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1st Gen Female Soloists - The Rate - Eliminations resume! #46 + #45

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Ana Raquel, Apr 19, 2021.

  1. #72


    Score: 6,800

    Paved the way: 9 x 1 (@BeingNormal)
    Brought to naught: 5 x 1 (@FunkyButChic)
    Me: 7

    Peak: #61 (x2)
    Nadir: #72 (2x)

    Another artist has its first cut! And it ended up being one of Kim Hyun Jung's biggest hits. "Lonely Love" was her debut single on her first album, "Legend". Fun fact: the album was re-released a year later because it #flopped at its original release, and when her singles started to become hits, the company decided to release it again with a new art cover and an extra remix of "Breakup With Her". More about that later.

    I personally find it a tad too underwhelming for my taste. It starts with some power/energy that I enjoy hearing in music, but it fails to keep that power and it becomes somewhat bland to me. Perhaps knowing her other hit first didn't help because I had higher expectations. Moral of the story: don't have expectations. Not surprisingly, it didn't have super low scores, but several 6s and 7s. Probably the best definition of MOR pop.

    Anyway, at least there is a karaoke video of it with romanized hangul so you can try and show some singing talent, I guess? Also, Super J*nior's Yesung is a fan of this song. Let's stay with the positive points, though!

    @berserkboi (8): Nice vibe in this little song!


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  2. Next: the final chapter of the love cull.
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  3. After Love
    Cocktail Love
    No Love No More
    Love Is Beautiful
    Lonely Love

    and finishing this love cull.



    Score: 6,841

    Paved the way: 10 x 1 (@RUNAWAY)
    Brought to naught: 4 x 1 (@Kneehigh Girl)
    Me: 5,5

    Peak: #68 (2x)
    Nadir: #77

    Another extra falls and, yes, it's another ballad.

    Lena Park is an American-born k-pop artist who often sings ballads. She moved to South Korea in 1998 and released her debut album in the same year, despite not being fluent in Korean. "P.S. I Love You" is from her debut album, but as I don't speak Korean, I have no idea if there is any kind of mistake there.

    I don't know if this is her biggest (solo) hit, but I believe it isn't? I think this one is super commented as well.

    She also took part in the supergroup Voice of Korea/Japan, which was responsible for one of the 2002 FIFA World Cup songs:

    (great cup by the way I don't remember anything but we won!!!!)

    She sang a bunch of soundtracks as well. For example, she is one of the singers of the Korean version of Aladdin's "A Whole New World".

    And apparently, she also sang for "Mulan"? Disney queen!

    Nowadays, she is a DJ at KBS World and will become a judge in the new Korean reality show "Joseon Top Singer", which focuses on gugak music. She still releases songs here and there and a fair number of albums to listen to (not all of them are full of ballads! You can find some r&b-ish and rock-ish songs). Also, some of her photos for her albums are stunning.


    On the song: her voice is super pretty but I don't really care about the song. She suits the disney-ish style, though. I like her parts in Aladdin at least.


    @berserkboi (8,5): Very pretty ballad, but I am guessing it will get eaten alive here?


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  4. Christ! This rate is Next Level Ballad Phobia!
  5. It fits the host I guess!!!!
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  6. I remember seeing Lena Park's name everywhere when I started getting into K-pop. Never listened much to her back then though.

    I think she released a couple of albums in Japan as well, but I don't know how successful they were.
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  7. Sorry for the absence! It was father's day this weekend so I was quite busy (plus I got my first jab! We won).

    Barely avoiding our bottom 10...

    someone losing its first song



    Score: 6,864

    Paved the way: 10 x 1 (@Kneehigh Girl)
    Brought to naught: 2 x 1 (@Empty Shoebox)
    Me: 9

    Peak: #10 (2x)
    Nadir: #74

    Now it's time for Lee Hyori to lose her first song... and I'm kinda surprised? It wasn't the one I imagined it would go first and not so low either.

    Anyway, this is the first of the Any-cuts as well (don't worry, we won't have an any-cull so the other two can stay calm!!!). "Anyclub" was one of the non-album singles for Samsung's commercials. In this one, she collabed with Teddy. Yes, YG Teddy. Yes, the producer of 2NE1's and BLACKPINK's songs Teddy. That one. Indeed. Oh, the choreographer was Lia Kim, known for doing Sunmi's 24 Hours, Full Moon Siren and LALALAY, TWICE's TT, Wonder Girls' I Feel You, etc. So, yeah, lots of known figures.

    It's basically a hip tm track followed by a 7-min long MV with shameless product placement and a k-drama storyline. The usual. I think it was the first loss that actually hurt so far. And to expect it was at the 10 at some point as well. OUCH.

    @Kneehigh Girl (10): Everything about this song is perfect, and I absolutely love the choreography!

