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2019 BRIT Awards

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Robert, Nov 26, 2018.

  1. K94


    Years and Years getting completely snubbed is a mess and I won't even go into the album category...

    Anyway, give The 1975 their things plz
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  2. RJF


    They... got nominated?
  3. K94


    Oh I missed their name in British Group. Sorry mom!
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  4. I’d like to see British Group go to Little Mix or Years & Years. Not that all the other groups are bad but since there’s no set guidelines to compare the groups anyway, I’d just like to see someone win who hasn’t already.
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  5. The George Ezra album wasn't all that acclaimed either. But what kind of payola happened for the Anne-Marie album to be nominated. I'm surprise Arctic Monkeys weren't nominated in the Album category.

    Watch Jorja Smith win everything ddd.
  6. Surprised Kanye and his Ego aren't up for best group teebs
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  7. K94


    I know Ed is still around but I feel like George Ezra is the next supreme in the white hetty guy stardom stakes, and that's worrying.
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  8. Quite shocked at Anne Marie getting an album nomination? I mean I’m a fan but wow....what went into that?
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  9. Paradise issa bopp though.
    Sorry bout it.
    He really shifts some albums that Ezra boy.
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  10. The James Bay snub in British Male took me by surprise.
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  11. He got a haircut
  12. As Jorja should !
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  13. Warner profit.
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  14. Ella Mai , Mabel and Jorja Smith nominated for Best Breakthrough ? SHOOK one of them to win please !
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  15. Jorja is going to clean up I feel.
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  16. She's the most overrated artist the tastemakers have been salivating over for quite some time so imma pass on that.

    I'll give her Breakthrough but that's it.
  17. *it’s what she deserves gif*
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  18. Ella Mai should easily win Breakthrough. Her album wasn't the best but Boo'd Up/Trip alone...

    Glad to see The 1975 get Album of the Year & Dua picking up a few nominations. Brockhampton in International Group is also a nice surprise.
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  19. Gut Feeling!?

    But yes, the album's a bit weak in general...
  20. British and International Female are pretty much what I predicted (except I said Robyn instead of Janelle for International female...would have been happy either way).

    Best Album nominations, they seem to have gone for commercial success over critical success. The 1975 should have it in the bag, but Nao and Lily Allen were snubbed in this category.
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