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2019 BRIT Awards

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Robert, Nov 26, 2018.

  1. Do the Brits have a deadline for releases like the Grammys? Rita's snub is a fucking mess.
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  2. I’m sure there is but it’s also about the general perception that Anne-Marie’s era/album lasted longer. A really undeserved snub indeed.
  3. Anne-Marie had the Marshmallow collab and 2002 smashing in lots of countries, Rita didn't.
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  4. It's still completely crazy to me just how much of a stinker Anne-Marie's album is. It's objectively, scientifically shit nearly front to back.

  5. Yes. I’m not sure if the exact dates but this article relating to 2017 BRITs gives an indication of what it was likely to be for this year.


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  6. Jorja's album was the disappointment of the year for me. Nominate it in that category.
  7. There is a decent EP somewhere there within the album (Ciao Adios, Alarm, Trigger, Then, Used To Love You).
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  8. She has no chance in this category either way. The only one she has a real one is British Video Artist
  9. Jess Glynne's Thursday definitely deserved some recognition over I'll Be There. There aren't many UK acts that do much for me, sadly.
  10. I don’t think she’ll get that one either.
  11. The Anne Marie nomination for best album is a clear case of Payola, her label has invested a lot of $$$ in her and needs to get some benefits. Never seen anything like this actually, from putting her on Rockabye to paying Spotify to have her high on all playlists, even right now Perfect to Me is track #5 on Hot Hits UK, the most important playlist on the UK, even if the song is doing nothing

    think the Brits have become a joke, they should rebrand them the Joke Awards or something
  12. You tell em sis.
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  13. I guess some eleven year old, who doesn't have an interest in whether music is actually any good or not, will enjoy the BRITs this year at least.

  14. Like many here did in 1998 while people in their late thirties called East 17, Eternal and the Spice Girls crap.
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  16. 2014

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    I hope they manage to get 1 surprising performance - Lily? Sam Smith and Normani doing their new song? Christine? But no we'll just have to wait for Anne-Marie, whoever the Critics' Choice winner is and Jess Glynne to be confirmed zzzzz.
  17. Now that you've said it, I need Christine to perform. It's what the public need to see.
  18. What is Jorja going to perform? The One?
  19. The 1975 have been added to the performers lineup

  20. I’m hoping for Blue Lights or Teenage Fanstasy . I think Blue Lights with a whole production on stage could be a moment for her !
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