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2 Broke Girls

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by jamieluke, Apr 17, 2012.

  1. I've been watching since it started in September but it's very average. I like Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs but the whole thing is just so predictable and the supporting characters are all so one dimensional. Despite saying that, I'm watching it every week. As someone else said, it's strangely addictive.
  2. This is brilliant. I'm just so addicted to it, it's hilarious.

    Also, Nick Zano looks so hot in this. Shame he only appears in a few episodes.
  3. JadeFan

    JadeFan Guest

    Starships?! Unforgivable.

    Amazing episode though.
  4. I kind of feel that I was being somewhat hyperbolic when I originally posted this thread. I watched the finale last night and even though I did enjoy it I couldn't help but feel that its original appeal had totally fizzled out by the end of the season. Jennifer Coolidge certainly gave it a bit of a boost. Oh yeah and Nick Zano is so fit!!!
  5. Liking this so much that I'm going ahead of the US pace. Favourite line so far: "Max, everyone keeps telling me they can't decide, it's like a support group for bisexuals"
  6. Does this get better after the pilot? None of them could act, each joke was about BEING SO POOR HAHAHA, and the laughter track was grating.

    Also, if they're so poor, why is their apartment so fucking massive?
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  7. It's pretty much more of the same, it gets better, but not TOO much better. This is my go to show when I have nothing to do, and I mean nothing. It isn't painful to watch (most of the time), so it makes it okay to just watch to pass time, but some of the jokes/stereotypes are just so over the top and lame it's unbearable.
  8. Am I the only one not seeing the stereotypes? And, what's wrong with stereotypes?
  9. Blonde = Rich & dumb
    Brunette = Smart & attitudey
    Every other race present = Phony accents & "funny" relations to their ethnicity.

    This woman is from Poland, so she must have a "McStick" at McDonalds, cause everyone is so different from these two girls!

    And I don't think there's anything wrong with stereotypes, just in this instance they aren't funny.
  10. Are you kidding me? This show hits you over the head with stereotypes.
  11. I'll give you all that, but I don't think they made Caroline dumb. She has her stupid moments but she's the only one thing not stereotypical about the show. She did business school and throughout the series is the one who pushed it with Max that their trying to run a business.
    The pilot and one or two episodes in the series run they gave her 'blonde' moments but their quite few and far between to be character defining.
  12. I think the writing is ok, it could be a lot worse but it's the questionable acting that is the problem. Max delivers all her lines as if she knows they're funny and we're expected to laugh when half the time, they're not.

    I've got the last 3 Sky+'ed and I think I'm gonna ditch it.
  13. Can't wait for second season really, I've been re-watching first one a lot lately.

    I wouldn't say that Caroline is dumb, she's actually 'the brain' in the team.

    I can also see a lot of stereotypes, but I don't have problem with that, as long as it's good and watchable.
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  14. This is my "go to" show also. I despise Max and find the "clean/per watershed" version to be painfully shit.
  15. I've just spent part of my morning watching Don't Trust The Bitch In Apartment 23 and it's so good! Cheered me up amongst my sneezing and spluttering so thank you for mentioning it.
  16. "Am I high or is that whore playing the piano?"

    What a line to end that episode on!
  17. I need either Andy or Johnny to come back. This show is in dire need of a hunky man and the chemistry in the two relationships was great.
  18. I assume there won't be one for a while. It's Max's Homemade Cupcakes for now. The inclusion of Grindr was hilarious in one of the latest episodes.

    "Don't say you're Puerto Rican when you're cleeaaarly not".
  19. But Nick Zano and Ryan Hansen...
  20. It's always the same in American tv and film, 'I'm so poor and can't afford my bills' the character whines whilst traipsing around their massive fucking apartments/houses.
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