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2019 Grammys

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Island, Aug 22, 2018.

  1. Excuse me?!!
  2. Time to do some Big_Sean_feat_Ariana_Grande_Research.mp3

  3. I just listened to Oh, What A World and cried (again). I'm so happy to see this news this morning. What an amazing woman.
  4. teas
  5. They both look like shite xoxo.
  6. This really was the best Grammys in years so next year I’m totally expecting them to fuck it all up again.
  7. These Trump supporters that get invited to the show every year is very... telling.
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  8. Mrs. It ain't done till it's done, sis Fenty
  9. Pretty sure J*y V*lla pays to walk the red carpet and then goes home nn.
  10. The one year I skip. Janelle really went out there and sang “boy you make me feel, girl you make me feel.” Not to mention all the hotness.
  11. Jlo is getting dragged on twitter. Was it really that bad? I missed that performance.
  12. It was fine. Just shouldn’t really have been her doing it.
  13. It most definitely not should have been J.Lo regardless of her mostly flawless performance skills. Like the whole reason Motown came about was to have a label for black artists to shine. It was tone deaf to say the least.
  14. Yeah, her performance itself was great in my opinion, it just wasn't Motown. I did like it for what it was.
  15. Post Malone went 0/4 this year, let's celebrate that
  16. Yeah I agree especially with her history. A lot of people are bringing up good points too.


    Honestly as part afro puerto rican and african american it does feel like a slap in the face to us black people especially on this month. There were so many black artists that could have done the tribute. She is one of the highest paid latinas of all time. Afro Latinas are still somewhat invisible in the mainstream latin media. Afro puerto ricans are also dragging her too. Its one thing if Jlo was Afro Latina like Cardi B or Gina Torres but she's not. She is more white and has benefitted from white privilege in certain ways. I'm not trying to dog on her too much I just wish she would understand why this isn't okay. The fact that she deliberately chose to do it anyway kinda shows the little respect she has for our people. I am a Jlo fan as I love her movies but I am...disappointed. I've always side eyed her controversial behavior but shes doing it shamelessly now. Her and the Grammys should have decided to have african american artists do the tribute instead especially on our month. She's a great performer but this is not her lane.

    Another issue is that black artists would never be invited to do a tribute for any latin artists at the Latin Grammys.
  17. You're absolutely right. Jlo has always been the embodiment of shameless when it comes to money for me, so I wouldn't expect her to put anything before money/fame. I'm not saying she has no morals, but she is willing to overlook or not even think about a lot, especially if it could interfere with getting a check.
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  18. That has to be the worst thing I've seen from last night on the red carpet and Katy Perry came as a fucking cupcake!
  19. Fiji Water Lady whomst?
  20. RMK


    Grammy ratings went up to 12.9 after last year's Grammys had a historic low rating of 5.9.

    Deserved increases.. What a return to form.
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