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1st Gen Female Soloists - The Rate - Eliminations resume! #46 + #45

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Ana Raquel, Apr 19, 2021.

  1. yes! back when I was the only voter so it was in joint-second place with like 20 other songs or so!!!!!
  2. Hey Girl is soooooo good! It deserves better, but at least we're over 7 so that's always something!
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  3. It's a shame U-Go-Girl was released a couple of years too late to be eligible for this rate. A massive bop and it would have been a big 11 contender for me.
  4. So ok the #scandal

    I swear the scandal is not about me posting this at 4 am!!!



    Score: 7,114

    Paved the way: 10 x 2 (@RUNAWAY, @Slice of Life)
    Brought to naught: 0 x 1 (@Empty Shoebox)
    Me: 7

    Peak: #45
    Nadir: #78

    Our first - and only - zero of the rate fff poor Kim Hyun Jung. She already suffers too much by being outshined by not 1st gen idol Kim Hyun Joong!!! Fun fact: with the zero, she would go.. like... 30 positions up. Funky Anti Shoebox wasn't the only low scorer though, so don't worry don't worry.

    This cover is from Kim's album of covers, "Fun Town 20", which includes hits like "Only You", "I Wanna Dance With Somebody", and some Asian hits. There is a cover song in particular that I ADORE. It's the biggest hit (I believe) of South Korean-born Enka sensation Kye Eun Sook: Suzume no namida.

    And she gave it a dance take:

    As I don't follow Enka music (but I should!), I'm not familiar with the original version, so it doesn't feel... odd to listen to the cover. It would particularly be an easy 10. However, I know Funky Town for quite some time now so hearing another take of it sounds strange. It's not even a case of "this cover is way worse than the original song!!", I just... can't get used to it aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. So it definitely damaged my score, because right now it looks as if I underscored it. Oh well. Sorry, Kim!

    @RUNAWAY (10): not this being a literal Korean cover of Funky Town i’m cryinggggggggg

    @FunkyButChic (9): I find the original kind of annoying. Nearly everything about this is an improvement.

    @berserkboi (8,5): This is a pretty good cover!

    @Kneehigh Girl (7): A really funky cover!


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  5. Losing so many good songs this early - this rate is going to get really painful soon, isn't it?
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  6. You will have some peace this round sis!



    Score: 7,136

    Paved the way: 10 x 1 (@RUNAWAY)
    Brought to naught: 4 x 1 (@Kneehigh Girl)
    Me: 6

    Peak: #64
    Nadir: #74 (3x)

    It would have been fun if I eliminated this right before ReVe's comeback, because, well, listen to it and see if it rings any bells.

    JOY suing PJ for this elimination!!

    "Confession" also comes from the same album - her debut one. Perhaps if I knew about Joy's EP before deciding on the Extras, I would have swapped with "Goodbye", and I imagine it would have done better, as I personally it's a feels-good song that warms hearts (just like Joy's cover), while confession is just "alright but at least I like her voice".

    Just like Hyun Jung, she also has an album of covers/remakes. Unfortunately, it's from 2008, so it wasn't eligible for this rate. Anyway, she has a lot of albums and OST songs. Most seems to follow the feels-good route/alright ballad. There might be something you enjoy there!

    @berserkboi (7,5): Nice end to the proceedings!


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  7. Autotuned trance queen!!!

  8. Another time of me regretting this rate

    Yes, another high score of mine is leaving!!!!!!!

    Oops, I mean



    Score: 7,159

    Paved the way: 10 x 2 (me, @Slice of Life)
    Brought to naught: 5 x 1 (@FunkyButChic)
    Me: above

    Peak: #02
    Nadir: #64

    Someone compared this song to Kylie's (which is also a 10 from me) and now I can't unhear it fffffff I even had to google it to see if it was another kind of plagiarism controversy (as this is the era that one of her plagiarism scandals happened). I couldn't find anything, so I will just believe it was a coincidental showing of taste.

    "Shall We Dance?" was the second single off her second album "Dark Angel". However, there weren't too much promotion of it due to the plagiarism scandal (and this song was released as a single right after that one - but we will comment further on the scandal later). The song features David Kim from Dalmatia, but he isn't credited for some reason. The MV is basically Lee Hyori being sexy for three minutes in different ways - from wearing suits to sensualizing in a pole.

    A fun fact here, but other than me, slicey, and berserk (tasteful sensations!!!!!!), all the other scores were below 8 - most of them were 6s, so that's why the average ended up being not super high despite no low scorers. Does that mean Block B's "Shall We Dance" outsold? Hmmmm interesting.


