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1989: Year Of The Classic Divas

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by WhatKindOfKylie?, Jan 13, 2020.

  1. 1989, seemed to be a year chocked full of female artists dishing out hit after hit, classic after classic. But for every Kylie or Madonna, or Paula or Belinda, there were also the female legends of yesteryear, proving that they still had what it takes to compete with the new gals on the block. Not all of the examples below were chart smashes, but here is just some of a selection of my favourite's from this golden year from those legendary ladies:

  2. The artwork for Liza's Results era was bonafide art in my opinion. What an amazing year for classics, I have to say, with the exception of Tina Turner, all these ladies were new to me in 1989, and I loved all these tracks.
    was age less important in 1989? I was 12 years old and I was buying Donna Summer and Dusty Springfield records with my pocket money, Does that happen anymore? That a star from the previous generation crosses over into mainstream pop?
  3. I only purchased and listened to Results last week following much begging from my boyfriend, and glad I did! Just absolutely perfect in all ways, and yes including the art work too.

    And alas no, one of the many reasons why I dislike today's charts so much. So ageist! I guess the only recent example of sorts, would he Dancing by Kylie making it to #38 and becoming one of her most well known modern day singles as a result.
  4. #38 for Dancing, disgraceful!! Evidence enough that we live in very ageist times indeed.

    Superb comebacks also included

    Cher - Turn Back Time

    Debbie Harry - I Want That Man
  5. Not to mention Bonnie Raitt had the biggest year of her career with Nick of Time. And Linda Ronstadt had a huge hit with Don't Know Much.

    Women in their 40s could still be radio-friendly pop stars back then.
  6. I agree, Dancing is a superb single and my favourite Kylie single as it happens. In a rightful world, it should have smashed the top 10.

    If I Could Turn Back Time. Iconic and then some.
  7. Taylor Dayne was still going strong in ‘89 having her first US #1 single. Heart of Stone was the 4th (and my fave) single from the Can’t Fight Fate album and unfairly ended her 7 single Top 10 streak in the US.

  8. Very good song that one.
  9. Great examples above.

    I will add that while all this was going on, Olivia quietly released her children’s album Warm & Tender in 1989. Full of lullabies and orchestra laden covers, it was her lowest charting US album ever at that point. She would turn 41 in 1989 and could have put together a decent pop album that would maybe rival those mentioned so far. Such a shame the way she let her pop career peter out like she did.
  10. Other great albums out in 1989:

    Madonna - Like A Prayer
    Stevie Nicks - The Other Side Of The Mirror
    Cyndi Lauper - A Night To Remember
    Gloria Estefan - Cuts Both Ways
    Belinda Carlisle - Runaway Horses
  11. Sheena Easton also made a shock comeback to the UK charts after a 7 year hiatus with this bop

  12. What do you mean Dame Lisa Stansfield hasn't been mentioned yet in this?

    PS: Also been re-reading James Masterton's book on the 1989 top 40 chart hits...
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  13. Another of my favourite pop ladies had her last Top 20 hit in 1989 with this PWL produced banger

  14. The album I Wanna Have Some Fun did give her a final US Top 10 single though with the title track which was the last UK single from it in ‘89.
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  15. Serving looks, bops, masterpieces, iconic videos. Legend.

  16. I don't think some of these ladies would fit this topic. Sam Fox, for example, was having hits and was pretty young, so how was it a comeback.
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  17. Yeah, I must have misread the topic but 1989 was fabulous overall for music. I often forget how great it was.
  18. I also didn’t fully read the first post as clearly Taylor Dayne was at her peak here and not on the comeback trail. Sorry!
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