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2019 BRIT Awards

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Robert, Nov 26, 2018.

  1. I don't think the committee would have given Lily the satisfaction of an Best British Album nomination. I'm surprised they nominated her for British Female considering how she keeps slashing off the show.

    Of course, Lily's going to attend for a laugh and to low key want the award.
  2. Without being dramatic, Speak Your Mind has to be the worst nomination in the past 20 years surely? The Brits aren't perfect by any stretch, but there always seems to be at least some quality control in the British Album category. Even when it's still popularity over quality, most noms feel justified. This is just... inexcusable, especially when No Shame is right there. Even if they'd still snubbed Lily and given it to Rita. Anyone.
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  3. But it's always a dire year for British music. The BRIT Awards has an amazing ability of magnifying the details of said direness and, like ants, causes everything to burst into flames of underwhelming...whelmness.

    Like, every year is sort of:


    That's what the BRIT Awards are. Just whelmed.
  4. I thought Dua's album being nominated was a bit of a stretch last year (don't get me wrong, it's a good album) but Speak Your Mind really does take the cake.
  5. Rita not getting nominated for British Female is stupid. Slay the video category though, queen.

    What is the obsession with Jorja Smith? I'm sure she's lovely but so dull. And Anne Marie best album? ddd okay.
  6. Jorja is an industry plant. Jokes on us cos the good sis stays getting the acclaim and attention.
  7. Can't get over how 'Saturn' has been snubbed for Best Album. The Metacritic score for that album is 83, only beaten by The 1975. Would have given it a bit of a boost as well, had it been nominated!

    Anne-Marie actually has a higher Metacritic score than George Ezra..!
  8. I don’t think it counts as she didn’t release a solo album. The soundtrack to A Star Is Born is billed as her and Bradley Cooper.
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  9. Imagine if Gaga & Bradley Cooper got that Best International Group nomination a la Drake & Future.
  10. Or The Carters.
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  11. 2014

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    I think the nominations (apart from the weird overload of Anne-Marie) are pretty...good? The Breakthrough Act category is surprisingly strong, and I screamed at how good they got the International Female category (which has tended to be the best category for the last few years). Happy for Lily's nom!
  12. Saturn by Nao? I'm surprised she was snubbed for British Female. The shortlist feels very safe.
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  13. [​IMG]
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  14. Ella Mai’s success is so funny when she has broken through more than anyone else in that category, just... not actually in the UK.
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  15. More of an album to get a boost from the Mercury tho innit
  16. Considering all the potential British pop albums that have been snubbed from an Album Of the Year nomination over the past ten years, to see Anne Marie get one is an absolute joke and kind of offensive.
  17. I’m so in the past. I actually thought Kylie would deserve a nod for the great year she’s had.
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  18. In terms of sales, what are the general sales of each album that's been nominated? I'm.. shocked.. about the Anne-Marie nomination, given that I don't think it was necessarily a critical nor thriving commercial success?
  19. It's done okay globally - BRITS love that.
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