    @berserkboi (8,5): Such a strong tune, I don’t even mind the English ddd


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  8. (ddddd the potato live performance with age restriction)
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  9. WHAT?! How is this possible!? This is a crime! AnyClub is Top20 at worst!
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  10. Congrats Lee Jung Hyun for being the last one standing with all tracks!!!!!!!!!!

    Too bad the celebration is short because you are about to lose one!!!!



    Score: 6,986

    Paved the way: 10 x 2 (@Kneehigh Girl, @Slice of Life)
    Brought to naught: 3 x 1 (@Empty Shoebox)
    Me: 9

    Peak: #10
    Nadir: #73

    You don't like dolls and it shows!!!!!!!!!!!

    "Joolae", or "Give To You", is one of the singles from AVA's second album. It wasn't as big of a hit as "Come" or "Change", but it's still one of her most well-known songs - or at least one of her most covered songs.

    You can see a lot of pop culture references in the music video, from Monroe to Oz to a lot of other stuff I probably don't know as I don't really watch movies. Plus, her pink wig is one of the most memorable visuals in 1st gen (speaking of pink wigs, friendly reminder that #freebritney).

    I did not give this a 10 because I prefer her more techno-ish stuff, but hmm... I don't know what to say about this placement? I didn't really expect it to be the first one out, but I guess it makes sense? Maybe I was biased towards the T-ARA/KARA covers which made me expect they would be more liked? Anyway, enjoy those!!!!!!!!!!!

    @Kneehigh Girl (10): This song is a lot of fun (as is the video). Joolae is different from anything from Lee Jung Hyun’s first album (as are most of the songs from her second album), but that doesn’t matter. The song’s still great!

    @berserkboi (7,6): I like this but I am starting to find there is an unappealing shoutiness to Lee’s vocal that prevents high scores!

    @RUNAWAY (6): okay I just don’t know if her voice is for me......it’s so shrill, and I just really did not like this song.


    Last edited: Aug 11, 2021
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  11. Next: we get to 7+ averages!!!
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  12. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    Yeah, this is a shocking first elimination for Lee Jung Hyun somehow…….
  13. In a perfect world, Joolae would not be the first Lee Jung Hyun-song to go. But, in a perfect world, they'd pretty much all be tied for the number 1-spot! XD
  14. I think this is one of my higher scores for her too! Dddd
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  15. uh i will wash my dishes then continue!!!
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  16. Dishes are washed!!!!!!



    Score: 7,045

    Paved the way: 8,5 x 1 (@berserkboi)
    Brought to naught: 5 x 1 (@Kneehigh Girl)
    Me: 7,5

    Peak: #59 (2x)
    Nadir: #71

    We arrived at the 7+ averages, and Lee Hyori loses her second song! "Remember Me" is the third (or the second? not sure, but I think it's the third) single of her debut album, "STYLISH...E hyOlee".

    This was another case of a song without bad scores, but no great scores either; most were around the 7/7,5 mark - including mine, woo. It's a case of a song that isn't really bad but it's pretty much an album filler, so this being a single was a bit kii.

    ALSO the video ddddddddddd I still can't believe the official music video for it is just a bunch of pictures with a few effects and some sky pictures. Like, it just missed that movie maker rainbow effect (and the song being either S.O.A.P'S Romeo & Juliet or Cascada's Bad Boy) to become an AMV. Eg.

    (Disclaimer: this user does not necessarily support the ship above it's just an example!!)


    @berserkboi (8,5): Pretty soft Mandy Moore Beauty!

    @Kneehigh Girl (5): Something about the beat reminds me of 90s Backstreet Boys. And I have totally outgrown that phase (at least that’s what I keep telling everyone)…


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  17. Back to being #responsible and doing an elimination per day

    I will regret this in a minute!!!!!!!!!!!



    Score: 7,091

    Paved the way: 10 x 1 (me)
    Brought to naught: 4 x 1 (@Empty Shoebox)
    Me: above

    Peak: #02
    Nadir: #67

    And now I lose my first 10.

    We got a single from her debut album yesterday and, guess what? We get another single from the same album today! I can tell you in advance that neither "10 Minutes" nor "Cleopatra" are leaving next so they can breathe in peace.

    This is a great early 2000's R&B number, and it deserved better!!! In contrast with "Remember Me", we can see why this one became a single since it's actually memorable!! The worst thing is that I struggle to find any kind of information about it because I only get results for her other Girl song.

    Which I also like but Hey >>> You Go in my opinion. You can look for some You Go performances on youtube by TWICE and (G)I-DLE when they had six members (remember those times? it seems like yesterday!)

    @berserkboi (9): I LOVE how early R&B BOPZ this album is so far!

    @Kneehigh Girl (8): I always preferred this one over 10 Minutes (even if it’s only slightly better). The choreography during the chorus is classic.


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  18. Ezz


    I love random unrelated anime videos! Among my favourites

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    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    This song was at NUMBER TWO at one point?!
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