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20 years of Impossible Princess

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by WhatKindOfKylie?, Oct 21, 2017.

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    On the 22nd October 1997, an unsuspecting Japan, was given the honour of being the first country in the world to get the chance to buy and listen to Australian Pop Queen's latest LP, Impossible Princess. The fact that at this stage it was released in Japan only, would perhaps be early signs that this era was going to be challenging to say the very least.....

    Out of all her studio album's in Kylie's long and damn right splendid career, it this her 6th studio album, that continues to often split, divide and tantalize her fanbase down the middle. There has never been a Kylie album like Impossible Princess before or since. The very fact of that, thus gives this such record particular notice when exploring the KM music canon.

    1997/98, would see alot of music's iconic female artists, go shall we say "all serious", and unleash their most frank, intimate, honest, at times angry and above all, personal works yet. There was Mariah, then Janet, Madonna was some months to come, and in the middle, was our Kylie....

    The long and challenging journey of Impossible Princess, can be traced back to late 1995, where two occurrences began to inspire Kylie for her new material. 1 being the unexpected success of her left field duet with Aussie Rock Goth God Nick Cave, Where The Wild Roses Grow, which took near enough everyone by surprise. The other, being Kylie's new relationship with acclaimed French photographer Stéphane Sednaoui. The two events would have a huge impact on Kylie, and would cause her to come up with her most creative and involved album to date. Indeed, all of the 12 (13 in Japan) tracks have a Minogue writing credit to their name, and although she had song-wrote before, as the lady herself would say " They were just safe, nicely rhymed words". Indeed, the work on Impossible Princess, is asfar removed from the likes of One Boy Girl you could possibly get!

    Written and recorded over 2 years, (imagine Popjustice back in the day for the wait!), the album was by her her longest time spent on any project since her Charlene days. Originally intended for a worldwide January 1997 release, label worries about it's commercial appeal and then the tragic untimely death of Diana, Princess of Wales, would ultimately see the album get well delayed beyond it's target release. It was January and March 1998 respectively, by which Kyle's two biggest markets Australia and the UK would finally get their hands on the record, with what with Diana's death still having a huge impact in the UK, it was served under the title of just Kylie Minogue-the very same as her last release. The contrast of the album on both sides of the globe was vastly different. In her home country, Impossible Princess would reach #4 and become her longest charting album ever up to that point. In the UK, it just made to #10, and fell of the charts after just 4 weeks.

    In the end, there is no denying that Impossible Princess had it's fair share of problems to deal with. But just like the lady herself, it has managed to weather the storm, and for many including those critics who disliked the album at the time, it has become their personal favourite and KM's greatest achievement. As we all look to a new KM era just around the corner, the legacy of Impossible Princess upon it's 20th anniversary is still very much felt in how many fans hope her new work can be. For that alone, it is the perhaps the biggest Kylie Minogue success story of them all.
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    UK: #22 Australia: #27


    UK: #14 Australia: #15


    UK: #14 Australia: #23


    Australia: #39

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  3. A gorgeous album from start to end. Feels intimate, close and also hit it big home with some of its lyrics. I still stand this is my coming out album. I even remember getting to write some random poem over "Through the years" for a school project and people were perplexed at how good the background music was (and how shit I was at writing poems).
  4. ^ I think I want that poster too!
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  5. I can only begin to imagine how perplexed fans were at listening to this album back in the day for the first tine back in the day. Know I was and I didn't discover up and own it until 2005, two years into my Kylie fandom.
  6. I recall getting the Oz import in HMV in the January and being slightly disappointed on 1st listen. By that point all I’d heard was the 1st two singles......and of those I adored Did It Again. It did however quickly “grow” on me - the pop landscape had changed and the likes of Garbage and some darker electronic music was huge at the time. Now given space it is definitely one of her strongest albums overall, in terms of sound, image and Kylie’s personal input. It’s not my favourite album but would always end up in my KM top 5. Best tracks for me Too Far and Limbo.
  7. I never knew that the import copy manage to slip it's way over here!
  8. I was shocked to see it as had no idea it had been released anywhere in the world - pre internet days of course! I just happened to be doing my weekly rummage through HMV and boom! It’s there! I guess I paid a ridiculous amount for it at the time......but it had the title in tact.
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  9. I can't blame you! Bet the wait felt endless at the time.
  10. My thoughts on Impossible Princess are well known on the forum, but I will say that Dreams and Breathe are wonderful tracks.
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  11. Indeed they are, I am not an Impossible Princes stan, but those too and for me Too Far, Did It Again and Cowboy Style, are top tier Kylie.
  12. I adore Impossible Princess. Sophisticated, chic, seductive and - yes - pop. The distinction some people make about 'Indie Kylie' is that she gave up pop music to be credible, which is a viewpoint that withers under scrutiny, or a thorough listen to Impossible Princess. Kylie is at her best when she makes pure extrovert pop. Impossible Princess isn't always that extroverted, but it has a real humanity to it. It's a rich, rewarding experience.
  13. Let's not forget the extras!

  14. Aww, how I love the first 2 especially.
  15. It's a way of dealing with all the feeling
    Keep believing in dreams
  16. Let's not forget this!
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