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100 gecs - 10000 gecs (new album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Inland Empire, Jul 10, 2020.

  1. Inland Empire

    Inland Empire Staff Member

    Wasn't sure if these guys were too big for Potential Next Big Things, so I'm taking a chance on Pop & Justice for this thread.

    100 gecs are a duo consisting of Laura Les and Dylan Brady, the latter of which produced Claws and Anthems by Charli. Their music is...interesting to say the least - kind of a mix of PC Music and YouTube Poop videos with heavily compressed audio. Their music's gained a lot of traction on the shitposty side of the internet in recent months.

    Their debut album from last year 1000 gecs is a good starting point:

    And they also released a remix album today (which happens to be double the length of the original album) featuring collabs with various up-and-coming Popjustice faves...and Fall Out Boy.
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  2. They’re amazing. Also I’m gonna need them to work with Craig Owens more because he sounds fantastic on the hand crushed by a mallet remix
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  3. I cannot stop listening to the Tommy Cash and Hannah Diamond remix.
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  4. Listening to this album made me feel old.
  5. Wait, did they really not have a thread on here???
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  6. The remix album is amazing. I don't know how they pulled Fall Out Boy into this but I'm here for it.
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  7. Their collab with Felony Martinez... a moment most displeasing to me. I love their debut though, and unashamedly twitch along to both I wud nvrstop u and the straightforward Ringtone
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  8. I appreciate them for like, provoking strong reactions in people but honestly all I hear is a slightly higher pitched Sleigh Bells.
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  9. I don't like them at all... just horrible
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  10. Inland Empire

    Inland Empire Staff Member

    I’m pretty sure they pulled out of it, thank god. Dylan apparently unfollowed Melanie after the collab was announced, so I honestly don’t think he at least was aware of the allegations.
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  11. The album is... a bop
  12. This is album is a major serve! I love the Charli’s Ringtone, Hannah’s Never Stop You and GFOTY’s Stupid Horse. It’s also made me re-appreciate the original Gec 2 U. It’s my second favourite album of the year so far.
  13. Ok
  14. Everything they do throws me all the way back to 2006/2007, so of course I stan

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  15. I love them so much. "I_wud_nverstop_U" and "hand crushed..." were always my favourite tracks, and the Tommy Cash and Hannah Diamond remix is amazing.
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  16. It’s crazy how the remix album is just as interesting as “1000 gecs.” Their approach to music really brings out something different in the people they work with/who work with them.
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  17. I love how they used their breakaway success to uplift their peers with this project. Fallout Boy aside it seems they purposefully chose artists they admire/are from the same scene as them. It was great to see the OG PC crowd killing it and this album is like a definitive collection of what the genre has to offer.
  18. Only listened to a few tracks of the remix album but the Tommy Cash remix track slaps so fucking much.
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