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#1 Revealed - The PJ RETRO/PJOPS Winners Rate Part Deux

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by berserkboi, Nov 21, 2019.

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  2. But who would invent such things?? Ddddddddd
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  3. Granted, many of those 'historical' peaks can't be sourced anywhere online (the French charts site lescharts.com only goes back to 1984, for example).

    I've probably asked you before, but did Mauritius have a chart?
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  4. Not an official one like that. We had one in the 90s that was similar to Video Hits but around music people requested and got played the most. A sales chart was never implemented as a lot of cassette and CD sales were of bootlegs sadly, since many of the originals would have been far too expensive to the average person in what would have been at the time a third world country :(

    The one big chart we did care about was the Disque De L’Année countdown! This one used a mixture of airplay, votes and the minuscule sales data they could scramble together for the year for the Top 30 songs of the year in Mauritius. We had a Top 30 for International Songs and one for Mauritian Songs. Fun fact: Celia by Daniel Delord was 8th Of its year in the Mauritian portion. I remember these songs winning their year (or following year in the case of some coming out late in the year) of release:

    Pet Shop Boys - Always On My Mind
    Ace Of Base - All That She Wants
    Celine Dion - Pour Que Tu M’Aimes Encore
    Aqua - Barbie Girl

    Mum tells me Dalida used to always Rate highly on these before I was born in 1984, though I am not sure these have been archived anywhere...
  5. What a coincidence that Belvedere Kane was eliminated as soon as I called for him!
    I did like the song, but it's not really my thing.

    Aww, S.O.A.P. should've made the top 10 (or even top 5). "Live Forever" is such an adorable song and remains my favorite PJOPS/PJ Retro discovery outside this rate and the rounds I've been taking part.
    I must listen to their debut album.

    "Original Sin" really is great and should've went a bit further, since it was among the top half of. However, I don't consider it a big loss at all.
    That zero, though...

    So happy that my 11 made the top 10 and (presumably) has an 8+ average.
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  6. 6

    My second choice for an 11 and my "would be 11 if we could 11 our own entries" are still here so I'm pretty pleased.
  7. I gave out two 10s and an 11 and they're still here, so that's satisfying. Probably jinxed them by typing it up tho...
  8. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    I voted for half of the top ten in their original rounds, so I’m counting that as a win.

    The four I blanked can all go now.
  9. Who's up for bribing @CasuallyCrazed 's neighbours to play Jim Steinman really loud as revenge for that zero? Anyone - oh, just me feeling attacked by this.

    No hard feelings, we all have different tastes (as I sob every time I see Ed Sheeran topping the UK charts).

    Sadly for Pandora's Box fans, "All coming back to me now" is insta-veto and has been for a long time. "Safe sex" has already been entered and sadly underperformed.

    I've successfully entered "More" by the Sisters of Mercy (Steinman/Eldritch co-write - what an overblown dream team!). "Read Em and Weep" by Meatloaf got vetoed because the Manilow version was successful enough (this song is a rare example of one where someone makes Barry Manilow sound understated by comparison). Trying to find good non-Meatloaf Steinman is a challenge (as dear Mr Loaf falls to misandryjustice every time).
  10. Sorry I have been MIA on this today, but I was helping the wonderful @ohnostalgia with the Monthly Charts (she is responsible for my lovely Profile Picture - give her some applause :D). We will resume eliminations tomorrow, and are passing the 8+ average with two people losing their 11! Stay tuned!!
  11. 1 x 6
    3 x 7
    1 x 8
    1 x 9
    3 x 10 (including my own song and one of my three 11 contenders)
    1 x 11 (in the end I gave my 11 to a song only because of a sentimental feeling, I could have flipped a coin as well)

    So let's hope, my 11 or one of my 10s is going to make it.

    (Although my remaining song will be out soon, as @londonrain blanked it)
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  12. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    Oop did I blank it? I could have sworn I voted for it. Sorry!
  13. @londonrain
    I don't believe that you have voted for any of my (few) winning songs. But how often was I grateful for your points when my song was doing poorly!
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  14. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    Hahaha. In fairness, I wasn't here for the most recent round that you won!

    One of your less successful songs was responsible for me making my first ever PJOPS album purchase, actually.

