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1st Gen Female Soloists - The Rate - Eliminations resume! #49

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Ana Raquel, Apr 19, 2021.

  1. Oh no! What storm awaits me up ahead?? Dddd

    Like I said - I mostly enjoyed in all its Thalia-ness but the melody needed to suck me in a little more :)
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  2. On the other hand, the next cut comes from someone who made the top 100.



    Score: 7,318

    Paved the way: 10 x 2 (me, @berserkboi)
    Brought to naught: 3 x 1 (@Empty Shoebox)
    Me: Above

    Peak: #02
    Nadir: #68

    Lee Hyori is now the first of the main singers who only has five songs left ddddd poor girl.

    "Cleopatra" was Hyori's single from her first album - which means "10 Minutes" is the only song left from her debut. Fun fact: this is actually a bonus track ffff and there is a remix for it, apparently, but I couldn't find it on Youtube. Actually, no music video, no performances, not even a proper video for the song. Nothing. However, this is available on the rhythm game Audition Ayodance, and most of the Cleopatra-related stuff on Youtube is from the game. Mediterranean gamer queen!

    I don't have much to say here. However, out of her 10 entries, it's easily one of my favorite chorus? I also like the bridge, especially her head voice before the rap - note: I tend to be a fan of head voices, don't mind me. That also means Lee Jung Hyun's "You" wins the Egyptian-themed song battle. Congrats!

    @berserkboi (10): Giving me a little Aaliyah/Timbaland! HERE FOR THIS!!!

    @Kneehigh Girl (6): I had completely forgotten about this song. I now remember really liking the chorus and honestly, it is the chorus that makes the song.


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  3. Far too early for this great track to go!! Recount!!!
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  4. Well, the chorus is great!
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  5. Sorry for the absence! These days have been hectic.

    Posting an elimination (a short one) before leaving



    Score: 7,350

    Paved the way: 10 x 1 (@berserkboi)
    Brought to naught: 4 x 1 (@Crisp X)
    Me: 7

    Peak: #52
    Nadir: #70


    Well, Maya is a rock singer and also an actress (I think she has been more in the acting scene nowadays). "Azalea" was in her debut album and it was her hit back in 2003. It's her rendition of Kim Sowol's poem, also named "Azalea":
    Even if you leave,
    being tired of me,
    Meekly, I would let you go without a murmur.

    On Mt. Yaksan, Yeongbyeon,
    Picking an armful of azaleas,
    I would scatter them on your path.

    With every step you take,
    please tread on the flowers
    to your heart's content.

    Even if you leave,
    being tired of me,
    I would never ever shed tears.

    It start slow, ballad-ish before it turns into an uptempo rock sensation. Too bad I think the change takes too long to happen, so I can't enjoy it as much - although I don't think my score would increase that much. However, there is a remix by a random obscure person that it's a 10/10 in my book. I've never found who was the one who did it, but whoever you are I love you!!!! (I put an official club mix below just in case).

    Also... I don't know what her latest release is? This was the last uploaded video, from 2016:

    So... enjoy it, I guess?

    @berserkboi (10): This is such a rush - it turned a potential Pas Pour Moi into something I am fully stanning!

    @Kneehigh Girl (6): I’ve actually only heard Ah Rae Ro before this one, so I’m stumped that this is partly a ballad and not a party song like the former. Once it picks up it sounds more like the Maya I am familiar with. The ballad part is sort of boring (speaking as someone who has no idea what she’s singing about, so I might think otherwise if I actually understood the lyrics). Once the pace picks up it gets better, but it’s not a song I’ll be listening to again.


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  6. Because this song by Maya deserves to be heard!
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  7. So I have to translate 6000 words by tomorrow AND was just woken up by Bols*naro supporters I am NOT happy

    So let's do an elimination



    Score: 7,386

    Paved the way: 10 x 2 (@RUNAWAY, @Slice of Life)
    Brought to naught: 4 x 1 (@Ezz)
    Me: 7,5

    Peak: #46
    Nadir: #65

    At this point, this song would have been a 10 because I am being forced to listen to the NATIONAL ANTHEM because of Bols*naro supporters please take me out of this hell.

    For some reason, I expected her to do better? Maybe a jazzy hit isn't the formula for PJ success, but it's constantly covered in Korean shows. And I believe it's not even her biggest success from that era - "We Should've Been Friends" sold well and "Memory Loss" was a hit as well. I don't think either would do well here, sadly.

