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1st Gen Female Soloists - The Rate - Eliminations resume! #46 + #45

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Ana Raquel, Apr 19, 2021.

  1. Ezz


    Happy Birthday! Hope it's a lovely one!
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  3. Thank you for the bday wishes!!!

    We resume the eliminations tomorrow, by the way
  4. So I was taking a nap to watch the Olympics last night and I ended up oversleeping




    Score: 6,295

    Paved the way: 8,5 x 1 (@Slice of Life)
    Brought to naught: 4 x 1 (@Kneehigh Girl)
    Me: 4,5

    Peak: #75
    Nadir: #80 (2x)

    The extra section loses its first song and gladly it's my lowest score in the entire rate.
    Nothing surprising at this point, given that this is a standard ballad with no appeal for my taste whatsoever.

    Let's talk a bit about Yangpa instead. Her real name is Lee Eun-jin and she was born in 1979. Mostly known for her ballads, her biggest hit is "Love of Very Young Person" (which can also be translated as Novice's Love/Young Love), or "Aesongyi’s Love" in Korean. Yangpa was 17 when it was released in 1996. She released three albums in the 90s.

    However, she suddenly left to study in the US and spent several years on hiatus. According to herself, it was also due to problems with her agency. Talking about agencies... she had to move from agency to agency yet all of them had some kind of problem that impeded her to release music so she was forced to take another hiatus.

    Nowadays, she constantly addresses that she doesn't want to be remembered only by her "Young Love" or the agency fiasco. In the past decade, she released two EPs, several singles (including one with T-ARA's Soyeon), took part in the reality show "I Am a Singer", participated in an episode of "Immortal Songs 2" (and won!), and apparently is now a youtube? I don't exactly know what the content is, but it seems to be general lifestyle things. Her latest upload was this video a week ago.


    Other than that, let me highlight three other songs: the first one is "Trembling", which she considers a change in her imagery and music style I still find it a pretty uninteresting ballad but shhhhhh details. The second one is "The Most Ordinary Day", her latest song, for the drama "Private Lives", and the last one is "From June to January", with the duo 015B. This is her most recent release that is not for an OST. You can find it below.


    @berserkboi (5,5): This is well sung but is very “talent show” compared to the rest of this list!


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  5. Next eliminations: our first tie!
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  6. It's going to hurt so much when we get to a song I haven't already forgotten the melody of >.< I find it difficult to tell the difference between most ballads. They mostly sound the same to me (with exceptions of course - those are the ones that are good ballads)
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  7. I don't know if you still remember this one but you gave it a good score for it at least



    Score: 6,500

    Paved the way: 9,5 x 1 (@Slice of Life)
    Brought to naught: 2 x 2 (@Empty Shoebox, @Ezz)
    Me: 9

    Peak: #25
    Nadir: #80

    Poor Park Ji Yoon ffff three of the past four eliminations being her songs. This song is a feat between her and PSY (who appears in some other songs in this rate, by the way). It is also credited as "DJ (Feat. PSY For Yamazone)", but I don't know what Yamazone is - I googled it and I just found 1. this song 2. the amazon website 3. Yomazone from Friday Night Funkin':
    (Iconic game, by the way)

    I really like this song though, it's the best of this era of hers. I don't know, it reminds me of something I could expect from some early 2000's American popstar (perhaps Britney in her Britney era? Or at least in a transition to In The Zone, I don't know). I just feel that the chorus needed to be stronger in order to get a 10.

    Anyway, with this, Twenty One is officially out of the rate. Park Ji Yoon is somewhere celebrating since it was the era she had all the identity issue with her manager.

    @berserkboi (7):The tune gets a little grating!


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  8. Later tonight (if I don't oversleep): our first song with another commenter other than @berserkboi!!!!
  9. How could we lose DJ so early?! *sad face*

    It's one of my favorites by her.
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  10. Okay I'm sorry but this is taking me out. She really said "they will accept that I'm a singer one way or another!"
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  11. hahahahaha guess what



    Score: 6,500

    Paved the way: 9 x 1 (@berserkboi )
    Brought to naught: 3 x 1 (@Kneehigh Girl)
    Me: 6

    Peak: #69
    Nadir: #79

    I will owe you all a write-up for this one because the speed of my computer at this point is unbearable to the point I'm struggling to switch tabs.

