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1990s / early 2000s Synth Pop.

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Bleu Noir, Sep 11, 2019.

  1. Electro or synth pop from from the 90s / early 2000s is probably my most listened to music. The focus is almost always on the 80s and post 2000s when it became popular (ish) again with Ladytron and electroclash etc (which I like too).

    I'm talking about acts as popular as Pet Shop Boys, Depeche Mode, New Order (and side projects), Saint Etienne, Mylene Farmer & Fangoria to less popular or successful like Associates, Technique, Peach, Inga Humpe, second Propaganda album, Claudia Brucken, Daybehavior, 90s Human League & ABC etc.

    I am posting as I am sure I am missing or forgetting some of the more obscure stuff so I would welcome any suggestions.
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  2. And Erasure! I always forget Erasure, I blame the Pet Shop Boys.
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  3. [​IMG]

    Octopus by The Human League is such an underated album. I was guilty myself of ignoring it as I didn't pass much remarks on it apart from Tell Me When until the last few years. Great CD single packages for all the singles too.

    Of course as far as I am concerned they basically set the bar for 90s synth pop with the Heart Like A Wheel remix earlier in the decade. Amazing remix.

  4. How about these...

    Dead Or Alive: Nukleopatra
    Jimmy Somerville: Dare To Love
    Billie Ray Martin: Deadline For My Memories
    Jesus Loves You (Boy George side project)

    I think a lot of synth pop bands from the 80s were heading in a much more club/dance direction sound wise in the 90s... for me the 90s was more about Trip Hop and all the alt girls (Tori, Bjork, PJ Harvey)
  5. Yes it can be a little tricky separating the synth from the dance pop. Jimmy’s Heartbeat and Lovething make my playlist. I always think of BRM and JLY as dance but I’m probably splitting hairs at this stage!
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  6. Dubstar.
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  7. [​IMG]

    Kamikaze by Ysa Ferrer from 1998. She didn't do another album until 2008 which was much more generic pop but I have always loved Kamikaze. I think her helium voice could be off putting for some but not me!

    And a cover of Flash In The Night frpm the same time originally by Secret Service (1981)

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  8. Ooooh. Where to begin?

    A few off the top of my head:

    VNV Nation
    Red Flag
    Flash & Gordon

    I'll have a proper look a bit later when I haven't got Front 242 at full volume putting me ever so slightly off.
  9. Komputer are the only ones I know there, will investigate!
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  10. Komputer were also called I Start Counting (mid-80s synth/early sample indie-pop) and Fortran 5 (sample heavy dance tracks with a bit of pop and ambient). They were one of those Mute acts that basically had carte-blanche on that label due to the success of DM, Erasure and Nick Cave. Back in the day we joked that all these Mute acts must have been tax write-offs...and thanks for that!
    As Komputer they started out as a total Kraftwerk rip-off "hommage"-act

    I Start Counting

    Fortran 5 - Crazy Earth (not the best mix, but I could listen to this for hours)

    Komputer - Neonlicht Oh, Synthesizer
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  11. These Are The Days is a bop. The album is good.

    Romantic? is also good. The Stars Are Going Out is a perfection.
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  12. The 90s became more about all the trippy hoppy electronic sample-heavy stuff (for me), but Heaven 17 did release an album on Warners in 1996/97 - Bigger Than America - which kind of felt a bit similar to the League's Octopus at times.
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  13. The lead single from that Heaven 17 album came with a great Motiv8 mix too. (And these videos should be SFW, just putting in spoilers to save space.)

    I’m guessing you know the UK acts I could think of (2wo Third3, Peach, Dubstar, Sexus) but here are some America synth-pop acts from the 90s that you might like. The US had a minor market for male vocal synth-pop acts after they seemed to go out of fashion in the UK. Cause & Effect scraped into the Billboard Top 40 and Anything Box made the Hot 100. All these bands were heavily influenced by 80s-era Depeche Mode.

    Cause & Effect

    Machine in Motion

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  14. Anything Box


  15. Seven Red Seven

    (Didn’t realize we could only have five pieces of media per post so separated this into three posts.)
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