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100 80s 12" Remixes

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by simes1970, Mar 4, 2014.

  1. Thanks for posting...

    Liberator - Spear Of Destiny. stands out like a sore thumb on that list (as much as I liked the song at the time).
  2. If anybody's interested,all the tracks are available to listen to on Spotify.
  3. Well, that is random!

    Horrible coverart, which sort of makes you fear for the quality of the contents a bit. But.....BOOM BOOM ROOM!!!!??? Is this the only available track of theirs...I want the album but it's 65 quid.
  4. I may bite on a few of those individual tracks on the 100 80s 12" Remixes set, then, if they're not vinyl rips. I almost bought one of the new batch of 100 Hits volumes (Drivetime, I think it's called) for East River by The Brecker Brothers, but glad I didn't because I already have it in my collection! I was sure this got some sort of (re) release in the 80s (someone on R1 - Bruno Brookes or Peter Powell - used to play it I'm sure) but wiki/discogs only have the original 1978 issue listed.
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