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2019 BRIT Awards

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Robert, Nov 26, 2018.

  1. Anne-Marie. Anne Ma fucking Rie.
    I beg of you.
    Is this all we have to offer?
    The widows mite of pop.
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  2. It feels like they nominated Anne just to get a pop album in there in which case they should’ve nominated LM5. Whew is checking for Anne.
  3. Because she won their Critics Choice award and they can't be seen to be getting it wrong...
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  4. I haven't heard the George Ezra album, but Anne-Marie is so far behind the other nominees in that category that it's not even funny. I could barely manage to get through a full listen.

    As for the Brits wanting to justify giving her the Critics' Choice, tell that to Jack Garrett. If you can find him.
  5. I’m quite shocked at the lack of Rita Ora, she’s been everywhere the last year.
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  6. Maybe if she had released her album earlier in 2018, she would have snatched some of the undeserved Anne-Marie noms.
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  7. I absolutely adore Jorja‘s voice but beyond that she’s pretty dull and her presence in the nominations feels very industry forced.
  8. And that's the nom that really should have been Kim Wilde's - but much like Kylie this is blatant ageism.
  9. Anne-Marie... I don't know. There's glimmers of a better product throughout (Justice for Trigger) but the singles dominating without much effort feels very much like The Ed Sheeran Effect. 2002 is literally one of the most cynical and desperate pop songs of the decade.
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  10. I mean you can’t blame the industry for trying to force some future long term bankers on us. We’re not exactly drowning in breakthrough stars these days.
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  11. Jorja Smith is far less insidious than other industry-hyped acts. Scream. Not her mumbling getting y'all in a panic.
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  12. Aw I really like Jorja Smith. I definitely think she has better to offer, but she created a pretty decent album for someone her age on an independent label. Also like that she's from just down the road from me, I guess! There's certainly been worse British albums released last year, and I think of the higher profile albums released this year, 'Lost & Found' was probably one of the better ones. 2018 generally wasn't a fantastic year for British music, at least in terms of albums.
  13. One of the few British acts to make anything resembling a breakthrough in a desperately barren couple of years, and we're attaching a half arsed conspiracy theory to it.

    What a time to be alive.
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  14. Cold sores break through also.
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  15. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    Coming for Jorja when Anne-Marie and Jess Glynne are right there - yikes.

    Even Rita's album would've been suited to Album of the Year over Speak Your Mind ffffff.
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  16. I'm glad Lily got something, but she deserved best album.
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  17. I'm surprised at Lily's nomination, but it's so deserved!
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  18. But Anne-Marie and Jess, as lame as they are, both had a lot of hits.
  19. I thought (however much the nominations make it seem otherwise) that the BRITS are supposed to award the best music of the year?

    Jorja has a Mercury nomination and huge critical acclaim (even if her album's a bit weaker than I'd personally like).

    Anne-Marie's own fanbase doesn't think she deserves an album nomination.

    Jess Glynne has trouble with anyone even being willing to admit that they're a fan.

    One of these artists is not like the others...
  20. Jorja’s Album nomination was inevitable anyways. I thought the Arctic Monkeys album would be nominated over Anne-Marie and George. Hell, the Ella Mai album would’ve been a better album to be nominated than Anne-Marie considering that she broke through stateside, and this could’ve given her more attention back at home.

    George had a good comeback year slightly out of nowhere while Anne-Marie just got lucky 2002 was a hit right after her label chucked out the album for pre order.
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