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2008 Universal Music Fire

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Jun 15, 2019.

  1. I didn’t see a thread on this. The story is insane, and it seems things are heating up (no pun intended), with lawsuits from several artists expected to be filed in the next couple weeks

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  2. I got...extremely emotional reading about this earlier this week. So much music history, completely turned to ash. I can't believe they tried to cover it up.
  3. It’s gobsmacking reading the names of artists, both past and present, that have been impacted by this but this is the paragraph that got me...
  4. It’s really hard to get my head around this and the cover up of it – for years. I’m anxious to see just who is planning on filing against UMG.
  5. Really tragic.
    Wonder if we'll ever get a full list of what was destroyed.
  6. Movie and music archives getting destroyed depresses the fuck out of me.
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  7. Bloop

  8. [​IMG]
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  9. Petty Sue
  10. This. I suppose sometimes there's nothing that can be done, but you'd hope that any sort of historic archives are protected as much as possible against fire damage.
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  11. But aren’t there still copies of these recording out there? Like copies people have purchased? Or is this all unreleased stuff?
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  12. These are the masters, which does include unreleased recordings. The full article in the original post explains it all in-depth.
  13. I read something about this a week or so ago, but didn't realise there was deception going on too - I just thought it was a really tragic and unfortunate event. Hopefully the artists and estates can see some justice.
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  14. Sheryl Crow has spoken to the BBC about this confirming masters for Tuesday Night Music Club and The Globe Sessions have been lost in the fire. They say she's the first artist to confirm their music has been lost.

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  15. Love Buddy Holly!
  16. Shit, that must be awful. There should always be back-ups kept somewhere else.
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  17. Unfortunately record labels don’t care all that much about masters, or at least not until very recently when they realized they could actually profit more from keeping them rather than selling them off as scraps. There are horror stories from professional Madonna researchers/archivists about her debut masters being found in dumpsters and abandoned farms, etc.

    It’s fucking awful.
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  18. She said everything that needs to be said. What a tragic clusterfuck.

    Universal's lack of regard for preservation of these recordings is astounding.
  19. This is also a downside of so much merging between the old-school labels. Sheryl Crow was on A&M, which originally fell under Polygram's stewardship, Universal as a music label/group/major player didn't happen until the 00s so you wonder what might have happened if so much music hadn't become controlled and archived by just the one company.
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