    @berserkboi (9): Great vibe!

    @Kneehigh Girl (6): Another of Hyori’s songs I had forgotten about. The beat and chorus are quite catchy, but it’s not the most memorable song overall.


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    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    Oh. I remember liking this song. Did I really only give it a 6?

    Also this comment under the video took me OUT ddddd.
  10. I'm not over AnyClub leaving before this...
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  11. 7,75 - the highest after the two 10s and the 9.
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  12. I'll be super brief this time because my schedule is a total mess now that my post-grad started



    Score: 7,182

    Paved the way: 10 x 1 (@RUNAWAY)
    Brought to naught: 4 x 1 (@Empty Shoebox)
    Me: 7

    Peak: #62
    Nadir: #75

    The way Kim Hyun Jung is helping Lorde promote her album via this rate ugh ha mind

    "Solar Energy" is one of the singles from Kim's 7th album, uhhh, "Kim Hyun Jung 7". In contrast with her previous albums, this is one is not as dance/techno-focused and is more varied genre-wise - some r&b, jazz, rock etc. There is even a song called... gasp... "Acoustic Love". How dare she! For some odd reason, this album is called "I Love Soul" on Youtube? Mysteries.

    I mean, this is fine and kudos to her for stepping out of her comfort zone at some point in her career. That being said, is that what I, Ana Raquel, want to listen to when it comes to Kim Hyun Jung?

    I started to stan her because of her dance/techno music, which I believe it's what she does best, so, while it's fine to change her style once in a while (and as long as she was not forced to do it), it's just not the song/album I'm going to revisit.

    that being said the korean solar energy > the kiwi solar power

    @berserkboi (8): Soft bop!


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  13. For the first time in weeks that I'm doing an elimination before midnight!!!! We won



    Score: 7,295

    Paved the way: 10 x 1 (@berserkboi)
    Brought to naught: 5 x 2 (@Kneehigh Girl, @Crisp X)
    Me: 9

    Peak: #31
    Nadir: #64

    So it's time for our trot track to leave! Some of you might know a bit about the genre even if it's because of Hong Jin Young or this

    However, there was a time when trot had a decline in popularity, most precisely during the 90s. Jang's "Oh My!", also known as "Eomeona!", was one of the songs that helped the genre regain its popularity to this day. No wonder she is considered one of the most influential people in Korea. Also, trot rate when?

    While I don't think it's the best trot song in the world, I'm over the moon it was responsible for making the genre alive and blessing us with more songs. I wish it could have lasted longer. However, it had a few 6s and 7s which didn't help her average.

    By the way, @rhythm game players (aka me): this song was available to play on Pump It Up Zero (my first PIU game) and it has a fairly easy beatmap for beginners. She has some other songs on PIU as well. I don't know if they are available on Prime or not because I haven't touched a PIU machine in years (and there aren't barely any in my city the way I lost).

    She is still working with trot music - and trot related stuff, as she was one of the judges for the "Miss Trot" show. Plus, she has some OSTs up in her repertoire as well. I believe her latest released was this:

    Which is a trot song dedicated to her daughter - and it's adorable!!!

    @berserkboi (10): I am always a sucker for those old fashioned harmonies and instruments reimagined!

    @RUNAWAY (8): this song was literally giving me Russian folk dance. It was definitely interesting.

    @Kneehigh Girl (5): It’s kind of fun to listen to, since the instrumental parts are so catchy. Not a song I’d listen to willingly though. Also, what genre is this?


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  14. Next would be #61 but GUESS WHAT we have a tie so let's recap the

    TOP 60 +1

    10 Minutes
    Get Ya`
    Straight Up

    Sad Expectation
    Don't Know
    Go Away, Everyone

    Dara Dara
    Ari Ari
    Follow Me
    Cheol-soo, I Love You

    Breakup With Her
    Declaration of Freedom
    You Who Left
    Sword (Acoustic)
    If It's The End
    Be Strong, Hyun Jung

    Sad Salsa
    Ez do Dance

    Sky Blue Dream
    Steal Away
    Precious Love
    Go Away
    Coming of Age Ceremony
    I'm A Man

    So Chan Whee: Tears
    Yoo Chae Young: Emotion
    Chae Jung An: Letter
    Bada: Music
    Jang Nara: Sweet Dream
    Mina: Answer The Phone
    Park Jung Ah: Yeah
    Lexy: Ae Song
    Lee Soo Young: I Believe
    Jeon Hye Bin: Love Somebody
    Gummy: Childish Adult
    Ivy: A-Ha
    Seo Yeon: In Summer
    Maya: Azalea
    Jang Yeon Joo: Something Special​
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  15. Before the next cut, I don't know if you guys followed MelOn's top 100 masterpieces of K-pop is complete and a few tracks on the rate are featured there!

