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2018 Release Radar [25 May: Halo Maud, Chvrches, Phosphenes, Hatchie, Chad Valley, Clairo, Janine…]

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by A&E, Dec 25, 2017.

  1. Kimbra postponed to April.
  2. Jan 3
    HINT - Walkie Talkie (EP)

    Jan 8
    Stray Kids - Mixtape
    INFINITE - Top Seed

    Jan 9
    Oh My Girl - Secret Garden (EP)
    Ha Minwhoo - The Rosso
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  3. A&E


    Can't they decide on the same day of the week to drop new releases smh.

    Sis you might want to look two posts up xx
  4. Jan 10
    MXM - Match Up (EP)

    Jan 11
    EXP Edition - First Edition (EP)
    Kim Dong Ryul - Reply (EP)
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  5. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    So work have MGMT's new album Little Dark Age as due for release this month (no exact date though hrrrrm) but it could still be added, they seem back on track after.......that last effort.
  6. A&E


    12th January 2018

    2018's first big release weekend has arrived! There's something in store for everyone, so let me present some highlights:


    LPX – Bolt in the Blue EP
    Lizzy Plapinger's solo project with a rawer (and frankly more convincing) sound than we've known from MS MR.

    Skott – Stay Off My Mind EP
    Four brand new songs from the Swedish siren Pauline Skött. (I saw her live the same day as Janice and Sabina Ddumba! Good times.) Catch her supporting MØ on her UK tour in a couple of months.

    Stefflon Don – Hurtin' Me EP
    Don't sleep on one of the UK's most promising rappers and singers!

    Sylvan LaCue – Apologies in Advance
    A concept album from the Floridian rapper, centered around confronting one's emotions.

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  7. A&E


    12th January 2018 (cont.)


    Børns – Blue Madonna
    I'm not sure who this guy is but he's got a lovely duet with Lana on this album so it's probably worth a spin.

    Camila Cabello – Camila
    The (Half of His Dick Is In) Vagina hook girl releases a solo effort.

    Francesca Michielin – 2640
    Italy's Eurovision 2016 entrant and @Kuhleezi's & @NecessaryVoodoo's fave comes back with a new album. If the singles are any indication, it should be a great listen even if you don't understand any Italian.

    K. Forest – When It's All Said and Done EP
    Chilled-out soulful vibes from Toronto.

    Young Dreams – Waves 2 You
    Lovely indie pop from Norway.

    Also out today:
    Anderson East – Encore
    Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – Wrong Creatures
    Black Veil Brides – Vale
    Cosmo – Cosmotronic
    Ezi – Afraid of the Dark EP
    Jinkx Monsoon – The Ginger Snapped
    Maxo Kream – Punken
    The Neighbourhood – To Imagine EP
    Noah Kahan – Hurt Somebody EP
    Savoy – See the Beauty in Your Drab Hometown
    Tonight Alive – Underworld
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  8. I hate you so much.

    I love you so much.
  9. A&E


    Smh I was convinced Janice would be releasing her debut album today but it appears it's been pushed back to 2 February. So much for my gushing recommendation of the week ddd.

    Frankly I'd rather include releases with more... concrete dates. FAE's debut has been announced for January too but I'm still not including it until they get a move on and specify the exact day.
  10. Speaking of concrete dates, Pale Waves' All The Things I Never Said EP is out 16th March.
  11. EZI put out her Afraid of the Dark EP today.

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  12. The Francesca Micheilin album is great. Does anyone now when it will be available in the US?
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  13. It is indeed incredible. Much slower and more emotive than the singles would lead you to think, which is actually not a bad thing. There's a strong focus on lyrics, and that was also a nice surprise, considering I don't rate most Italian songs in that regard: they tend to be super abstract in order to sound "artistic", but scrub a little and underneath the surface there's little to no meaning. Francesca manages to completely bypass this by taking cues from the Lorde school: hyper-specific references grounded in everyday life, and a perspective that doesn't overlook her young age (she turns 23 next month), which transmit this special sense of intimacy. The lyrics are an integral part to this album, and if anyone needed some help with the language barrier just know my inbox is open!


    Not 2018 potentially turning into the year I make peace with Italian music! Today was the release date of another extremely exciting album. I think the Hipsterjustice crew in particular could find something to enjoy in this album. It's wall-to-wall excellent synth-pop bops (the production value is stellar throughout), so the language barrier is less prevalent. On the downside, there's male vocals, which I know don't go down as well round here (and I'm the first being guilty of that). Anyway, here's Cosmo's Cosmotronic, hope y'all enjoy:
  14. Me listening to Francesca's album:

    Also the LPX EP... Lizzy did that
  15. @A&E March 23rd: Trembling Bells - Dungeness

    One for Folkjustice:

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  16. A&E


    Again, I appreciate all your additions, gewws! I'll be adding Cosmo and Trembling Bells, plus I've just went through my neglected youtube subscriptions page and found a bunch of releases to add to the list (and one November release that completely passed me by but still will appear on my best of 2017 oop ddd).

    10th Jan
    Marucoporoporo – In Her Dream EP

    This Japanese artist is serving gorgeous, atmospheric piano and strings-based soundscapes and delicate vocals.

    12th Jan
    Savoy – See the Beauty in Your Drab Hometown

    1/3 of a-ha and his wife just dropped their 6th album – their first in 14 years.


    19th Jan
    Xylouris White – Mother

    26th Jan
    Flying Horseman – Rooms / Ruins

    2nd Feb
    Hookworms – Microshift
    Nightwave – Sanctuary EP
    The Soft Moon – Criminal

    9th Feb
    Geotheory – Interstellar Love EP

    16th Feb
    Sivu – This Unfruitful Love EP
    Superchunk – What a Time to Be Alive

    2nd March
    The Breeders – All Nerve
    Kyle Craft – Full Circle Nightmare
    The Men – Drift
    Prism Tats – Mamba

    16th March
    Meshell Ndegeocello – Ventriloquism (covers album)

    23rd March
    Jenny Wilson – Exorcism

    6th April
    Young Galaxy – Down Time
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  17. A&E


    Also added Porches (19 Jan), Awolnation, Field Music and Simple Minds (all 2 Feb) xx

    Metacritic are now listing it under "Feb 2018" ddd (it was "Jan 2018" earlier). Speaking of which, February is looking amazing already.
  18. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    Lissie's 4th album Castles is due for release March 23rd apparently. Queen!
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  19. I think you could add Superorganism's s/t debut album coming March 2nd, great concept btw!
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  20. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    Hey @A&E sis apparently MGMT's new album is out this Friday?? X
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