would not have it any other way!
    Current winner is @evilsin who only has 10s and an 11 remaining - and second in line is @Ana Raquel with five 10s!

    3 of these songs have been submitted by me in Song Contests previously, and might they be my only remaining high/full scores left? Time will tell!

    If you have yet to send me commentary for your 11 or any one of these, and would like it included in the write-up - I urge you to do it NOW *cough @Maki cough* as you barely have any time left!

    The next cut will hurt a few of us!​
  15. I'm glad that I have only the highest scores in, but I wish "Rose" would go in top 5. Don't know instead of what though, dddd.
    Last edited: Jun 28, 2020
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  16. jesus christ you could at least have kept one of my suggestions in the top 5!!!!!
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  17. Time for some people to lose their 11!

    It feels like mine is going too with this one!

    The obvious winner of the Rate, going at #5!!!


    <#3 with @Untouchable Ace scores>
    Sailor Moon - Moonlight Densetsu
    Vocalist: Moon Lips / DALI
    Composer: Tetsuya Komoro
    Lyricist: Kanako Oda

    Highest Score:
    @evilsin 11
    @Maki 11

    @berserkboi 10
    @Ana Raquel 10
    @iheartpoptarts 10
    @vague 10
    @ohnostalgia 10

    Lowest Score:
    @Dani 4
    @savilizabeths 6
    @Macsun 6

    Average Score: 8.571

    That’s right you all! The most iconic song in the rate, from the most iconic anime in the rate can barely scrape into the Top 5! I don’t really know where we went wrong here but Moonlight Densetsu was doing much worse than I anticipated throughout voting. Heck, it didn’t even get into the Top 10 until @evilsin voted and gave it the 11! By then, luckily the scores were kind and last voter @Maki giving the final 11 secured a Top 5 finish. For most of the voting period, this was lucky to get into our Top 15, which is so weird to think considering Sailor Moon is the most popular Anime on PopJustice - even being the only one with a dedicated thread, going for over 100 pages at this stage I believe!

    Sailor Moon needs no introduction - similarly to Pokemon, the character (and the show) are Pop Culture Icons. People don’t even have to have seen any Anime to know the name. A symbol of Feminism, LGBTIQ+ acceptance, Art, Friendship, Romance in ways barely any have achieved - Sailor Moon can hold her head high despite not winning this one. She won at life!
    My love for Sailor Moon is well documented, through sending Moonlight Densetsu to Song Contests and running Anime Themes in said Song COntests based around Sailor Moon - I am a total Moonie! If you enjoy a classic which yes, contains filler arcs but uses these to flesh out the cast in a way you feel they are your family, pull at your heartstrings with their power, amaze you with their visuals and stay with you for over 25 years - look no further! I will say though, I am not a fan of Crystal as it really lacks in the camaraderie department, but many fans like it so see if it is your speed too!
    See all that? That’s why many of us think it stands next to Buffy in absolute impact!

    @Rei Ayanami - 8 - Really cute! Makes me think of Christmas for some reason. That melody is undeniable.

    @Jawshxx - 9 - So, this is a CLASSIC. But it suffers from being overplayed for me. She is legendary but is not something I seek out to listen to. La Solider, Moon Revenge, Sailor Star Song, Otome no Policy on the other hand..

    @Macsun - *6 ( the only reason I’m rating this ‘highly’ is because I have the harmony stuck in my head)

    @Dani - (4) okay look, Sailor Moon is a great anime but the opening is weaksauce. I’ve only heard the English version and I barely remember it, but still.

    @ohaimanabu - 8 - (Classic and unforgettable, though I've gotta say I prefer the corny ass english and german versions.)

    @Ana Raquel - 10 - This 10 is totally not biased at ALL no not related to the fact that it was the first anime I've ever watched

    @Untouchable Ace - 9.6 - The quintessential song of the rate. It's so wholesome and nostalgic.

    @Music Is Life - 9.5 – BOP. I love the production, especially the drums and the elements that sound shiny.

    @Joli Chat - 9 – Iconic, although the vocals have aged quite badly tbh; beautiful visuals, Crystal season 1 and 2 wishes she was on this level.

    @savilizabeths - 6 - “Why does this sound like the intro to an old cartoon about spies? I’ve never seen Sailor Moon but I think I expected something a little more…magical?”

    @If You Go - 9 – That opening is absolutely iconic, and I was a little mad they didn't use it for Crystal even though Moon Pride did eventually grow on me.

    @fatyoshi FKA The Hot Rock - 8 - Expected this one to be more upbeat or energetic. It was nice still.

    @iheartpoptarts - 10 - It’s the fighting evil by moonlight song, so obviously. When I was like 6 or 7 this show was LIFE.

    I am told Moonlight Densetsu was a huge hit in Japan but I cannot see any Oricon Chart peaks. It is however certified GOLD in Japan, and was apparently the most popular song for Karaoke from 1991-2000 - and we all know how popular that is in Japan! Over at PopJustice - with some help from my friends - I got this to chart in a Monthly Chart last year for its anniversary, but sadly flopped at a #37 finish on PJOPS/Retro a few months ago! I suppose a #5 position here isn't so bad as a result!

    Try not to cry at this one!

    The iconic English version!



  18. For @iheartpoptarts - A Eurodance German Version!

    Makenai! The Sailor Stars Theme!

    Moon Pride, The Crystal Theme Song

    Search For Your Love

    The song that inspired Moonlight Densetsu
  19. Some of the wonderful background music!

    A Symphony

    Moon Revenge!
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