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#02 & #01 - Lonely, Cruel & Gorgeous Angel!! #Voila! The Anime Rate!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by berserkboi, Feb 3, 2020.

  1. SHOOK. Ya’ll know I stan Sailor Moon like crazy but the anime has so many better songs, in my opinion.

    A little perplexed with Cowboy Bebop getting as far as it has seeing as its basically an instrumental.

    Lonely in Gorgeous to win please.
  2. I kinda liked Crystal season 3's opening more than this one, but still, that 4 hurt! Here's the latin american version of the song, it has more of a lullaby vibe to it (????)
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  3. I'm actually tearing up at this elimination. How could you do this to my very first JPop song? This is actually the reason why I gave my 11 to "Moonlight Densetsu" and not to any of Kumi songs or any of my other 10s.

    I think I was around 7 when one day I decided not to go outside and play with my friends, but stay at home and just chill. I turned on the TV and there she was in all her glory, the soldier of love and justice. And that brilliant opening theme instantly sent chills down my spine. What a plethora of melodies each every one better than the last one, and what is this magical sounding language am I hearing? And the rest is history, as the anime became my favorite of all time as well as the song. This is honestly the most important piece of entertainment (after JPop in general) in my life. Thank you, Takeuchi Naoko, thank you, Toei, thank you, DALI and Moon Lips, thank you Oda Kanako and Kawashima Daria♥
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  4. If there is a reason I enjoy j-pop (and japanese music in general, really) is because of anime and the reason I enjoy anime is Sailor Moon. So it not even making the top 3 (over songs like Tank! which I adore and this is not really a bash, it's just... surprising?). You know, that 5 year-old girl who spent all saturday awake just to watch sailor moon. yeah, that was me. objectively speaking, it's not the best anime or song in the rate, but it's the most special one here for sure. A contender for my 11 as well.

    And you know I'm not the slow song person, but this still shakes me to this day.

    Or scenes with the locket song, I cry every time.

    Someone mentioned La Soldier, so let me post the tommy heavenly6 cover here made for its birthday as well

    And I probably mentioned it in the part two of the rate (I don't remember dddd my memory is bad) but this is IT. Possibly my favorite song of the entire OST
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  5. [​IMG]
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  6. Ooh, didn't know this existed! Also, I completely share your sentiment.
    I... didn't really have any strong feeling toward the remake. It's wasn't complete trash janky drawing aside, but it wasn't as thrilling as the original. Although I appreciated them doing a closer to manga version.
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  7. All these tributes to our Goddesses who shaped who we are is warming my heart!!!

    My big trouble with Crystal is how lacking it is in the building the friendships between the Senshi department. The filler episodes in the original show you how close the girls are, and their bickering is sweet and relatable - acting like real friends! In Crystal - the focus is far too much on the romance for my liking (which I understand is closer to the manga but I still prefer the original anime)
  8. My 11 did great, although I was hoping that this anime classic would reach the top 3, where it belongs.

    Sorry @berserkboi for not being active in here, I promise I'll catch up very soon!
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  9. I so did not see that coming!
  10. Well, now that my 11 is out, guess it's
  11. As amazing as Lonely In Gorgeous is - let’s not forget A Cruel Angel’s Thesis is still here too! ;)

    What do you all think is going without a medal next?
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  12. I nearly bought a tote bag once that had "Fighting Evil By Moonlight", think I might have to hunt that down again.

    Crystal would have been better if it had about twice as many episodes as it did, the pacing was so breakneck it never gave anything time to breathe. Not that I'm complaining about getting to Sailor Venus faster than usual, but still! I loved them pairing the other Sailor Scouts with the Dark Kingdom guys cause why should they all be old maids while Sailor Moon hogs all the romance, but then of course they did literally nothing with it!

    Anyhow back to Moonlight Densetsu!

    I watched a video like this (it had the original Moonlight Densetsu) before watching Crystal and did not realize it was fanmade. Imagine my shock when I first watched Crystal.
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  13. I thought the Shinnetou Senshi pairings were the worst thing about Crystal ddddd
  14. I did not expect this at all. The winner should be a surprise!
  15. About time we got into that Top 3 of the Anime Rate, right?

    The last song to leave us without a medal is.......