    Uhm Jung Hwa loses her first song. And, yes, it's another ballad leaving. The way I won!! But then again, "After Love" (or "Hu Ae", in Korean) is not even super bad, but I wouldn't like it to be placed above the top 70 just because I prefer the rest. Ah, and "Rose of Betrayal" outsold anyway. Kudos for this: it was the first song that never placed #80 up to now. Small victories, etc.

    Did you know? According to Generasia, there is a typo on the back cover of the album, and one of the songs is misspelled. Poor thing.


    @berserkboi (9): A beautiful ballad!

    @Kneehigh Girl (3): I’m not a ballad-person. Ballads need something special for me to enjoy them. This song does not have that.


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  12. I'm starting to feel bad for tanking so many ballads! BUT I did give one or two yet-to-be-eliminated ballads a decent score. I promise!
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  13. I miss when I got tagged for my commentary, as opposed to being a high scorer! Ddd

    A lot of songs could have fallen before this..
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  14. ahem ahem sorry for the absence yesterday i was busy with korean sensation grand chase classic!!!!



    Score: 6,523

    Paved the way: 10 x 2 (@berserkboi, @soratami)
    Brought to naught: 4 x 1 (@Empty Shoebox)
    Me: 5

    Peak: #69
    Nadir: #78 (2x)

    Nothing much to say here either. Suh Young Eun (A July 22nd legend!) is mostly an OST singer. I've never heard about her before this rate, and I found her whilst looking for K-pop hits of our selected timespan (there are some videos dedicated to this that helped me quite a lot on the extra section. Thank you, people!). Apparently, this was the song that was in one of these videos, and it's been so long so I don't remember why I didn't pick this instead. I believe it was because I didn't find a studio version for it. That's how we ended up with "Cocktail Love" instead.

    This is a cover, by the way! The original was sung by one of the formations of the group/project Maronnier back in 1994. It has been covered by several artists back then, including KPJ favorites GFRIEND. I'll leave some of these below.

    Sadly, out of all the versions I've listened to, Suh Young Eun's was my least favorite ddddd but well that's life, I guess.

    Nowadays she is still working on OSTs in case you are wondering. I'm not sure what her most recent work is, so here and here are some live stuff.

    @berserkboi (10): Giving me ballad from Fancy Lala or Chance Pop Sessions realness <3


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  15. Next: Someone will lose their first song, so it's either Lee Hyori, Lee Jung Hyun, Kim Hyun Jung, or Baek Ji Young.
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  16. The songs I was referring this reminding me of!
  17. yes this was another day of let's-just-do-the-next-cut-at-night-but-i-ended-up-sleeping-for-14-hours-instead moment. Sorry again. dddd



    Score: 6,568

    Paved the way: 9,5 x 1 (@berserkboi)
    Brought to naught: 3 x 1 (@Kneehigh Girl)
    Me: 5

    Peak: #71
    Nadir: #80 (2x)

    Yes, it is another ballad. ddddd

    "No Love No More", also known as "I Won't Love" (mainly known as the latter, I don't know why the former is how it was named on the album), is the first single from her fifth album, "Smile Again". It was the first time she released a ballad as a lead single. This is kind of the beginning of her ascension as an acclaimed ballad singer.

    of course I had to do a pause here anotHER BRONZE MEDAL TO BRAZIL

    This was the turning point for her career because not only has she topped the charts, it's also become the era where she, let's say, overcame the 2000's sex tape scandal. Great news for her! Unfortunately, it's not a song I really care about despite the importance for her career. It's still better than my usual score for slower songs. Kudos for her, I guess?


    @berserkboi (9,5): This is very Mariah late 90s ballad realness, someone page @londonrain!

    @Kneehigh Girl (3): Nothing in this ballad sets in apart from others or makes it memorable, unfortunately.


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  18. #73


    Score: 6,636

    Paved the way: 9 x 1 (@berserkboi)
    Brought to naught: 3 x 1 (@Kneehigh Girl)
    Me: 8

    Peak: #51
    Nadir: #76 (2x)

    And with that Baek Ji Young loses all her ballads at this rate. ddddd this one is a non-album single from 2006, released between her fifth and sixth albums. I personally think it's way better than "No Love No More", even if, looking back, this 8 DEFINITELY seems to be an overscore. I guess I was in the #mood when I listened to it.

    Sadly, I didn't find any more information about this song so let's leave it here for today. And, hey, at least this one is on streaming platforms so it won somehow.


    @berserkboi (9): Beautiful ballad!


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  19. Next: not a ballad!
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  20. I've been away for a few days, but very little of value appears to have been lost during that time XD
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