2016 MTV Video Music Awards thread (August 28th)

Oh, and by the way, Beyonce coming up behind Chance during his post-show interview was so sweet and I loved it so much. I want her to be on one of his songs more than possibly any other collaboration.
Normani and Dinah looked AMAZING.
I thought the whole show was so boring. First of all, those commentary people were so annoying and not funny especially those two guys who kept talking about what to tweet. They were the worst. Then the woman who kept saying that the show was giving her so much life. Okay good for you. Kanye had to be there once again for more attention. Plus he had to bring that self portrait photographer that unfortunately was the one that introduced Britney. Then the other presenters kept introducing their "friend". They had to say that!

The performances were forgettable. Too many mash-ups. Rihanna didn't have to perform four times. I chuckled when she couldn't hit her notes. Beyonce performed way too long. Britney's performance was ruined by G-Easy and when she mimed another song. Seriously what a letdown for a VMA comeback performance. Few people would remember the Make Me performance. At first, I was into the Closer performance. However when it ended, I thought it was nothing special.

I was really bored and underwhelmed. Though I kinda liked Rihanna's thank you speech. Youngest person to get a Video Vanguard Award! Also good for Ty Dollar Sign for his VMA award! But over-all, it was bad. No proper host to keep it together, a lot of mash-up performances and just no real moment.