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2019 Grammys

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Island, Aug 22, 2018.

  1. They really are BROODS but from an alternative timeline.
  2. K94


    When you buy Cardi's Mugler on Craigslist
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  3. MJ is serving!
  4. This... ain't quite it. It may adjust up (or down) in the finals, but currently the demo and total viewers are actually both down from last year's final numbers.

    The Alicia Keys-hosted kudosfest drew 18 million total viewers and a 5.0 demo rating, up from 2018’s prelim numbers in total audience, though currently down 8 percent in the demo. Last year’s James Corden-led show went on to report 19.8 million viewers and a 5.9 rating in the finals.

    I think you were looking at the early HH numbers.
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  5. Ew 4Music is broadcasting a condensed version.

    Anyone got a full-length stream?
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  6. The majority of the people there are the embodiment of shameless. What was that opening speech and why was Michelle Obama reducing herself to this? Clash of the egos.
  7. Am I just bad at the internet, or is it really difficult to find videos of last night's performances online? Wanting to relive some H.E.R. and Brandi Carlile, but coming up empty.
  8. Yeah I tried searching on twitter but nothing either. H.E.R.'s performance was definiteIy a grammy highlight. I dont think they are allowed to upload the performances onto their channel til later tonight or tomorrow.
  9. I always forget how butchered the British airing of this is.
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  10. So, the UK airing omitted all of these performances:

    Kacey Musgraves (she won Album of the Year, but let’s not show her performance)
    Janelle Monae
    The Tribute to Dolly Parton
    Diana Ross
    Travis Scott
    Motown tribute
    Brandi Carlile

    What’s the point in even airing the show in the UK if they’re going to cut out some of the main performances of the night?

    Dan & Shay were also omitted but who cares about them?
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  11. I always feel like it's sort of boring when Record of Year and Song of the Year go to the same song, and would've been thrilled for I Like It to take Record, but on the whole a pretty flawless list of winners, and performances.
  12. Watching the show now and I cannot get over how much of a fool Jlo looks with that hat on stood next to Michelle Obama of all people. Not to mention you can't even see her face in nearly all the pics of them on stage together.
  13. Just finished watching (US version) and it was definitely one of the best award shows I’ve watched in a LONG time. There was really no bad performances.

  14. Which Bimbo Jones gay was in charge?
  15. RhythmNative

    RhythmNative Moderator

    Imagine Lizzo DOING the Motown medley.
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  16. So what’s actually being shown? I swear those are most of the performances....
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  17. RhythmNative

    RhythmNative Moderator

    Ok the capitalisation was accidental but it works.
  18. RMK


    Looks like I was ddd

    Well, there's always next year.
  19. Just watched it on Irish TV, except they cut out some filler (such as Post Malone thank GOD). It really was a GREAT show, Gaga, Kacey and Cardi were prob my faves but there were lots of incredible performers. Alicia playing two damn pianos while singing Lauryn and Empire State was low key iconic, she was great. Diana was also fab.

    However, how fucking rude was it to cut off half the speeches? Like - I can sorta understand it for the Oscars cause they've so many awards, but even THEY give more time than the Grammys, which gives out like 9 awards? I was dreading every speech cause I knew they'd be ruined. Kacey deserved better.

    Oh, and those fake ass actors they hire to jump around in those mid-stage pits are awful. They looked so awkward, like why even bother.
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