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2011 Dance Divas Debuts Rate (Alexis/Katy/Natalia/Nicole/Wynter - YOUR WINNER)

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    Abandoned EP series
    F1 boyfriends
    Girl group pasts
    Grammy-nominated songwriting credits
    Kid's dreams shatterings
    Melody Thornton lockups at award shows
    Name changes
    Questionable wig wearings
    Rapper pasts
    Reality TV pasts
    Sean Paul enablers
    Shelved albums
    X-Factor firings
    will.i.am enablers
    12 #1s

    Ultimately, these five ladies have one thing in common: they released their solo debut albums in 2011. While all five are arguably very strong bodies of work, they all have their highs, and of course, their lows. So why not put them against each other and see who comes out on top?

    Will a past rate winner prevail again?

    Or will a newbie make their way to number one unnoticed?

    You be the judge!



    A brief stint on America's Got Talent, at age 14, and a few YouTube covers led her to be discovered by Stargate and Jay-Z to StarRoc. This resulted in the release of her self-titled debut album.

    The album, executive produced by Stargate who also produced the bulk of its tracks, yielded 3singles: Happiness, Good Girl and Hush Hush, the latter of which was released almost simultaneously with Sean Paul collaboration Got 2 Luv U, also a Stargate production. For a while, it seemed like Alexis was poised to become a worthy successor to Rihanna. However, things quieted down majorly after her first album. Perhaps Jay-Z’s attention shifted to another potential successor to Rihanna, Rita Ora? A buzz single (Acid Rain, 2013) and proper single (Gone, 2014) failed to garner much attention, and it’s been pretty much radio silence ever since. Could a victory help revive poor Alexis Jordan’s career?

    Happiness (music video)
    Good Girl (music video)
    How You Like Me Now
    Say That (music video)
    Love Mist
    Hush Hush (music video)
    High Road
    Shout Shout
    Laying Around
    The Air That I Breathe

    Got 2 Luv U (with Sean Paul) (music video)


    Everyone’s favorite party girl took the scene by storm in 2010 when she released her first single, Katy on a Mission. These were followed by Lights On (with Ms. Dynamite) and Broken Record, who led the album release, all peaking inside of the UK’s Top 10. Perfect Stranger, her collaboration with Magnetic Man, was also included on On a Mission, who got to number 2 on the Albums Chart upon release. The album campaign concluded with 2 singles, Easy Please Me and Witches’ Brew.

    After what appeared to be the lead single to her second album, What Love Is Made Of, failed to make much of an impact, things appeared to be at a standstill for Katy. However, her 2 follow-up singles helped Little Red get her her first number 1 album. Since then, she notably collaborated with KDA and Tinie Tempah on the #1 smash Turn the Music (Louder), and released her 3rd album (or first mixtape, depending on who you ask) Honey in 2016.


    Power on Me
    Katy on a Mission (music video)
    Why You Always Here
    Witches' Brew (music video)
    Movement (music video)
    Go Away
    Broken Record (music video)
    Lights On (feat. Ms Dynamite) (music video)
    Easy Please Me (music video)
    Perfect Stranger (with Magnetic Man) (music video)
    Hard to Get
    Water (hidden track)
    Something New

    Louder (music video)


    Before there was Teddy Sinclair, there was Natalia Kills. And before Natalia Kills, there was Verbalicious. After a couple of false starts to her career, Natalia was discovered by will.i.am, who signed her to his label in 2009. A few buzz singles later (Zombie, included on the album, and Activate My Heart), Perfectionist saw the day and yielded 4 singles: Mirror, Wonderland, Free, and the re-release track Kill My Boyfriend. The album saw her collaborate with a number of ghosts from Gaga’s past: Fernando Garibay, Akon, Cherry Cherry Boom Boom, as well as, according to some, borrowing heavily from her aesthetic. Unfortunately, that didn’t seem to be enough to reach the mainstream, as none of the singles nor the album failed to make much of an impact. Her biggest hit to date is the good-taste offenders LMFAO’s Champagne Showers, on which she was featured.

