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13 Reasons Why

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Dangerous Maknae, Jan 25, 2017.

  1. LiK


    Already confirmed it wasn't suicide, someone shot him. My bet is on his mother or Montgomery.
  2. Ah, I didn't know that. The problem with these angles is that usually they end with a twist and it's someone who you didn't expect at all, but if you're giving every character a motive and you end up making it one of them you can be sort of deflated if you're hoping for someone shocking.

    I can't believe this comes out just a few days before the last season of Power. I can't wait.
  3. I have to admit the latest trailer has me fucking perched.
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  4. But it's not really like they're giving everyone a motive just so they can do the whole "whodunnit" angle, is it? The whole point is that Bryce HIMSELF gave every one of them a very strong motive. It's what makes it so intriguing for me, is that it really could have been almost any of them. He gave every one of them reason enough to legitimately hate him enough to want him dead, and everyone on the tapes has been pushed well beyond their limits at this point. (Hell, anyone who listened to the tapes at their school when Clay released them might just have done it too if they were angry enough.)

    I don't know if it's about shocking anyone with a reveal of someone like "oh, we never would have thought so and so could ever do this". The whole thing is that any of them on the tapes absolutely could have done it, but which of them DID?
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  5. LiK


    Exactly! I mean even Hannah's mom said she wanted him dead at one point. So it's not even just confined within Liberty high. His own mom was disgusted by him.
  6. Right. Hannah’s mother wanted him dead. Jessica’s dad MUST have felt the same way, to judge by the explosive way he reacted to Justin, and at the end of the day what Justin did to her was terrible but what Bryce did was worse. Clay nearly DID kill Bryce, or at least try to, last season, and was only talked out of it by Justin, who himself, in his desperation at the situation, offered to kill Bryce and pay the price if that was what Jess wanted him to do, at the end of season 1. And like you say, Bryce’s OWN mother utterly hated the person her son had become by the end of season 2. And that’s just looking at a handful of them. He truly had given many, many people in the town- and certainly all of the people involved with the tapes- extremely powerful reasons to want him dead and had provoked enough hatred to fuel that desire.
  7. Trailer with new footage.

  8. It’s out!
  9. I've only watched the first episode but the new character Ani is so goddamn annoying. I don't know if I can keep watching if she's going to narrate every episode.
  10. I’m on episode three and she does.
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  11. God help me then. Does the show actually get any better? It's been pretty disappointing so far.
  12. It's definitely getting stronger, though I'd say it's only really just started ramping up now.

    In particular it's exploring Jess' character some more and... I love it? It's vibing with me a lot right now and feels genuinely important. They also explore Chloe's position and they make a few points. It feels important in those moments, so I'm enjoying it. The Bryce stuff is... background noise.
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  13. This is 13 episodes again.

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  14. LiK


    Yes? And we're happy about that.
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  15. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Without wanting big spoilers: how dark does this season get?
    The last 2 seasons were kinda triggering at points, not sure if I want more of that right now
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  17. I’m really worried about just how much they’re saving Bryce’s character, oh my god.
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  18. I'm on episode 7 and they've made Bryce a poor, miserable sympathetic boy. I mean... I'm over it.
  19. I'm only midway through the first episode, and I'm already so confused. Who is this new person? Why is she narrating the story? How does she even know the other characters? What happened to the aesthetics of this show? Why does it all look so grey & flat?
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  20. Well I've watched the first episode and

    if they are really planning to do a reverse Daenerys on Bryce and make him some kind of misunderstood martyr they can all honestly choke.

    Also most of the dialogue with the new girl is just so forced and unrealistic, I can't.
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