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2019 MTV VMAs (26 August)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Rhombus, Jun 26, 2019.

  1. Yes, the first is the royalties from Lush Life.
  2. I hope Rosalia comes through with another performance like the one from the EMAs. I'm still bald.
  3. No they didn’t! Ffff.

  4. Just Lizzo? Binch that’s all of us reacting.
  5. Their performance ending with a kiss will be the tackiest thing ever ddd.
  6. Yas give us Puth and Trainor!
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  7. The Dumber negotiating with the Hot 100 last year.
  8. The fact that i'm actually excited for this tonight. I could not believe it.

    Does anyone know what time the red carpet show starts?
  10. This is how I watch Drag Race live, but this should work, you just need to pick a 24-hour viewing pass (with a bogus email, they don't make you verify it) and clear your cookies to live stream tonight:

  11. Taylor basically just wearing her Versace Teen Choice Awards look is a choice:
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  12. "Stan Cam"
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  13. Roisin Murphy is gonna be so salty about Ava if she ever blows up.
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  14. I feel like Ava Max should be in on the joke but she massively lacks the self awareness to be.

  15. Lizzo attends the 2019 MTV Video Music Awards wearing a custom red strapless sequin gown with silver "Siren" lettering, paired with a red and silver metallic feather boa from MOSCHINO BY JEREMY SCOTT.
  16. Roisin's like eight albums in. I don't think she's going to blow up at this point.
  17. R92


    It’s remarkable just how lacklustre Ava Max is as a popstar. It’s almost commendable in a way.
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