    16. Lee Hyori - 10 Minutes (2003)
    22. Lee Jung Hyun - 와 (1999)
    61. Park Ji Yoon - 성인식 (2000)
    67. Uhm Jung Hwa - 초대 (1998)

    I wonder if any of these is the winner?

    Also, honorable mentions to the other tracks by 1st gen artists that also made the list:

    1. BoA - No.1 (2002)
    14. S.E.S - Im Your Girl (1997)
    17. H.O.T - Candy (1996)
    21. Seotaiji and Boys - 난 알아요 (1992)
    29. SECHSKIES - 커플 (1998)
    30. god - 거짓말 (2000)
    38. Baby VOX - Get Up (1999)
    41. Lee Hyori - U-Go-Girl (With Nassun) (2008)
    44. CLON - 꿍따리 샤바라 (1996)
    54. DEUX - 여름 안에서 (1994)
    57. Fin.K.L - 영원한 사랑 (1999)
    58. H.O.T. - 전사의 후예 (폭력시대) (1992)
    59. DEUX - 나를 돌아봐 (1993)
    62. Rain - 태양을 피하는 방법 (2003)
    68. SHINHWA - Brand New (2004)
    72. Rain - It’s Raining (2004)
    75. god - 길 (2001)
    81. SHINHWA - T.O.P. (Twinkling Of Paradise) (1999)
    86. S.E.S. - Dreams Come True (1998)
    88. Fin.K.L - 내 남자친구에게 (1998)
    91. Seotaiji and Boys - Come Back Home (1995)
    93. BoA - 아틀란티스 소녀 (Atlantis Princess (2003)
    94. NRG - 할 수 있어 (1997)
    96. Jinusean - 말해줘 (1997)
    99. Seotaiji and Boys - 교실 이데아 (1994)

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  16. I am glad the Best Song Ever TM is getting a better finish than #67 here!
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    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    @Ana Raquel not to take anything away from our lovely gen 1 artists, but I was absolutely SHOOK seeing LOONA's Butterfly in the 2010s list. That's TASTE right there. The fact they recognized a song that didn't even chart, and by a group that was completely nugu at the time....that's just insane to me.

    But yes, both Invitation and Coming of Age Ceremony were FAR too low. It's great seeing all the love for the 1st gen artists on that list. I'm giving S.E.S' first album another listen <3
  18. And the next cut is from someone

    ...who did not make the list.



    Score: 7,318

    Paved the way: 10 x 1 (me)
    Brought to naught: 5 x 1 (@Ezz)
    Me: Above

    Peak: #02
    Nadir: #60



    A Popjustice no le gustan las reinas latinas, ¡que escándalo! This was the first single Baek Ji Young has ever released. It was an outlier amidst other K-pop songs back in 1999 because, while everyone was going towards techno sounds, she was one of the first artists in South Korea to add latin beats into her music.

    Speaking of the melon list, she was one of the two 1st gen omissions that actually left me surprised (the other was Turbo). "Choice", for example, made an impact due to the contrast to the other mainstream songs, it sold well, and Baek is a well-known loved artist (plus she overcame that sextape scandal). It doesn't even need to be this song - "Burden", "Sad Salsa", and the already eliminated "No Love No More" could be there for sure.

    And I guess it's not surprising I gave this a 10 because, as a latina myself, I'm used to this style of song - and personally has always been a fan of it. I mean, something that, idk, Thalía could record but in Korean? The answer is yes. And I must say I definitely prefer this type of latin-inspired k-pop than the current ones.

    Oh, there was an aspect where Baek didn't drift away from her other 1st gen colleagues: silver clothing and fancy headpiece.


    @RUNAWAY (9): omg a Korean flamenco song xD <3333

    @berserkboi (6,5): Considering all the jovial instrumentations - this is surprisingly limp? The melody might need to be stronger!


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  19. Ah! THIS is the song @Ana Raquel meant I underscored! It all makes sense now!!
  20. It wasn't this one actually but I can't deny I was surprised you only gave it 6,5? Where is the Thalía fan in you, sis?????
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