    Fullmetal Alchemist (Brotherhood) - Again

    Vocalist: YUI
    Composer: YUI
    Lyricist: YUI

    Highest Score:
    @Joli Chat 11

    @Ana Raquel 10
    @Ironheade 10
    @vague 10
    @savilizabeths 10
    @evilsin 10
    @Music Is Life 10
    @berserkboi 9.3

    Lowest Score:
    @Jawshxx 6
    @iheartpoptarts 6
    @ohaimanabu 6.5

    Average Score: 8.585

    Again is the little engine that could! A song I’ve always liked (due to my fondness to FMA Brotherhood) - it was really struggling to break into the Top 20 til the last voters just gave it a massive boost. Again was barely in the Top 20 making it all the way to #4 tells you just how divisive the playlist was, and Yui navigated those waters splendidly!

    Now, I don’t necessarily think Again should have beaten a song as iconic as Moonlight Densetsu but considering how “retro” MD sounds - it does add up that this more modern soft pop rock number would do better with people mostly just discovering these songs!
    An colossal success - Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (which is the one adaptation I am completely familiar with when it comes to the FMA Franchise) is quality meets success to a T. I rarely believe the hype around shows past 2005 and despite that I was completely blown away by what Brotherhood had on offer. The character development, the twists, the voice acting, the animation - I cannot give less than 10/10! This is basically Game Of Thrones without a shit ending - where quality is maintained throughout!
    It is rare for a manga to receive two anime adaptations so I figure it is worth mentioning as per above. Having not seen the original adaptation (and I was finding it hard to access by the time I was interested in watching it), I read up on where it goes from the halfway point and it does sound like I prefer what Brotherhood actually has as content - though I am not opposed in visiting the alternate timeline at some point!
    Success as a word does not even begin to cover it hey?

    @Rei Ayanami - 9 - Great melody. Vaguely reminds me of Pokemon’s opening during season 1, but of course much more badass.

    @Dani - (9) We all know Fullmetal goes off. It might not be the best boppy thing out there, but it is just good. We stan. Can’t decide if I’ll ever watch the anime though.

    @Gintoki - 8 - I love when Yui goes harder with her sound, sure it's not 10 like Rolling star, but it's still very good.

    @Music Is Life - 10 – Love the acoustic guitar that opens this, and how it morphs into a total rock song unexpectedly. And then keeps both sounds together and makes it work – whew, perfection.

    @ohaimanabu - 6.5 - (Good song, was never a fan of ha vocals though)

    @Ana Raquel - 10 - Best song from FMAB. I don't know if it's my favorite if considering the 2003 adaptation, because I love Melissa and Ready Steady Go.

    @Maki - 9 ~ Whoa, when those guitars exploded - they weren't playing with this one! While I love the professional approach, I must admit that the first part of the (intro) song appealed to me more.

    @Jawshxx - 6 - I much prefer the first anime soundtrack to Brotherhood. Kesenai Tsumi and Motherland and all those iconic EDs.

    @Joli Chat - 11 – The verses are absolutely amazing, the pre-chorus… I can’t even describe how good that is, there’s also the fact that Brotherhood’s an amazing series.

    @savilizabeths - 10 - “OH WOW THIS GOES OFF! I’m floored. Immaculately produced and produced. The melody is engaging, as is the instrumental. It just kicks you in the gut in the absolute best way. One of the best tracks here!”

    @If You Go - 8 - Never saw either version of this, but my cousins were obsessed with it and wouldn't shut up about it. The song is really good I feel like this artist did a song for Bleach. (Ed: Just checked and it is Opening 5 Rolling Star)

    YUI does seem to mostly appeal to everyone here, so it might be worth posting a few other highlights from her at some point, fans! Again is a #1 smasher on the Oricon Chart and is even certified GOLD for physical sales and PLATINUM for “cellphone” sales (guessing that means downloads?) - a proper hit!

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  16. Don't know where you got those credits, but I'm pretty sure YUI written and composed the song all by herself. Which reminds me that I'm long overdue for her discography relisten. Also always nice to see some more Crystal Kay mentioning going on.
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  17. Will fix now - thanks for the heads up! :D
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  18. Again is pretty incredible. That Crystal Kay song is really pretty.
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  19. Early 2000s is peak J-pop for me so it’s no surprise I favor the original FMA in terms of its soundtrack.

    Crystal Kay was really done dirty. She should have been so much bigger!
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  20. Let's move on to a new page as we get to the medalists, shall we?



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