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2018 Release Radar [25 May: Halo Maud, Chvrches, Phosphenes, Hatchie, Chad Valley, Clairo, Janine…]

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by A&E, Dec 25, 2017.

  1. A couple more for January 19:

    MILCK - This Is Not The End (EP)
    Missy Lancaster - Piece of Me
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  2. A&E


    About to add:

    19 Jan
    Milck – This Is Not the End EP
    Missy Lancaster – Piece of Me

    9 Feb
    MGMT – Little Dark Age

    23 Feb
    Nathan Fake – Sunder EP
    S. Carey – Hundred Acres

    2 Mar
    Moaning – Moaning
    Superorganism – Superorganism
    Tracey Thorn – Record

    9 Mar
    Editors – Violence
    Of Montreal – White Is Relic / Irrealis Mood

    23 Mar
    Band of Gold – Where's the Magic
    Josienne Clarke & Ben Walker – Seedlings All
    Preoccupations – New Material
    Yamantaka // Sonic Titan – Dirt

    30 Mar
    Amen Dunes – Freedom

    Sis idk where you're getting these fake news from. It's the preorders that start this Friday ddd.

  3. @A&E while you're adding stuff, don't forget the album of the year comes out 16th February xx

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    J-Pop alert – out now:

    Charisma.com – Charisma.Best
    I stan these two. If you're not familiar with their banging output, this compilation is a good starting point. Plus, it includes a couple of new tracks, including the absolute clanger that's Ribbon/Reborn (warning: heavily implied suicide in the video).

    Little Glee Monster – Juice
    What an atrocious name for a girl group. However, I did give their latest single Over a spin and it's a bit of a bop, and it appears on the new album. xx
  5. Ooo, right in time for my birthday. I loved their song in the last PJSC.
  6. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    Welp the Fopp calendar lies!!!1!
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  7. A&E


    J-POP x J-Metal klaxon!!! Out today!!!


    more like flopp
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  8. @A&E !!!
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  9. From Canada
    January 19
    Bahamas - Earthtones
    Birthday Boy & Trish - Joseph (EP)
    Cadence Weapon - Cadence Weapon
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  10. K-Releases
    January 12
    Ashmute - 01 (EP)

    January 13
    Superbee - Original Kimchi

    January 15
    Jang Wooyoung - BYE (EP)
    Xit Suh - Costumes (EP)

    January 16
    Jung Joonil - Elephant (EP)

    January 18
    Kassy - I want Love (EP)

    January 19
    Migyo - You & I (EP)
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  11. Maybe...the K-pop releases...should have their own release radar...in the K-pop sub-forum?

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  12. Why? We’re inclduing releases from all countries, I don’t get the issue.
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  13. A&E


    Sorry y'all for the wait/delays, I've been quite exhausted and burnt out because of work (sent from my work PC). Gonna see a doctor about it (again) and ask for a sick leave for sometime next month smh. I'll try to catch up with the additions (I've got some of my own too of course) and then post some highlights of this weekend #soon.

    Alseaux this seems to be a single (2 tracks + their instrumental versions).

    I'm sure @constantino's post stemmed from there being a separate K-pop subforum ddd. I mean, I'm not opposed to including K-pop here... however, I'm sure the K-pop subforum frequenters collaborating would come up with a much more comprehensive list (and frankly it'd take a certain load off my shoulders ddd). It could also result in more clarity for the ~unnies~ I guess? So, if anyone wants to start a K-schedule thread over there, they've got my blessing xx

    Por ejemplo, I'm pretty sure there is a J-pop thread in P&J and someone keeps updating it with a list of upcoming releases – while I only know acts like Charisma.com, Wednesday Campanella, Necronomidol and Inshow-Ha, so I'll inevitably focus on those here.

    Genuine question though: Does anyone actually listen to all the K-boys? On my #misandryjustice?
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  14. I mean, the point is to get people who are not Kpop Subforum regulars aware of the releases. Also honestly that subforum is not organized (no shade, just the truth).

    I go through a Kpop reddit page every week, it’s the up to date schedule.

    And yes, the boy bands are listened to.
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  15. Well, maybe just keep the big releases for this thread then, with a short description and a link, if you really want to get non-unnies into the thread. Like so:

    Overwise, it's a lot of hassle for @A&E and also makes it more difficult to follow for those not actively seeking out K-pop if you keep it up to date with every EP, since it's such a prolific genre.

    If the K-pop sub-forum isn't organised (I agree, it's a bit of a mess), maybe seek out the users who moderate it so suggest some amendments.
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  16. I tried... they like how it’s done now.

    The release radar is full of albums I don’t care about, but you don’t see me complaining. This resistance some of you have to letting Kpop be involved in the main forums and trying to get people into it is strange.

    It really doesn’t take effort to copy a list I already vetted. They don’t have to be included in a write up. Didn’t see anyone complain about my list of Canadian releases I posted right before.
  17. Julie Bergan album next week:

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  18. A&E


    Okay gewws, I've got a whopping 11 days off work starting today~ so it's almost time for me to get back to this shiz! First I only need to catch a breath, fix some stuff irl, post the PJ chart ballots and I'll be running back here to catch up on all the stuff I've neglected.

    Sorry again for the break and for another (this time much smaller) delay but I've been thoroughly exhausted thanks to work and I need to care for myself first.

    In the meantime...


  19. Thanks! I didn't know her, but she is great.
  20. A&E


    It's been a while but I'm back to this thread, having just updated the lists with what I've got so far. Have I missed anything? Let me know. Now, let me try to quickly catch up with the weekly recommendations!

    19th January 2018

    First Aid Kit – Ruins
    The Swedish sisters are back, but you already know that – the album made it to #3 in the January PJ charts!

    Mai Lan – Autopilote
    This album deserves much more attention. This explosive girl produces songs ranging from bonkers to beautiful.

    Porches – The House

    St. Beauty – Running to the Sun EP
    The duo's name says it all. A must not only for neo soul/R&B lovers.

    Tune-Yards – I Can Feel You Creep Into My Private Life
    An album about confronting your while guilt shouldn't sound this fun.

    Wafia – VIII EP
    A long awaited EP from this Australian singer.

    Also out that week:
    Belle and Sebastian – How to Solve Human Problems, Part 2/3 EP
    Bownik – Delfina
    Caitlyn Smith – Starfire
    Fall Out Boy – Mania
    Glen Hansard – Between Two Shores
    The Go! Team – Semicircle
    Justine Skye – Ultraviolet

    Milck – This Is Not the End EP
    Missy Lancaster – Piece of Me
    Xylouris White – Mother
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