    Anyway, she is still popular nowadays (for someone who debuted in 2003, getting over a million downloads in her singles over 10 years later is DEFINITELY an achievement. However, she is more focused on OST soundtracks. The latest one was "I Wanna Be With You", released for the drama "Doom at Your Service" (whose OST had songs by Ailee, TXT, Davichi, and Baekhyun). However, "Autumn Breeze" was out this year and it's a must for lounge/chill music fans.

    @berserkboi (8): Nice mellow little tune!


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  8. Once I finish that 6000-word project, I should be free to regularly resume the rate. Sorry for the absence these days, I hope you understand!
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  9. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    It's ok, unnie. The pace of the eliminations is perfect!
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  10. What the heck is that Maya track doing out already? A manic Rate for sure!!

    We still love you lots @Ana Raquel <3 Take all the time you need!

    Next cut in a few hours!
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  12. In a few hours fjskskkxkx ok sorry once my computer stops clowning me
  13. I AM HERE

    But after seeing the next elimination I don't want to be back again!



    Score: 7,432

    Paved the way: 10 x 2 (@berserkboi, @Slice of Life)
    Brought to naught: 4,5 x 2 (@Empty Shoebox, @Ezz)
    Me: 8,5

    Peak: #25
    Nadir: #63

    When I first heard about the song, I thought it was a cover of this massive banger:

    But it turns out they just share the same name. And it's probably the reason this isn't scored over 9 because I definitely see TRF's as the better "Ez Do Dance". I can't resist some j-euro inspiration, you know etc etc.

    Anyway, Baek's "Ez Do Dance" is one of the singles from "Smile Again", aka the 2006 album that made her overcome the sextape scandal. Whilst it was this album that marked her switch to ballads, her reina latina era wasn't over. This song is an example.

    @berserkboi compared this song with something Bring It On: Fight To Finish star Christina Milian would sing, and I can definitely see it. If I were to compare with K-pop.................. perhaps Lee Hyori during this time + latin music elements? But well, since Lee Hyori isn't exactly doing well, maybe this was bound to not get a great position as well dddd poor girl.

    @berserkboi (10): Christina Milian in da house!

    @Kneehigh Girl (9): This song is to die for. The part around 3:19 always gives me shivers. She sure can sing! (as if there was ever any doubt)


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  14. I kinda stan this description of Ms Milian BUT I also cannot wait for @soratami to come and collect you for it! Dddd

    Anyway - this song is great and should have made it further. I'll let Sora recommend more of her excellent Singles Catalogue but did you all know she wrote (and pretty much sings all of) this?


    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    I think EVERYONE knows that fact. Ashanti is ALL OVER the I'm Real remix as well.

    This is by far one of my favorite Christina Milian songs:

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  16. I... only know "Am to pm". I think that was the only song of hers that somewhat charted over here.

    EZ Do Dance left much too soon. :(

    But yay, the eliminations are back! :) :) :) :)
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  17. Bring it on is one of my favorite franchises so that's the best compliment I can give!!!!!!!
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  18. Don't worry, I'm not leaving (for now).

    But a song from someone who hasn't lost a song in a long time will.



    Score: 7,450

    Paved the way: 9 x 2 (@soratami, @Slice of Life)
    Brought to naught: 4 x 1 (@Empty Shoebox)
    Me: 8,5

    Peak: #42
    Nadir: #69

    Uhm Jung Hwa loses her second song! "Come2Me" is the single of her ninth album, "Prestige", aka the last LP before her hiatus due to cancer (we are excluding D.I.S.C.O. from this narrative because it is an EP). According to Soompi, "At the time, the song was known for its shocking performances and concept". The song also features vocals from OST sensation K.Will.

    Maybe it was too ahead of its time for certain people, hence leaving before the top 50. Honestly, though? I see it working way better on performances, indeed. I personally find the chorus quite underwhelming, so I can't truly adore it, and I also believe she has better too-ahead-of-its-time-for-certain-people songs in her catalog.

    There are two performances I want to highlight (and both are linked below): the flamenco version she did one time - I ADORE the break in it - and the performance with Gain - and I actually think "Come2Me" suits Gain's voice better? I don't know. I would listen to a studio version of it.

    @berserkboi (8): Cool vibe!


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  19. I'm curious - how long before we lose an 11 (we didn't already lose one, or did we?).
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  20. None until now. The good news is that all the 11s are in the upper half of the rate, so everyone can stay calm until the top 40!
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