  15. Into the Top 10 we go!!

    Shivaree - Goodnight Moon

    Winner: Round 39 (Hosted By @Filippa)
    Theme: #holidaydreaming (35 Participants)
    Submitted by @soratami
    Total Points: 113

    Highest Score: 11 @unnameable @Maki 10 @CorgiCorgiCorgi @soratami @rawkey @Filippa @pop3blow2
    Lowest Score: 2 @CasuallyCrazed
    Average Score: 8.082

    We love last minute voters giving a song 11s in unison and pushing it into the Top 10, don’t we? Without them, Goodnight Moon would have been the track to miss out on the Top 10 with the advantage to Original Sin. Even though I would have preferred the latter to make it in, Goodnight Moon is a great song and belongs here. The only @soratami winner in this rate, he was very vocal in this being his true 11 - let’s wait for a rundown of how much this one means to him #soon!

    The #holidaydreaming (theme around holidays and travel) one was one of my favourite rounds as I recall, everyone bringing something a bit special to the table (I believe it was also @filippa’s first time hosting, along with @Russron). What did I bring to the table? Well, a superstar! A Queen!!! An Out Of This World Spacer Of A Woman!!! It was of course the legendary Sheila! Her song Patrick Mon Cheri premiered in this round (though my trustee friend @WowWowWowWow did try to get her UK Hit Spacer through ages ago), mesmerising the likes of @Phonetics Boy and @nnnumb (the latter ended up purchasing a Sheila CD as a result - stan talent!!); eventually appearing in the French Divas Rate where it was sent out far too soon. I voted for Shivaree in the original round, and I still think it holds up very well here!

    Despite the stage name giving me visions of a female solo artist, Shivaree was actually a band featuring vocals by Ambrosia Parsley along with Danny McGough and Duke McVinnie. Their most successful song was Goodnight Moon, though not necessarily for setting the charts alight (beyond Italy where this got to #1).

    Mostly its endurance comes from getting multiple uses in soundtracks - and notable ones too! Taking a leaf from Paula Cole, Goodnight Moon was in Dawson’s Creek (a franchise that has seen many submissions in RETRO), as well as Kill Bill and a French film from 2002 called Monique. You’ll notice a few notable appearances of the song were on soundtracks for Noughties movies - which demonstrates how timeless and modern the song was when released too! A cover of the song also exists, and featured on the Silver Linings Playbook released in 2012 - a transcendent track indeed!

    Let’s hear what the audience thought!

    @Phonetics Boy - ah, the Britney soundalike. nice one!

    @rawkey - Classy tune.

    @ohnoitisnathan - Not particularly PJ Retro winner-sounding to these ears.

    @soratami - A classic. Would have absolutely been my 11 if that was allowed.

    @berserkboi - Awesome and full of personality!

    @Untouchable Ace - Nick Cave? (The Kylie Promo just won’t let up!)

    @Sprockrooster - Not entirely keen on the voice, but that production is so damn lit, I can't help to completely stan.

    @unnameable - the whole “I oughta give you a shot in the head for making me live in a dump like this” album is amazing. (Adding the SPOTIFY for it as we speak!)

    @iheartpoptarts -

    Does PJ00s have a Bond theme winner yet? I know the PJSC does… (Parle Plus Bas is only RETRO eligible, sadly)

    2012 Cover
  16. Oh well, I knew that was bound to be getting eliminated anytime now (namely because there was no way @CasuallyCrazed hadn't tanked it) so it's great it made it to the top 10 at least.

    Iconic taste @Maki and @unnameable.
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  17. Oh no! I love this song! Maybe I should have given it my 11 points after all ....
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  18. I don't even know more than half of these songs, but there's some real surprises to be found here.
  19. Where are we travelling to with this cut?


    Lena Philipsson - Dansa I Neon

    Winner: Round 41 (Hosted By @Phonetics Boy [then untaggable, as I called her])
    Theme: Non-English Songs (37 Participants)
    Submitted by @Riiiiiiiii
    Total Points: 157

    Highest Score: 11 @CorgiCorgiCorgi 10 @Untouchable Ace @soratami @Phonetics Boy @londonrain
    Lowest Score: 2.5 @CasuallyCrazed
    Average Score: 8.088

    Not CasuallyCrazed determining the placement of #10 and #9 with a 0.5 score difference! Kinda iconic, I suppose? PJOPS 41 was a highly anticipated round, and one all of us Foreign Language enthusiasts longed for! After months and months of begging (mostly from me Ddddddddd), a host (the Mourir Sur Scene loving, therefore godly @phonetic boy) decided it was time to celebrate non-English music, running a contest that allowed Instrumental Tracks, and Non-English Language songs only to compete! Little did we know at the time how influential this would be on the likes of @WoW73 and @Tiger Suit a few months later, hey?

