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2 Broke Girls

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by jamieluke, Apr 17, 2012.

  1. I couldn't find a thread for this. Can we talk about how AMAZING it is?

    Max is probably one of my favourite television characters ever.
  2. Only starts here in the Uk on Thursday. From what I have seen I'm in.
  3. Rob


    It's start out incredibly well, dips around the time Jennifer Coolidge's character is introduced and then really picks up again. It's so juvenile, but strangely addictive.
  4. I love Jennifer Coolidge's character, this has been pretty consistantly amazing for me, Caroline is such a ray of sunshine and Max is flawlessly hilarious.
  5. I'm only up to episode 6 but I am hooked. I'm spending the rest of my evening watching more episodes. It's so good to watch a comedy that is actually genuinely laugh-out-loud funny.
  6. I love Jennifer Coolidge on this show. there was definitely a lull mid-season though.
  7. Looooooove this. Almost caught up with the US and am really enjoying it. I like that a lot of it is close to the cuff, and generally downright smutty. Worried E4 might cut a lot of it out, would be a shame.

    Chestnut is amaze.
  8. The first episode was hilair, can see myself loving this. Might have to skip ahead and watch the rest this week. Her boyfriend was one hot piece of ass. MYDAYS.
  9. Jennifer Coolidge is amazing in it. I'm almost up to date with the US pace now.
  10. .... seriously? But Caroline is so much funnier. Max is just a bog standard hipster who thinks she's nothing like the millions of other hipsters.

    I stopped watching after about six episodes 'cos it's so hit and miss but the one where they go back to Caroline's old place and raid her wardrobe and step on the tube in all her furs and bling is AMAZING.
  11. JadeFan

    JadeFan Guest

    Michael Patrick King and Whitney Cummings are a winning combo.
  12. There was some controversy in the US about the show playing too much on racial stereotypes and the creator tried to defend the show but only made things look worse for himself. It kind of put me off the show but I ended up enjoying the first two episodes.

    US TV is far more conservative than UK TV. They would never be able to air something like E4's The Inbetweeners on broadcast television so I don't see why they would cut anything. They only edited Friends because they wanted to show it at any time they had gaps in the schedule.
  13. The critics seem to be overtly harsh with regards to 2 Broke Girls, though I fail to understand why. It is absolutely hilarious! Politically incorrect, yes, but incredibly funny nonetheless. The Jew Tang Clan has to be one of my favourite moments from the show. (so far. I'm glad it's been renewed!)
  14. LOVE THEM.

    I started watching two months ago and now I've caught up with all the episodes.

    I usually don't like sitcoms, but this one is just funny and addictive. Max and Caroline are such a great team, and Jennifer Coolidge brought even more fun to the overall thing.

    I miss the horse though.
  15. This started out so good, and totally a potential new favourite show, but it has really lost its spark for me. I still watch it, but the jokes are already becoming recycled in season one. Vagina-jokes are funny, but they lose their punch after the 50th time.
  16. I'm trying to quote Mikal but it's taking about 4 years to do so. Anyway - that scene when they get on the metro wearing the furs is AMAZING. They're channeling Mary-Kate and Ashley for sure.
  17. Yesterday's E4 episode was the first one I watched. It will also be the last.

  18. JadeFan

    JadeFan Guest

    This show is just AMAZING. Up there with Smash and Don't Trust The B--- in Apartment 23 at the moment.
  19. Resi12

    Resi12 Guest

    I can't believe this only started yesterday in the UK! Anyway, it's an alright show. It gets really bad for like 2-3 episodes mid season though.

    Sort of over it by now, it kind of feels like it's always the same episode.
  20. I don't really see the point of the savings at the end of each episode, I know its towards their cupcake business but 20+ episodes in, it doesnt seem to be going anywhere.

    Since Jennifer Coolidge's character was introduced the business hasnt really been a focus like it was to begin with, especially in the last few episodes i've seen.
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