    A second album, Trouble, came out in 2013 and failed to build on its predecessor. After a blow-out on New Zealand’s X Factor in 2015 led to her firing as a judge, she reinvented herself as Teddy Sinclair and formed the band Cruel Youth who released their first EP, +30mg, in 2016. 2016 also saw her notably collaborate with Rihanna on Kiss It Better, for which she received a writing credit.


    Perfection *DO NOT RATE*
    Wonderland (music video) (director's cut)
    Free (will.i.am version) (music video) (Panasonic video)
    Kill My Boyfriend (music video)
    Break You Hard
    Zombie (music video)
    Love Is a Suicide
    Mirrors (music video)
    Not in Love
    Acid Annie
    Nothing Lasts Forever (feat. Billy Kraven)
    If I Was God

    Champagne Showers (with LMFAO) (music video)


    Popstars. Eden's Crush. Almost Black Eyed Peas. Pussycat Dolls. Pussycat Dolls feat. Nicole Scherzinger. Her Name Is Nicole. Need I say more?

    2011 saw the release of Nicole's long awaited and oft-delayed debut album, Killer Love. The album saw her collaborate with a wide variety of producers, while she associated with RedOne and his partners for almost half of the tracks, including lead single Poison. That single released was followed by UK #1 Don’t Hold Your Breath, as well as Right There (which, helped by the inclusion of 50 Cent, gained some traction in the States) and Wet. A re-release later on in the year added 3 new songs, including the last single Try With Me.

    Since then, Nicole has kept busy by releasing Killer Love’s follow-up in 2014, Big Fat Lie, and by acting as a judge on both the UK and USA editions of The X-Factor.


    Wynter started her career as a writer, penning tracks for Mary J. Blige, Danity Kane and Jennifer Lopez. She also wrote and featured on Flo Rida’s Sugar, released in 2009. Her first EP, The First Dance, was released in 2010, and included collaborations with David Guetta and Freemasons, as well tracks that would later be added to her debut album, With The Music I Die. 4 singles were released from the album: Dirty Talk, Til Death, Buy My Love and Still Getting Younger. While the first 3 were sizeable dance hits, none of them made much of an impact elsewhere.

    In 2012, Wynter reinvented herself as an indie artist, and released the first of a promised 4 self-funded free EPs, Doleo. However, the EP series was abandoned after the second release, Sanguine, was delayed repeatedly. In 2014, she joined the band The Righeous Young, who released a lone single, Everything Burns. She’s been known professionally as Diana Gordon since 2016, when she released 2 singles, The Legend Of and Woman. 2016 also saw her return to her song writing roots, as she was credited on Beyoncé’s Lemonade’s Don’t Hurt Yourself, Daddy Lessons and single Sorry.​



    -Rate each of the tracks on a scale from 0-10. Half points are allowed, but that's as far as I'm willing to go.

    -Everyone is allowed one 11, although not mandatory. Choose wisely!

    -Scores attempting to rig the game will get thrown out. While everyone is bound to have favourites, please try to rate everything as fairly as possible.

    -Please make use of the PM-ready list, as it will automate most of the data-entry process. While making my job easier, it will also greatly reduce the potential for data-entry errors.

    -Voting opens on February 6 and will run until February 26 MARCH 5 23:59 PST.

    -Commentary is, as always, more than welcome!

    2.Good Girl
    3.How You Like Me Now
    4.Say That
    5.Love Mist
    7.Hush Hush
    8.High Road
    9.Shout Shout
    10.Laying Around
    11.The Air That I Breathe
    B1.Got 2 Luv U (with Sean Paul)

    1.Power on Me
    2.Katy on a Mission
    3.Why You Always Here
    4.Witches' Brew
    6.Go Away
    8.Broken Record
    9.Lights On (feat. Ms Dynamite)
    10.Easy Please Me
    11.Perfect Stranger (with Magnetic Man)
    12.Hard to Get
    13.Water (hidden track)
    14.Something New