    Since we mentioned Tiger Suit therefore PJSC, a little fun fact for you here is that in PJSC Dansa I Neon would have been vetoed for the round as after Riiiiiiii submitted the track, both @Empty Shoebox and @popknark2 revealed they had tried to send it too! As you all know, the rule in PJSC is if one song is submitted by three different contestants it is out!

    You are probably all eager to hear what song I snuck past the VETO PANEL this round, aren’t you? Well - my basic ass self still went with French, but not just any French - The Best Selling French Song In History in Japan! Outselling the likes of The Beatles and rocking Misandry Justice since the 60s - Miss Sylvie Vartan brought you all La Plus Belle Pour Aller Danser! Thank goodness only her most diligent Fan Sites report on this fact, otherwise I am sure my ass would have been vetoed like nobody’s business dddddd

    Along with the Non-English theme, this round ran around Halloween in 2018, so Phonetic Boy organised for us to select a Villain persona to go with our reveals. I recall picking the Disney Villain option - and had lots of fun checking out all the references from everyone’s picks also!

    Dansa I Neon has the distinction of being that song from our winners here which would cause you to go “Of Course!” in regards to taking the competition by storm! Its debut at Melodifest in 1987 would obviously appeal to most of our Eurovision enthusiasts here, on top of which a 2011 version in English reminding us is just icing on the cake! Quite a gorgeous instrumental, while not too far cut from its soft Eurodisco cousins, it is also easy to see how Dansa I Neon racked up so many points even from the few of us who don’t follow Eurovision and affiliates closely. Wikipedia tells me that along with coming 5th in Melodifestivalen - it was a chart success too - matching its placement here on the Swedish charts when released as a single.

    A multitude of covers of this song exist so I will ensure to post a few below. As with Lena Philipsson (sorry I took so much space chatting about Dansa, causing the bit about Lena to be sparse by comparison), she is probably most famous to us outside Europe for her 5th place finish at Eurovision in 2004, though she has been active since my birth year (1984) in the Entertainment Industry. A real veteran, she has released heaps of music in her time, though her chart success seems to have been limited to Scandanivia, and now PopJustice! :D

    @CorgiCorgiCorgi - Don't know what a single word of this song means. Don't care. That chorus alone has earned my 11.

    @unnameable - has a certain something

    @rawkey - A typical slab of 80s Europop; nothing more, nothing less.

    @Maki - ~ The only other representative of 'team foreign language' and I'm already sold on it. No, seriously, the song is amazing. In fact, it sounds like an Eurovision winner, so it's completely reasonable why it won this contest. Eventually, this will become a 10, I'm sure of that. (Well, you might be quite interested in its background…)

    @berserkboi - Beautiful song that goes well alongside its 80s contemporaries!

    @Untouchable Ace - The production really takes you on a journey, like a maze. Melancholic features as well which is always a plus. (Look at Ace coming for my job too! We stan!)

    @ohnoitisnathan - Nice moody electro backing track. It sounds dramatic, but I naturally have no idea what she’s singing about.

    @iheartpoptarts - Remind me to borrow some of my fave bops from the Melfest rate one of these days. (Done!)

    @londonrain - Sugary as hell but what a bop.

    @Phonetics Boy - what a banger! and of course I have a soft spot for it since it won the best round *wink wink* (Can’t say I detect a lie Ddddd)

    Melodifest Performance

    2011 Version (In English though :-( )

    This sounds like huge PJSC Bait! How was it not in PJSC before appearing in PJOPS???
  20. Sis, these are winners. You literally trashed 11 of them. People enjoyed them. I honestly can't at the sheer amount of low scores. I hope you are happy your 10/11 will win now.

    Also @berserkboi how was this ballot allowed. If he has two more lowest scores he is the lowest scorer on more than half of the songs...
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