    1.Perfection N/A
    4.Kill My Boyfriend
    5.Break You Hard
    7.Love Is a Suicide
    9.Not in Love
    10.Acid Annie
    14.Nothing Lasts Forever (feat. Billy Kraven)
    15.If I Was God
    B1.Champagne Showers (with LMFAO)

    2.Killer Love
    3.Don't Hold Your Breath
    4.Right There
    5.You Will Be Loved
    7.Say Yes
    8.Club Banger Nation
    9.Power's Out (feat.Sting)
    12.Heartbeat (with Enrique Iglesias)
    15.Try with Me
    16.Trust Me I Lie
    17.Tomorrow Never Dies

    1.Til Death (Denzal Park Radio Edit)
    2.Dirty Talk
    3.Don't Stop Me
    4.Buy My Love
    5.Still Getting Younger
    6.Drunk on Your Love
    7.All My Life
    8.Rumba (feat. Kevin McCall)
    9.Back to You
    10.In the Morning (feat.Robbie Rivera)
    11.Right Here (Famties Remix)
    12.Renegade (feat. Static Revenger)
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  2. Innnnnnteresting. I'm only familiar with Perfectionist and On a Mission, but if the Panic! rate allows the time, I'll dig a bit deeper and hopefully participate.
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  3. Come through, Teddy!
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    Perfectionist is so far my favourite of the albums and maybe it's because of my bias towards, but my 11 has to go there.
    I've given With The Music I Die a listen as well after there were talks of people giving 11s there, and I have to say some of the songs are amazing while there are others that are just faceless somethingsomethingcrickey. I even ended up listening to one of the songs 12 times this week alone and it hasn't worn out too much.
    Killer Love stays true to it's title because it slowly killed me of boredom. Most songs weren't too horrible or amazing but how beige they were was actually painful to get through. When I listen to an album for the first time I never tend to skip but I had to when I heard this I had to.
    As for Katy and Alexis I've heard stuff from them (Crying For No Reason, Happiness) but never their debuts in full. Looking forward to hearing them though
    Not looking forward to listening to Killer Love again.
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  5. Can we somehow include Believer by Wynter? Surely to be many's 11?
  6. Trust me, I really wanted to. The only reason why Got 2 Luv U and Champagne Showers were included is they were both released in 2011 and practically part of the album campaigns. Believer doesn't fit, even though it clearly should've been on the album.

    You may, however, all get your lives:
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  7. I'm so here for this. The only album I haven't heard all of before is Wynter's, but I love the songs I do know.
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  8. It's a real shame we cannot as I don't know whether her other songs stand a chance against the fierce competition she has here but hoping Buy My Love makes it far anyway...
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  10. Oh my god. This rate is made for me.

    I also thought Believer was from this era. How in the world wasnot it on the album?!
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  11. YES! I'm already scoring these precious babies. Seriously though, I LOVE all these 5 albums and each one of them has at least one 11! How am I to decide which one to choose? Can I have a couple of 10.5, please?

    I'll try to comment on every track, but my commentary is far from entertaining.
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  12. I've heard Killer Love and Alexis Jordan before , and i like both of them. And since there aren't other rates on my to-do list , i will try this.
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  13. I'm familiar with four of these albums and love all of those four, so I'm definitely in. I've especially been listening to the Natalia Kills album a lot again in preparation for this rate and I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed it. My 11 will definitely come from there or Killer Love.
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  15. So excited for this, definitely think my 11 will go to Natalia or Wynter. There's two songs jumping out to be my #1 but we'll see if the others can surprise me.
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  16. I was obsessed with every single one of these albums back in the day, so lemme get pissy over every single result.
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  17. Cannot wait for this! I love every album here quite a bit, but Natalia, Wynter and Nicole could be vying for my highest average.

    Better see @Mr.Arroz show up and play.
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  18. Maybe I'm just being blind, but isn't Say That missing on Alexis Jordan's album?
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  19. Hmm don't ask me how I did it but I must've deleted it by accident!

    Edit: I've amended the PM-ready list and added the links up top!
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